Mom Horrified By Toddler’s Public Tantrum Until Old Lady Said 5 Simple Words.

Parents know: Tantrums are the worst. If you’re nodding your head knowingly, then you’ve seen/tip-toed your way through more than […]

Source: Mom Horrified By Toddler’s Public Tantrum Until Old Lady Said 5 Simple Words.

Judging Gary

I agree we should not be judgemental, but in many aspects were are all judgemental to some degree. What should be occurring is the willingness and scope to revise our initial judgement, but then are any of us prepared to do so, as this is then a reflection on ourselves.

We humans are so complicated and in some ways our primeval beginnings are so related to this and in many ways we are not open to challenge these, that is, if we understand or are aware these are forever present, in addition to those related to our upbringing.

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Someone Left a ‘Faker’ Note by Her Handicapped Tag. Here’s What They Didn’t Know About Her

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College student Julie McGovern was issued a handicapped parking pass years ago due to a chronic illness that leaves her unable to stand or walk for long periods of time. But because she doesn’t require crutches or a wheelchair, she often feels uncomfortable using it.

She recently explained her feelings on social media:

“Being a young person with an invisible chronic illness is one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with. People think I look fine, so I am not sick…My doctor issued me a handicapped parking tag. I have always been afraid of what others would say and I often sit in my car until I feel no one is around so that they won’t judge me or accuse me of using the system.”

McGovern’s comments are part of much longer Facebook post entitled “Today My Fear Came True,” in which she reacts to a note left on her car by a stranger:

Image Credit: Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook

She described her initial reaction to the note:

“Today my worst fear came true. So many emotions flooded my mind. I was hurt, I was angry, I wanted my voice to be heard, but this person is a coward and could not tell me what he/she thought to my face. This person incorrectly perceived my situation, because it is impossible for someone my age to have an illness.

This person doesn’t know me or my struggles. They don’t know what this illness has taken from me. They don’t see the countless nights I cry myself to sleep, soaking my pillow with tears, pleading – praying for God to heal me. They don’t see the weakness, the pain, the symptoms that are very real, but only I can feel. They don’t understand, and until it happens to them they never will.”

The young Arkansas woman suffers from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, known as POTS – one of a number of serious afflictions known as ‘invisible’ diseases.

As Fox16 reports, POTS can cause McGovern’s “blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels and her heart rate to speed up.”


But instead of lashing out or getting angry at the ignorance of strangers, McGovern is using this opportunity to raise awareness for those with invisible disabilities. As she writes in her post:

“A handicap comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t judge someone by the way they look. If you are unsure, approach me and ask me about my illness. I am always happy to share my story and raise awareness, because if it reaches even one life or inspires one person, or helps many more, it was worth it.”

According to the Invisible Disabilities Association, 26 million Americans suffer from severe disabilities, while only about 7 million require a cane, crutches, wheelchair or walker.

Examples of invisible disabilities can include audio and visual impairments, cystic fibrosis and multiple sclerosis, in addition to POTS.  …………’

To the Woman Who Tutted at Me Using the Disabled Toilets

Being judgemental is not a good trait, as in most cases those that do are not aware of all or in deed any of the factors regarding the situation they are judging.

Kindness Blog

To the woman who tutted at me using the disabled toilets…Dear lady who loudly tutted at me using the disabled loos,

I know you saw me running in, with my able bodied legs and all. You saw me opening the door with my two working arms. You saw me without a wheelchair. Without any visible sign of disability.

You tutted loudly as I rattled the handle with my hands that work perfectly and my able voice call to my kids that I’d be out in just a minute.

My lack of wheelchair may have suggested to you that I was some lazy cow who didn’t care. Some inconsiderate bitch who was using something I wasn’t entitled too. (I actually carry a card to explain that I’m entitled to and have a disability key if you’d have cared to ask). You may have seen my face blushing as I caught your eye and assumed I was showing guilt at blagging the…

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First Time

So true we are quick to judge, but are slow to listen, understand and act accordingly.

If you are judgemental you miss so much.

Madamsabi's Blog

A 24 year old boy looking out through a train’s window shouted: “Dad, look, the trees are going behind! They are moving very fast”his Dad simply stared at him with so much joy and smiled.


A young couple sitting nearby, looked at the 24 year old and thought to themselves ‘such a pity, he’s so grown up but so childish, he must have a mental disorder for his father to not be bothered’.

Suddenly he exclaimed again; “Dad, look the clouds are running with us!”

The couple couldn’t resist and said to the old man, “Why don’t you take your son to a good doctor may be a psychiatrist?”

The old man smiled and said, “I did, just coming from a doctor but not a psychological one, we are just coming from the hospital anyway, let me tell you, my son was blind from birth, he just got his sight…

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Are we all the same?

Typing to Communicate & Busy Work

This is a posting from the blog of Emma’s Hope Book and clearly states the problems that can occur for some persons during their lifetime, especially those persons with Autism. While the post reflects on what could have occurred on a certain day in school, similar could be said about many aspects of life. Some people judge by their own outlook of life, either through ignorance of any other lives or by design.

children in school
children in school

School is like this for many as the system is designed for all to be equal, in that each person should progress as one and in line with the perceived standard. But we are all individuals and no one person can progress as others, but in many respects the system makes no allowance for this. Then, when one is shown not to follow the standard path, others can see this as a reason to make fun of the situation.  When the reason for not being able follow the standard path is down to a persons own abilities, it can have ever lasting  consequences for the person involved.

More thought needs to be given by those applying the system to how the tasks being given out can be achieved by all the participants and not just how the systems perceives that they will.