The NHS underfunding is a choice. And people are dying. [video]

It’s really hard to capture and keep even the most interested and motivated persons attention long enough to explain how and why the NHS is being underfunded and the truly catastrophic impact of this.

This rather excellent video series does this perfectly.

Share and RT, write to your MP. It’s your choice too; stand by and let the NHS die, or do something about it.

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Junior doctors have won court case against Jeremy Hunt even though judge ruled against them. Here’s the reason | Vox Political

Headlines have been claiming that the junior doctors of Justice for Health have lost the judicial review of Jeremy Hunt’s new contract for them – but these are based on a misunderstandi…

Source: Junior doctors have won court case against Jeremy Hunt even though judge ruled against them. Here’s the reason | Vox Political

The NHS is Collapsing. Part 3: The collapse is a choice, not a necessity

It’s my job as a doctor to interpret trends and analyse hodgepodge information to predict an outcome. I look at the NHS and see a single direction of travel: collapse without rapid and drastic intervention.
In a series of posts we will look at exactly why and how this is happening. This is what I see- you can decide yourself what you see.

In the part 1 here, we looked at why the NHS budget must rise 3-4% per year just to stand still.

In part 2 here we saw exactly how this isn’t happening and the catastrophic effect it’s having on the National Health Service.

Now we examine why.

It’s clear the trend of rising demand and falling budget is not compatible with a sustainable health service, and after six years, the NHS is about to collapse. The question we have to ask is why would our leaders stand…

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Junior doctors have been radicalised by Jeremy Hunt’s smears | Rachel Clarke | Opinion | The Guardian

The health secretary needs to provide i greaternvestment and infrastructure if he truly wants a seven-day NHS

Source: Junior doctors have been radicalised by Jeremy Hunt’s smears | Rachel Clarke | Opinion | The Guardian

The Significant Seven: an Exploration of the Counter-Evidence for a ‘7-Day NHS’

The Department of Health’s favourite line is “There are 8 independent studies showing a ‘weekend effect'”. I’ve been through these 8 before, and the terms “independent” and even “studies” are used fairly loosely. This has been the stick Jeremy Hunt and co have used to justify their unfunded and unmodelled 7-day NHS plans, and to beat the junior doctors with. This week the stick broke.

To borrow the Ministry of Truth’s own language: “There are now 7 independent studies showing that the 7-Day NHS plan is a bad idea”.
Juniordoctorblog explores the counter-evidence against the 7-day NHS spin.

The ‘Weekend Effect’

Three separate studies this week came out against the established narrative of ‘poor care’ at weekends creating excess deaths.

“Higher mortality rates amongst emergency patients admitted to hospital at weekends reflect a lower probability of admission” by Meacock et al in 2016

All previous research has…

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EHRC document to be presented to the UN, seen exclusively by the Guardian, says that new contract discriminates against female doctors


GR Comment:   The obvious solution is admit you’re wrong Mr Hunt, not impose the contract then train and hire more hospital staff to make the wards and casualties function correctly and promptly without demoralising and exhausting the existing Nurses and Doctors.

Unfortunately though we have a Chancellor commited to delivering a 10bn surplus by 2020 and he has a long term Economic plan to achieve this. The plan to show off such a rosy Economy in 2020 is to remove most of the money from the public through sneaky stuff like this doctor contract shambles or putting little caps on this and reductions on that OR to use more blatant methods like sanctions and up front cuts to social security, council budgets and public investment. Essentially he’s planning to pick our pockets and then present it back to us in 2020 after you’ve lived through 5 years of less…

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BRITAIN: #Hunt finally manages what other chancellors could not Junior doctors in England begin first all-out strike in the history of the #NHS – @AceNewsServices

Hunt is a disgrace, just what is he trying to do. The 7 day working is just camouflage, he is out to break the junior doctors, just as Thatcher broke the miners. In the latter this went some way to destroy the mining industry, so his is outcome to destroy the NHS.

If he does, it will not be him and his cronies who will suffer, as they can afford private medical treatment, it will be the general population who can not afford the private medical treatments.

This dispute needs to go to ACAS and the resultant decisions have to be binding on all parties.

So stop grining, Mr Hunt, as there is nothing to grin about and start realistic negoiations immediately.

The junior doctors dispute explained simply but in detail… |

The junior doctors dispute explained simply and in context… It is not possible to explore the Terms and Conditions of the proposed contract in detail

Source: The junior doctors dispute explained simply but in detail… |