Lib Dems Demand Emergency Summit On Motability Crisis

Same Difference

The following has been seen on Facebook by Same Difference:

Liberal Democrats are to calling on the Government to hold an emergency summit with key disability groups into the growing crisis with PIP reassessments and Motability.

Liberal Democrat Disability Champion, Baroness Celia Thomas has tabled a motion in the House of Lords calling on the Government to meet with representatives from Disability Rights UK and the Disability Benefits Consortium to discuss the need for changes to rules governing access to Motability cars wheelchairs, and scooters for disabled people.

Changes to the Personal Independence Payments rules and the reassessments have meant that thousands of disabled people have already lost eligibility for a Motability vehicle, with many thousands set to join them in the coming months.

The loss of Motability cars has had a significant impact on the ability of disabled people to live independent lives, including in some cases people no…

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