Sainsbury’s praised for helping worker with Alzheimer’s keep job : Mail Online

The son of a Sainsbury’s worker diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years ago has revealed in an ‘uplifting’ post on social media how the supermarket giant fought to keep her job open and handled her condition with ‘compassion, class and dignity’.

Doron Salomon, who works for a football agency, has seen his emotional thread praising Sainbury’s go viral after he detailed the lengths staff at the store, in Harrow, North London, went to to keep his mother, who he doesn’t want to name, employed in a job she loves.

Doron says the supermarket has helped to ‘normalise’ his mother’s life over the last few years as her illness has deteriorated, giving her self-worth when ‘she was quite literally losing everything she once was’

The supermarket chain told MailOnline their former employee had been an ‘inspiration’.  

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Source: Sainsbury’s praised for helping worker with Alzheimer’s keep job : Mail Online

Muslim-Owned Restaurant Offers The True Spirit of Christmas.

Exactly, the True Spirit of Christmas.

Kindness Blog

A Muslim-owned restaurant in London is offering a three-course meal to homeless and elderly people on Christmas Day so that “no one eats alone”.

Shish Restaurant, in Sidcup, is asking local residents to spread the word of its offer and has put up posters saying “We are here to sit with you” on 25 December.

The restaurant urged people to share its plan through social media – where the initiative was widely praised.

Vicky Lanfear wrote on Facebook:

“This is the most selfless gesture I have ever seen and they should be recognised as a pillar of the community.”

Suzannah Harris added:

“What a lovely gesture; a restaurant that gives something back instead of merely seeing Xmas as a time to cash in. Will definitely visit in the new year if ever in the area.”

Linda Leach wrote:

“There is still kindness in this world. Amazing people.”

The FREE three-course…

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Taking advantage

Unfortunately this is a fact of life for many people, such as yourself, as in certain circumstanses you will be taken advantage of and for granted by some others. While not all persons will do this, as you have experienced, some will and there is no way of knowing who will until you experience it.

It is easy to say, do not let this get you down, but you do have to consider yourself, so always be wary of others.

We Bought a Meal for a Cheerful Syrian Man. He Paid it Forward in a Really Big Way.

Such a great story to counter the Trump outlandish statements

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We met a young Syrian man at a vegan restaurant who had such a bright friendly smile that we couldn’t resist paying for his lunch.

We Bought a Meal for a Cheerful Syrian Man. He Paid it Forward in a Really Big Way.

We also gave him an “unconditional love for $0” receipt to pay it forward. He read it and thanked us.

unconditional love for $0" receipt Then he walked to the cashier and without hesitation, he said he’d like to pay the meals of everyone at the restaurant! The cashier’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets and we all looked at each other in awe.

“You want to pay for everyone? 5 tables?” she asked.

He then asked me for more love receipts to give away.

“I’m glad I didn’t meet you at a steak house or my bill would’ve been so expensive!” he joked.

It uplifted the entire restaurant and his gift inspired others to pay it forward too.

It’s incredible how a simple random act of kindness…

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I Knew a Kid in Highschool That Never Spoke.

There are many ways to communicate and some being by showing kindness and understanding .

Also life can be cruel, however comforting and being kind and understanding can be ever lasting expressions.

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I was kinda a loner myself but it’s easy when it’s by choice.

He sat alone at lunch , and I didn’t have anyone to sit with so I just quietly ate with him every day.

I soon noticed he was in a lot of my classes and I started just sitting with him. When he thought no one was looking he would smile at jokes or start to doodle , but as soon as he knew someone was watching he would go blank.

Naturally, kids started picking on him a little, trying to get him to talk or asking him why he never spoke. None of it seemed to phase him and he would just shrug or smile.

But what really got me mad was when the teachers would draw attention to him . when they would call roll they would pause at him sometimes and poke fun at…

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Mum praises Apple store lad who ensured her autistic son felt comfortable | DisabledGo News and Blog

A mother’s Facebook post has gone viral after describing an awesome experience at an Apple store with her son. Her little boy, James, has Down’s Syndrome and Autism. This means that his iPad is very important to him as he and his mother use it as a learning tool. Anyway, the iPad broke so they went to the Apple store to get a new one that had been donated by a charity. Sadly, James ran into one of the glass windows and sat on the floor crying. One of the employees sat with James on the floor to set up his new iPad. It doesn’t sound like much, but it really made this family’s day. Check out the full post below: “Dear Apple Store in Green Hills, “I’m writing to let you know how great your employee was to me and my son, James, yesterday when we came to the store to buy a new iPad. “When James was about three-years-old we bought him his first iPad. It turned out to be more than a device to watch videos. It became a way to help James communicate. “Because James was born with Down Syndrome,

Source: Mum praises Apple store lad who ensured her autistic son felt comfortable | DisabledGo News and Blog

8-Year-Old Girl Saved Her Pocket Money for a Year Just so She Could Buy Christmas Presents for Sick Children

Showing the true spirit of Christmas.

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An eight-year-old girl saved up a year’s worth of pocket money so she could buy Christmas presents for sick children.

She even remembered to buy batteries for them all.

8-Year-old Girl Saved Her Pocket Money for a Year Just so she could buy Christmas Presents for Sick ChildrenMaisie Hymers managed to save £400 pocket money this year and used it to splash out on 50 Christmas presents, including teddy bears, board games, colouring books and felt tip pens.

But, none of it was for her – she donated all the presents to sick children who will be spending Christmas at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, her local hospital in Portsmouth.

She got the idea after she had to spend some time in hospital herself last year.

‘I broke my arm last year and I was in hospital for a bit,’ Maisie says. ‘Then I thought the children who are in hospital won’t get presents and I decided to save my pocket money to buy them things. I have got board…

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