Camilla is to be given the Queen Mother’s priceless 1937 crown containing the Koh-i-Noor diamond | Daily Mail Online

EXCLUSIVE: The insertion of his wife’s title was included as part of a general reworking of plans for the Westminster Abbey ceremony up to five years ago, a senior palace source said.


So Camilla will be referred to as Queen Consort when Charles finally becomes King, but will that be so for many in the UK.

For Camilla will always be, for some in the UK, as the other woman, in the marriage of Charles and Diana, and while Diana was also not squeaky clean in the marriage did she really deserve to be deceived in that way.

Some say that Diana was only brought in to ensure that Charles produced heirs, but, if true was that right for does it not go against the sanctity of marriage. Was the existence of Camilla the reason that Diana went against her own marriage vows. Also what does this say about the example set by the UK institution of the Royal Family.

The example set is not very good, but then as marriage in the UK Royal Family or even any royal family been a good example.

There was the infamous Henry VIII and many others, even in this current family the life of Princess Margaret and her marriages and affairs, let alone the Life of Prince Andrew.

Is this family really the example that we in the UK should follow.

But Queen Elizabeth II has lead a good life and been a very great asset to the UK, as we are told she has put Country first, before family, but we have only The Firm responses to put this forward and by what degree can you trust an institution which is so closed in many respects.

We all have our own opinions and we have a right to our own opinions.

Myself I wish to have a Royal Family, but really one in which I can really believe in, but I know that will never be.

But I feel I would rather retain this British concept, as what would be the alternative, well it could have been President Blair some years ago and currently it would have been President Boris, neither of which I would have wished to have.


Source: Camilla is to be given the Queen Mother’s priceless 1937 crown containing the Koh-i-Noor diamond | Daily Mail Online