Open Britain: Keir Starmer Opposed to Proportional Representation against Wishes of Labour Members

While the UK democracy system is better than some, America for instance with their Electoral College, it does need improving so the voice of people is much more evident.

Not only should we embrace PR, but should we go further and only have political elections for a Prime Minister and for MPs have no political allegiances and have MPs to vote in Parliament with the will of their constituents and not of their leader.

So on the ballot paper put the leader of each party under the name of their party, but for voting for MPs just state the candidates name and no mention of their party. Each prospective MP would have their individual manifesto and if they veered from it then they would be immediately accountable to all their constituents.

Now that would be true democracy

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‘Dear David,

The Labour leadership’s radio silence on PR has finally broken. We have our answer.Byline Timesreportedtoday that Keir Starmer is officially against Proportional Representation. While the silence to date has been a constant worry to various electoral reform campaigners, including Open Britain, today’s news is a definite blow.

Ironically, this bad news for PR campaigners immediately followed some great news. Yesterday, the Union of Shop, Distributive, and Allied Workers (USDAW)added its name to the listof Labour-backed trade unions that support the campaign for PR.Labour stakeholders – from trade unions to party members – are overwhelmingly supportive of a fairer voting system.Unfortunately, they don’t get to write the manifesto.

Last month, Labour’s National Policy Forum held a consultation which gave Constituency Labour Parties, branches, unions, and others the chance to make policy suggestions relating to different policy areas. According to Labour for a…

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‘Proud widow of wrong sort of Jew’ tells Starmer: Mike faced antisemitism from you, not members – SKWAWKBOX

Dee Howard’s husband Mike died in 2021 while suspended by Labour for supporting Palestinian rights, without even receiving an acknowledgment of his appeal The late Mike Howard protesting on b…


There is discrimination and anti this and that in every area, but why should anyone be so, surely we are all similar but with different view points.

There are grave injustices also in many areas and in these instances it is right that these are shown to be what they are.

Freedom needs to be respected and in doing so the views of all should also be respected.

But, where these views give rise to discrimination of those who don’t hold our own views this is totally wrong.

Yes, what was done to the Jews over centuries and especially by Hitler and his Henchmen in the 1930/40s and perhaps the creation of Israel was the best solution for the Jews, but, not for the Palestinians for to create Israel their lands had to be taken over. Although through history who was in control of these lands has been changed many times.

For peace to be achieved peace has to be established, but neither side trusts the other and each have their own militants and those who wish to be left alone.

But for lasting peace a trusted settlement for now and ever has to be achieved, but it is doubtful it will be, especially anytime now.

So, there is anti feelings in all quarters, but these views should be respected, especially by political parties not directly involved.

So, Dee Howard views should have been respected by the Labour Party and especially Sir Keir Starmer and he should not have been discriminated by both Labour and Starmer.

Labour, which was created as a party of inclusion of those who were being oppressed should be leading in the campaigns for inclusion of everyone and not just certain people with beliefs. It should not be a Party of the left or right, but of total inclusion.



Source: ‘Proud widow of wrong sort of Jew’ tells Starmer: Mike faced antisemitism from you, not members – SKWAWKBOX

Labour forces Holocaust survivor out of party with expulsion threat email – SKWAWKBOX

Stephen Kapos says he has a duty to teach others about his experience whether Starmer and co like it or not As Skwawkbox predicted last week, Holocaust survivor Stephen Kapos has been driven out of…


The Labour Party was created in 1900 due to the inadequacies of the other Parties at that time to deal with problems within the working population of the UK.

During that time it has undergone many changes, but is it still the Party of the working population, now that is the question.

Stephen Kapos was a member of the Party and also one of the Few Holocaust survivor still living today. The Holocaust, one would have expected to provide ‘lessons to be learnt’ but it is so clear that they have not as there are still extermations of many around the World so it is so clear that lessons have not been learnt. There have been and still are exterminations of many races, ethnicities, gender, religion, disabilities, sexuality and many others in many countries of the World.

Stephen Kapos is as said one of the few remaining persons alive of the Holocaust and is therefore a person of expert experience.

He is not just commenting on the Holocaust with his own experiences but how others are being dealt with today, even by Israel and Palestine, but just like the current Tory Government, it appears the Current Labour Party is not listening or does not wish to listen.

I am no expert on the Holocaust or even Palestine, but Stephen is and he should be listened to and the Labour Party needs to get back to its underlining former principles of listening to all of the working in the UK, which it appears not to be in some ways. But, I am not an expert in the Labour Party, or in fact any Party, but one that wishes the best for all in the UK and the stopping of discrimination in all its forms ceratinly in the UK and also wherever it occurs in the World at large.

Please lets us be a listening nation and that starts with everyone in the UK and for goodness sake lets all abide and mainain our Human Rights.

Source: Labour forces Holocaust survivor out of party with expulsion threat email – SKWAWKBOX

Labour rejects complaint re Snell selection, saying should have been sent to officials complained about – SKWAWKBOX

Evidence counts for nothing as party hides behind procedure and says complaint should have been decided… by officials included in complaint – and because it wasn’t, the evidence d…


The Labour Party are in denial, for there is no point in complaining to the person you are complaining about, it is not their own Complaints Procedure, but the Labour Parties, so complaining direct to the Labour Party is totally correct.

By the Labour Party taking this action they are delaying the complaints process, when complaints should be encouraged.

This is showing that the Labour Party is a closed and non-transparent organisation more concerned with stopping and delaying complaints.

Just like many organisations in the UK



Source: Labour rejects complaint re Snell selection, saying should have been sent to officials complained about – SKWAWKBOX

Keir Starmer wants to be decisive but demoting Angela Rayner risks looking merely chaotic

‘Removing the deputy leader from her role as the head of campaigning for Labour has sparked dismay across the whole party’

His actions are purely showing that Labour have still not got the leader they need to get back into power. He is using Angela Rayner as a distraction from his own inadequacies, for this is not the showing of a strong leader, but one who is trying to save himself.

He should be shouldering all the responsibilities of Labour

show in Hartlepool and the rest of the country.

To bring in a candidate who was strongly Remain, when Hartlepool was strongly Leave is showing very bad judgement and does nor bode well for a strong and effective Labour Party.





Source: Keir Starmer wants to be decisive but demoting Angela Rayner risks looking merely chaotic

Labour’s new DWP shadow secretary attacked for toxic comments

Labour’s new shadow work and pensions secretary Jonathan Reynolds is showing that incompetents are not solely within the Conservative Party or is he a Tory plant within Labour.

Jonathan Reynolds and the Labour Party need to get their act together, otherwise we will have Tory Governments until infinity and Labour will be finished forever.

How Labour’s Alleged Afriphobia Left Black People Feeling ‘Politically Homeless’ | HuffPost UK

Part two of HuffPost UK’s special report into allegations that Labour has been slow to deal with anti-Black racism and to support its Black members.

Source: How Labour’s Alleged Afriphobia Left Black People Feeling ‘Politically Homeless’ | HuffPost UK

If the Press Can Publish Harry and Megan’s Correspondence, then We Should See Murdoch and Co’s

The National Press always want it their way, but yes, they should be transparent and ‘Conflicts of Interest; should be made public.

How do we know that this interest in ;Harry and Meghan; may also be a Conflict of Interest.

The press state that Harry and Meghan should not have ‘their cake and eat it’, but it appears it is OK for The Press to do so. Hypocrisy in all its connotations.

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Harry and Meghan and suing the Mail on Sunday for publishing a letter from Megan to her father. And today, that bastion on the British press – and as the late Terry Wogan used to say of the Beeb, ‘there are many basty ‘uns in there’  – the MoS set out its defence. It’s the old ‘public interest’ argument. They’re going to argue that Meghan and Harry don’t have the same right to privacy as the rest of us, because they’re private correspondence and activities are of interest to the public. Zelo Street has put up a piece demolishing it by showing how circular the argument is. The letter, and anything else the royal couple writes or does, is of interest to the public because the press tells them it is. Zelo Street states

What the MoS is setting out in its defence is that what it did is…

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Labour leadership contest: Jess Phillips warns that the worst is still to come for the party | inews

The opposition party, she says, risks losing yet more seats in the next election if it doesn’t select a new leader carefully

Source: Labour leadership contest: Jess Phillips warns that the worst is still to come for the party | inews

BBC Question Time Audience Destroy Labour MP For Undemocratic Second Brexit Referendum Plan

I did not see the programme but Labour did in 2016 say they would honour the 2016 result and therefore a 2nd referendum in not respecting.

Yes, it was a narrow victory for leave and yes, many on both leave and remain may not have fully understood the full ins and outs of the referendum.

However, the same could be said of any political election and we do not disrespect the results of these.

Also in other political elections, certainly General Elections there are a number of issues mentioned in each parties election manifestos, so can it really be assumed that the result for the victorious party means all those that voted agreed and fully understood every point in the manifestos.

But , just because leave won, in a remain parliament the simple vote for remain or leave is in question.

Surely the lies made by remain MPs, in that they would abide by the result in 2016 shows that most MPs can not be trusted, but we already know that.


6 December 2019

  • BBC Question Time Audience Destroy Labour MP For Undemocratic Second Brexit Referendum Plan
  • Brexiteer Richard Ticeand The BBC Question Time audience in Hull destroyed Labour MP Anneliese Dodds & The Labour Party for its undemocratic Brexit position asking for a second referendum with remain vs remain.
  • We also had a remoaner calling the 2016 referendum result illegitimate.
  • The panel consisted of Brexit party Chairmain Richard Tice, Conservative Party Chairmen James Cleverly, Labour Mp Anneliese Dodds, Lib Dem Ed Davey & SNP’s Ian Blackford Joining BBC’s Fiona Bruce

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