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With many thanks to Benefits And Work. Renewals for PIP are in a state of chaos, with claimants left terrified that their PIP is suddenly going to stop because a new decision has not been made by t…


Here, we are again with more PIP problems, this time renewals, not that they are not being renewed, but that there are delays with renewing.

These claimants went through all the hassle of getting PIP in the first place and on renewal there is always the possibility that the renewal could not succeed, not due to being not eligible for they would be, but that the stress from applying for PIP will resurface on renewal.

The renewal process should be much more simpler, but is it, it appears not.

Due to many reasons, COVID being one,  there are many more persons now wishing to claim PIP and these are getting the priority treatment and nothing wrong there.

But, the lack of communication re delays in processing renewals is causing much concern. The delays are extending up to and beyond the date of renewal and although the benefit is continuing to be paid, some communication as way of explanation and reassurance should be forthcoming, but it appears not.

Any reasonable organisation would be communicating in good time, but then this is the DWP, a Government organisation and Governments completely lack the skill of communication.

It would be so little to do, but then it appears that Governments have a delight to cause people stress as none of the processes appear to be ‘person-centred, but system centred. It appears that they don’t care about the people who have to deal with them, so what is new there., as this is how Governments have been for years.

They have no consideration for how people feel, which is evident from virtually everything Governments do.

Governments and the people they employ should realise that they are there for the people, not people for the Government, well should be in a democracy and not act as though they are dictators, for there are already enough of dictators in the World, not a democratic Government acting similarly.

Source: PIP Renewal Chaos | Same Difference

Government rejects call to give social workers and care staff priority access to petrol | Community Care

The government has rejected calls to give social workers and care staff priority access to fuel, amid petrol station closures across the country. Social workers and care staff are being impeded in their roles by a lack of fuel at petrol stations across the country, sector bodies and unions for the sector have warned. The […]



Once again this just show the total disregard this Government has for Social Care, it is as though they do really wish that social care disappears and all those in need of social care deserved all the pain and suffering to which they will have coming to them.

This is totally not unexpected by this Government, but I do hope they all suffer in life.







Source: Government rejects call to give social workers and care staff priority access to petrol | Community Care

Don’t just clap for carers- Urgent calls for new deal for health and care employees | Care Industry News

Researchers from King’s Business School have published a paper urgently calling for a new deal for health and care employees that acknowledges and reflects their worth to our individual and communal well-being that has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The paper says that the sector needs a new model of employment relations, characterised as fair care work, to tackle the challenges exposed by the crisis.

Source: Don’t just clap for carers- Urgent calls for new deal for health and care employees | Care Industry News

Age UK statistics are alarming and shame the country | Care Industry News

New Age UK analysis finds that in the last 12 months, about 700,000 requests for formal care and support, equivalent to 51% of all applications, have been made by older people and yet have resulted in them not receiving formal care services. This is equivalent to 2,000 claims from older people being unsuccessful each day, or 80 every hour.[1]

In some of these cases, the older person was found by their council not to meet the eligibility criteria set for the social care system, and that was the end of it (23% of all requests for help); while in others the older person was found ineligible, but their council then referred them onto other services in the hope that they could assist, including their local Age UK (46% of all requests for help). [1]


Source: Age UK statistics are alarming and shame the country | Care Industry News

French woman living in UK for more than 20 years has Universal Credit axed

Yet another benefit atrocity, surely as an EU citizen she is entitled to welfare benefits, or are we already proceeding as though we have left the EU.

It is stated she has been living in the UK for over 20 years, raised her daughter here and much more.

Surely all this proves she has been here. This only gives credit to the non-UK persons on how they will be treated once we leave the EU.

Surely a Government department should be doing all they can to disprove the rumour mongers, not go out of their way to prove them.

So is this the reality of Post-Brexit, so another broken promise from this broken Government.

We or I should say the DWP go after the easy targets, but allow the criminal elements, who most likely have never done a days work in the UK to stay.

For goodness sake DWP show some common sense, but maybe they do not have that.

For they are Civil Servants, perhaps not the same Civil Servants who are providing all the facts about leaving the EU, while not providing facts about staying in the EU.

Again not the same Civil Servants who in 1975 where limited with the true facts, as is now.

If in 1975 I knew what staying in the EU really meant I would have not voted to stay,but would have voted to leave, as I did in 2016.

It looks like we can not trust Governments, Civil Servants and certainly not the EU.

I say leave TODAY.

CARE CUTS: Disabled man “locked in flat at night like an animal and hides under blankets”

‘All talk and no trousers’ is my comment about East Lothian Health & Social Care Partnership. Their spokespersons says “We cannot comment on individual cases but we would like to assure readers that any decision to move someone to different provision is only taken after full discussion with the service-user and professionals (and carers, where possible) and when we are confident that the service-user could safely sustain that change. “We have been working with service-users and carers to look at other means of support over the 24-hour period, more suited to the service-user’s own wishes.

“While we have no desire to withdraw overnight support from people who really need it, we are keen to work with service-users to look at other options that enable them to be safe and independent.’

However, what they fail to say is that in this full discussion with the service user, did they actually agree with the actions they implemented.

In the case of Steven Carr, did Steven actually agree to the change in his care plan and if he did would he have fully understood the consequences of his agreement.

My own view is that he did not agreed to the action and if he did he would not have understood how his agreement would affect him and his care needs.

This is certainly not ‘person centred’ planning and is therefore not in accordance of The Care Act 2014 and is not undertaking care that will fully relate to Steven’s care needs.

East Lothian Health & Social Care Partnership are therefore not fulfilling their responsibilities under the terms of The Care Act 2014 and should therefore immediately replace the care in accordance with the needs of care Steven requires.

Woman’s anger as Sheffield Council repairs ‘wreck’ home – The Star

A Sheffield woman has expressed her anger after workmen employed by Sheffield City Council left her home ‘completely wrecked’.

Amanda Marsh, 43, said despite asking the council last November to replace her worn out door frames, she is still waiting for them to be fitted correctly.

Source: Woman’s anger as Sheffield Council repairs ‘wreck’ home – The Star

Tory Esther McVey just sneaked out a spectacular climbdown on housing benefit cuts

This is just a start as Social care throughout the UK is in an extensive crisis and all, some more than others, are in a dire need of extra finance just to tread water, let alone cater for the increase in needs relating to social care from an ever increasing amount of people both children and adults and their respective carers.

If the Care Industry is allowed to collapse, which it is now and in some instances beyond crisis point, then we will be back in Victorian Times, a time when many Tories regal at in their wish to return to ‘Victorian values’. Are these values we wish to return to, extensive child labour, lack of sanitation, workhouse, penalizing the poor, disabled and the sick.

Just a moment, we may already be there.

Care company worker squatted in client’s home | Daily Mail Online

Essex-based Chinite Resourcing Ltd are not fit for purpose and as Essex County Council are still continuing with the care agency, neither are they


A care firm worker in Essex moved into the home of a vulnerable client they were supposed to be looking after, a damning report reveals.

Source: Care company worker squatted in client’s home | Daily Mail Online

‘Harrowing’ time of life on disability benefits laid bare : Morning Star.

A system not ‘fir for purpose’ as it is one fits all. The Government and DWP forget that what ever they introduce it should be for the benefit for the people to whom it is intended and that these people are not objects, but human beings with feelings, emotions and because of their conditions they will have good or bad days, which in the majority of cases will be outwith their control.

Yes, employment of some nature may be good for some, but not all and then what form of employment and for how long. Are there really employers out there who will even accommodate these various forms of employment and will they be understanding and be prepared to provide the required support, be it tailored training, emotional flexibility and many others.

Have the Government and the DWP even looked at what employment is there to be offered, but mainly do they care and perhaps the latter is the one that should concern us all. If, they do not care, then there is no hope.