Fury as BBC calls dead IRA terrorist a ‘veteran’: Bosses apologise to families | Daily Mail Online

Another own goal by the BBC, funded by UK TV licence payers, is this how they respect the UK, surely enough is enough and the TV licence should be scrapped.


Source: Fury as BBC calls dead IRA terrorist a ‘veteran’: Bosses apologise to families | Daily Mail Online

Woman with cerebral palsy has her electric wheelchair was taken away.

By this action it shows that Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Trust do not care and do not consider health in these actions so they are now Gloucestershire No Health and Unable to Care NHS Trust.

They should be ashamed of themselves, for they are commissioned to improve lives and not make them worse. A Formal Complaint needs to be sent immediately and assuming that their actions will not improve there should also be a submission to the Health Ombudsman.

Poverty in the UK is violating human rights. So…What’s next?

The report has been created and issued,but the Government disputes its findings, but the finding tend to show that the views of the population are correct.

The Government needs to accept the report and put their own ‘house’ in order.

The Government is proceeding on a a denial, they wish to believe their own misguided views rather than those of an independent enquiry.

This goes to prove that this Government does not care for the population of the UK, but only care for themselves and their immediate friends.

Disabled man sacked from £30 a week council job told he can work for nothing as volunteer | Govt Newspeak

Adding insult to injury and how will this effect his ESA.

He was only paid for paid for approximately 3.7 hours, as he volunteered for the remaining of his 8 houres over 2 days.

Inverclyde Leisure have shown no respect to Ronnie and what has this done to his self-esteem.

Inverclyde Leisure have no money to pay Ronnie but have for councillors going on a trip to Korea, where are this councils values.


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DWP breaks promise again to stop harassing abuse survivor over benefit claim

Why do these situations continue to occur, because the DWP appear to be incapable of admitting they make mistakes, are accountable for their actions and other parties acting on their behalf and learning from these situations where it is clear that they and other parties acting on their behalf have made mistakes by design or not.

Unfortunately the DWP is so committed to removing people from benefits by stealth and other methods and apparently have no respect for the person who are claiming benefits or the rule of Law of the UK.

Brothers speaks out on Labour’s failure to appoint shadow disability minister | DisabledGo News and Blog

By this failure to appoint a shadow minister for disabled people just shows the lack of understanding, respect and support for disabled people by Corbyn and the Labour Party. It would appear that by this disabled people do not count by Corbyn and the Labour Party, how low as the party sunk.

The lack of coment from neither Abrahams nor Corbyn or even a spokesperson speaks volumes.


One of Labour’s most prominent disabled politicians has called on her own party to demonstrate its intent to hold the government to account by appointing a shadow disability minister. Labour admitted last week that it had still not appointed a shadow minister for disabled people, nearly three weeks after party leader Jeremy Corbyn completed a reshuffle of his top parliamentary team. Amid confusion, a spokesman for Corbyn eventually told Disability News Service that discussions were “ongoing” but that the post would “definitely be filled”. The party has not had a shadow minister for disabled people since the promotion of Debbie Abrahams to shadow work and pensions secretary in July, more than three months ago. Neither Corbyn’s spokesman nor Abrahams were able to say last week why the process had taken so long. Now one of the party’s few high-profile disabled members has called for it to act now to fill the vacancy. Emily Brothers was one of the handful of disabled people to stand for

Source: Brothers speaks out on Labour’s failure to appoint shadow disability minister | DisabledGo News and Blog