Many Black Americans aren’t rushing to get the COVID-19 vaccine – a long history of medical abuse suggests why

There are many reasons why Black Americans are unjustly treated in America and health is just one of many areas, another major area being Law and Order.

Nobody should be abused in any way, especially due to racial origins, but especially in America there is a long history of racial abuse and in many instances the historical instances are still occurring. In fact, many white Americans, would if they could turn back the clocks and this has only been made worse from 4 years of the Trump administration.

Even under the Biden administration changes, if any will be hard to achieve and then there is 2024, the very real possibility that Trump could return.

But it is not just in America that there is mistrust and racism, for this can and does occur in many countries, the UK being one, but, I hope, to not the extent of it is in America. But what do I know, for I am not of Black origin and may not even notice what is occurring in front of me, left alone behind me.

Nobody should have to contend with racist abuse, in fact, any form of abuse, for it is abhorrent and we should all be doing what we can to ensure abuse is not abound.

I do hope, that the mistrust can be minimised and eventually even, not occur, but this will require all of us to be vigilant.

COVID-19 is not concerned who it affects and my real wish is that the vaccine mistrust is overcome, but all the misinformation on Social Media will need to be countered, for if it is not, then there will be no chance that the COVID mutations will ever be reduced. COVID-19 will be with us for the long-term.  The only effective counter is the vaccines, for the various restrictions can only go so far and that is assuming that we are all abiding by the restrictions, which we are not, but hopefully only a minority.

Colour is only skin-deep for underneath we are no different, so colour should be no reason to discriminate for we all have an equal right to life.

Source: Many Black Americans aren’t rushing to get the COVID-19 vaccine – a long history of medical abuse suggests why

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Liked Posts Calling For Killing Democratic Politicians: Reports | HuffPost UK

This is really disturbing and shows how FAKE facts can influence activists.
While I respect ‘Freedom of Speech’ there is some speech where it is debatable to allow, especially should this be to incite the breakdown of ‘Law and Order’.


Source: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Liked Posts Calling For Killing Democratic Politicians: Reports | HuffPost UK

Trump pledges ‘orderly’ transition after riot and Biden win certification – CNNPolitics

Trump pledges ‘orderly transition’, but does Trump understand what an ‘orderly transition’ means, for all his actions, currently, appear to show he does not.

For Trump does not understand ‘Law and Order’, unless it is law and order inline with Trump’s views. For as we saw yesterday he inspired his supporters to riot and invade the US Capitol and enter both the Senate and Congress and demean their authority.

This is not what should be expected from a President of America and shows even more so that he is unfit to hold such office, therefore the 25th Amendment needs to be enacted, immediately, to counter any other demeaning or even worse actions from Trump.

Everyone of his supporters who entered the US Capitol should be arrested and charged with criminal damage and actions to cause injury and even death of authorised persons who were in the US Capitol legally.

I would also query the actions of the Police and other forces who were supposed to stop this mob of Trump supporters from entering the US Capitol, but instated, appeared to stand back and allow them unofficial entry.

This action certainly does not correspond with the actions taken against ‘Black Lives Matter’, (BLM) and other such protests.

The actions of the Police and other security forces all over America  also need to be investigated, as there appears to be vast differences in how these forces deal with protests that are for Trump and those that are against him, is there some aspect of less engagement against the former and more intense engagement with the latter. This also appears to be the case in dealing with white and non-white persons, with the latter been dealt with more aggressively than the former.

Yesterday the Trump supporters and even Trump, acted as terrorists and they, all should be dealt with accordingly.

The lack of equality within America is there for all to see, for it appears to be the ‘Land of the Free’ depending on racial factors, instead for all.

The Human Rights for many in America appear to be in question.


Source: Trump pledges ‘orderly’ transition after riot and Biden win certification – CNNPolitics

Mad genius or sheer stupidity: President Trump openly impeaches himself

Mad genius or sheer stupidity, I believe neither, for Trump all his life has believed that he and his family are invincible. Thinks appearing to be strong with am impressive Bank Balance, even though it may be only on paper or shear bluff will make him a winner every time.

He has used lying, strong arm tactics and disregard for Law and Order to get his way. He does not appear to fear bankruptcy for he has always used the US systems to come through. However, he can not comprehend that bringing the US down he will not be able to really on the systems for they may not be there.

Previously people would not cross Trump for if they did they would suffer, but in the heights of where he is now, there are many powerful people who will not succumb to his strong arm tactics and they will use the Law to counter Trump and they can not be bought.

Is Trump now close to meeting his match and if he is there will be no return, because his supposed powerful friends will not support a looser, for they then may loose themselves and this they will not wish to do.


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Trump fails to end New York lawsuit over his charity

Trump fighting furiously to safeguard himself and the Trump Foundation.

This shows, that currently there is a semblance of independent Law & Order in the US, but if Trump is not curtailed how long will this ab able to continue. If it can not there will be only one law in the US, being the Law of Trump and Trump will have achieved his ultimate aim to be a ‘Dictator’ whose word has to be followed, irrespective of how damaging it will be for other, the US and eventually the World, as long as Trump is safe and his rulings are the Order.

The Secular Jurist

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A New York state judge rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s request to dismiss a lawsuit in which New York’s attorney general accused him of misusing his namesake foundation to advance his 2016 presidential campaign and his businesses.

The decision issued Friday by Justice Saliann Scarpulla of the state supreme court in Manhattan is a rebuke to the Republican president, whose lawyer had accused Attorney General Barbara Underwood, a Democrat, of “pervasive bias” for suing.

Scarpulla said the U.S. Constitution did not immunize Trump from the lawsuit, and Underwood could pursue claims alleging breach of fiduciary duty, improper self-dealing, and misuse of assets belonging to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

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Bad Workmen Always Blame ”The Tools”

There are many comments blaming one thing and another, when this is a problem of many areas.

Lack of funding is certainly one, but not the only one, neither is immigration, work opportunities on a non-livable wage, political interference from all quarters the left, the right and even the centre.

Cuts to any area will create even further problems as the resources will be diminishing and still need to cover the same total area. Problems will occur, which should need more resources, but from where, so the scant resources are then spread even more thinly.

The time as come, many times, when we should all be working together to solve what is before us and party political squabbles with not only all parties, but even within the same parties is not the answer.

We need to be working for the good for the whole instead of the few, as this only creates even more problems and differences.

Being any colour, religion, status, gender, etc should not be a problem as the state of the country should be a matter to us all and we all need to be working together to solve the problem for each and everyone of us.


The Downing Street Tools

If the Police desert areas, low life, violence and extortion move in. That was the reason for Peel’s Peelers – the forerunners to the Police – and it is still valid now.

Sadiq’s been in office for nearly two years – about time he started exercising his powers on the street rather than pontificating politically.

First London has to be made safe, then the social problems that are causing this have to be solved. At the moment what is the Mayor of London doing about this? Absolutely nothing but blaming every-one else !!

just goes to show ‘mayors’ are and always have been a pathetic concept.

Mr.Always-Right – > timjones
Like Boris Johnson wasting 40 million on the failed garden bridge.

Khan can stop Twittering to Trump and get on with his job.
He can start by NOT closing down police…

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Donald Trump’s coming police state: We have a president who wants unlimited power and won’t respect the rule of law –

It would appear that some of the folks who were hoping that Donald Trump was actually an isolationist “jobs” president, rather than the authoritarian white nationalist with imperial ambitions that he clearly showed himself to be on the stump, are now being forced to face reality. Everything he has done since his inauguration proves he is dead serious about unleashing the military and the police to enact his agenda, and he wants the other branches of government to understand that if they obstruct him he’s going to make sure his rabid followers know whom to blame.

According to Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker, legal scholars of all stripes, even the torture advocate John Yoo, whom I wrote about on Tuesday, are disturbed by Trump’s executive actions and what he’s saying about them. Pretty much across the board, they anticipate that Trump will blame the courts, the media and the political opposition in the event of an attack. They believe he is anxious to use an attack as an excuse to “take the gloves off” in whatever way he deems necessary.

That could mean everything from registering and deporting Muslims to enhanced surveillance or an attack on a foreign country and the reinstatement of torture and “black site” prisons. (A draft executive order on the black sites has made the rounds already.) All we know at this point is that Trump is looking for an excuse, and odds are there will be one at some point.

Source: Donald Trump’s coming police state: We have a president who wants unlimited power and won’t respect the rule of law –

Excuse Culture; Demise of Society

Certainly in the UK and possibly elsewhere in the World, when ever something does not go according to plan or someone or something does something, deemed wrong, there are always plenty of people and or establishments eager to invent an excuse for why it happened. in other words an ‘Excuse Culture‘.

Say it is a person or persons who have committed a crime, where ever possible it will be  attributed to their background, in that they came from a broken home, single parent family, their culture, lack of money, etc.

Or if it is an organisation, where faults occur, it is funding problems, staff moral, insufficient staff, too much work, etc.

But is it not just down to the attitude of the persons and organisations concerned. When a person is employed they should when they have started the job been given, at least, sufficient training to do the job and any resources they need.  Other than that, it is there ability to do the job.  This should be their commitment to do the job to the best of their ability, to strive to do it right first time and to be effective and efficient in their performance. Rates of pay, working conditions, unless not in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations and attitudes of others, should have little or no relation as to how they perform.  Pay would have been known when applying, work colleagues, you are working with them, not trying to make lasting friendships and working conditions have to be right for the job.  Why site pay as a reason for not doing a job properly, it can not be that for more money, you will put in more effort. Or you do not get on with your colleagues, as I have said you are at work to work, not make friends.

Where a crime as been committed, why should background, language, culture, finance, etc be an excuse.  When resident in a country it should be each persons duty to obtain and understand the knowledge of what is expected from them, by reason of that countries culture and the Rules of Law and Order of that country. Ignorance is also no excuse. Humans are supposed to be an intelligent life form, where they also have the ability to reason.  Laws are there to be complied with and not matter of any excuse can be made for non-compliance.  If you feel they are wrong, then become involved in a legitimate way to influence their change, by lobbying those who can change them or become one of those people you can change them.

Non-compliance with Society and Law and Order only leads to the breakdown of rules and rights.

I believe in ‘Treat others in a way you would expect them to treat you’.

But today there is much said of Human Rights.  Some rights are good, like ‘the right to life’, everyone should be able to live their life, without fear from any other person. But no one person should have rights, which in turn mean the rights of others are denied. The possible exception being where a criminal act has occurred. By the act of committing a criminal act, a person or persons are acting against Society and the Rules of Law and Order and some form of punishment is a requirement.  Where this punished is the restriction of their Freedom, this should in turn  mean also a restriction in some of their Human Rights.  While still retaining the right to life, any others should be curtailed until such time as the punishment as been served.

As you will see, from above, I believe the right to life is sacrosanct. I do not believe in any form of Corporal Punishment, why is it right to cause another person physical harm, as a way to punish them for causing physical harm to others.  Many say this is one of the reasons why the youth of today have any little or no respect for others.  This may be so, but say in the upbringing of children, how can you be showing them how to behave in a good manner, if, when they do a wrong doing, you cause them physical harm as a punishment.  You say you are showing them how to behave, but this is just showing them, if something happens which you feel is not right, then it is in order to harm the person responsible.  If it is right for the adult, the child will assume it is right for them.

I believe the change in many of today’s youths behaviour did stem from the late 60’s, but while the removal of Corporal Punishment as  a means of a deterrent may have been the cause, more likely it was that it was not replaced by an equivalent measure. Others say it is a lack of respect and while this may be so, to say there was respect in the 60’s is wrong. For here you are mistaking what you believe was respect, but in many cases it was fear.

Also in the 60’s came liberalisation, the freedom to indulge in life in ways not readily available in previous generations. With contraception, in the form of The Pill, there was more sexual freedom and with it this freedom was more openly expressed. When this generation advanced into parent hood, they also gave their own children more freedom to express themselves and this was then multiplied through successive generations.

Technology was also advancing at a more increasing pace. Previously when a so called luxury item was purchased, such as a TV set, black and white only picture in the 50’s and early 60’s, they were expensive and the could not be afforded by the general public. It was not until mid to late 60’s that colour television broadcasts started, this then led to an expansion of the TV market and TV set prices started to come down, leading to a surge in the buying of colour TVs by the general population and many household could have their own colour TV.

Now it is common for most households to have more than one TV. But it was not only confined to TV’s. With the rapid growth in Outer Space exploration, use of telephones and computers and many more, the range of technology equipment available to the mass population would not have been dreamed possible in the 50’s and 60’s, except in the publications showing projections into the future. Not even the publishers of these publications could have envisaged how soon most of these fictional forecasts would become available in reality.

These days the technological advancements could never have been envisaged, as it would appear, that as soon as some modern equipment has been manufactured, marketed and then purchased by the consumer, than it is then vitually immediately out of date and the updated item is due to be released for purchase. Previously when you purchased items you expected to be using them for many years to come, but as many people wish to always have the latest version of any technological equipment, that when they have purchased the latest one, they are already planning on when to purchase the updated version.

This unfortunately is creating a’ throw away culture’ and while many can be and are recycled, many people feel if something breaks, it does not matter, as then they can just purchase the newer model.

This is, to some extent acceptable, providing you can afford to continue purchasing these updated items. But not everyone can, but some of these people who can not afford to do it, still wish to have them. This leads, in some instances of people resorting to crime to obtain the items. Then, when caught come the excuses, usually from their legal team defending them. Usually stating 2 they have had a deprived background, lacking parental guidance, from poor areas, from a large family, only one parent, etc.  These are excusing that while they may be correct, are not relevant as the cause of that person or persons actions.

Most people today know the difference between right and wrong and as intelligent being,s should be able to apply this to what is allowed, when taking into account the culture of the Society and the Laws of the country in which they reside.

They should have no excuses, except that they do not care about anyone or anything other than themselves and they should be punished accordingly.

Unfortunately, even in the Legal Profession there are people who have become accustomed into believing these utterances of excuses and this may lead to a lesser sentence being given. This in turn provides signals that it is acceptable to use these excuses and that the ability to use intelligent thought is not considered.

Eventually, if allowed to go unchecked, this could extend to the demise of certain parts of Society.

The UK is not alone in this, as it is evident in other countries in one way or another. In these countries, it may be the excuse culture or the culture of the country itself. If any area is allowed to go unchecked for a number of years, it in it’s self will be allowed to become the norm. The current situation in India, could be a case in question. Where it would appear that no respect for the rights of females have been considered in the progression of culture. This has led to certain of the Indian male population to feel they have the right to do what they wish to females that are not part of their own family. They, of course, have come to a wrong conclusion, as I am sure that this is not what the culture of India intended.

I know an extreme example, but who knows what will happen if our own excuse culture is allowed to continue, unchecked. Time needs to be taken NOW, so no longer is the excuse of a persons background to be a justifiable defense in the Law of the UK.

India RAPE, could it happen in the UK?

Culture; India Rape

In response to the article ‘Culture; India Rape’ I have just made the following post:

‘In a so called civilised country, you would not believe acts of this nature could happen and with apparent frequency.  But this is what happens when for one reason or another, a certain person, whether by race, gender or religion are not respected.  It should be a stated Human Right, that all humans should expect to receive respect from their fellow beings. If this finds not to be so, then the forces of Law and Order should ensure anyone not showing this respect, be punished accordingly.  When the forces of Law and Order can not be expected to show this respect, then anarchy is the outcome.

One hopes that the outcome of this abhorant act is seen as the catalyst to a change for respect of others to be ensured in the India Society.’

But has made me think, could something similar happen in the UK.

Now lets see, in my view this abhorant act has occurred due to to the lack of respect females in India receive and has been compounded by how this lack of respect has been allowed to become, what appears to be part of the Indian culture, by way of inaction by the Indian authorities of Law and Order over many, many years to bring this to an end.

But in the UK we have Laws, which are upheld, to punish anyone found guilty of rape and thereby do respect the Rights of the female population.

But is this lack of respect shown in other ways?

Currently there is a major investigation under way with regards to alleged pedophile activity spread over the last 40 – 50 years, which it is alleged took place in some of the Establishments of the UK, namely, BBC, some hospitals, some mental institutions and children’s care homes.

There are also reports of abuse occurring in some of the care establishments involved in the care of our elderly, Winterborne view Hospital being only one.

In both of the above mentioned the practices or alleged practices had been ongoing for many years and the appropriate authorities at all the establishments had failed for one reason or another to act on reported comments of abusive acts taking place. This lead to the culture of abuse to continue unheaded, with the authorities, apparently condoning the committing of these acts of abuse. I say, condoning the acts of abuse, as in my view if  you are aware of allegations of abuse and you fail to act upon this information, you are actually condoning the act. Also, in my view, you are therefore as guilty as the perpreters of the abusive acts. The rights of the people being abused have not been respected.

So back to my original headline ‘India RAPE, could it happen in the UK?’.  While rape does occur in the UK, I hope it will never be allowed to manifest, as it as apparently has done so in India.  But if we do not all respect the Human Rights of each and every other person in the UK, other forms of abuse could continue to occur, with the perpreters being allowed to go unpunished.

When I mention Human Rights, as stated above, I am not relating to the Human Rights Act of 1998, as I believe this Act itself is the creator of many instances of injustice.  It is debatable, but why should the rights, for UK prisoners and illegal immigrants, as are interpreted from the Act, override the Rights of the citizens of UK. It is my belief, if you commit a crime you, as well as losing your freedom for the term of your prison sentence, you also lose your right to have Human Rights for this period. Also for illegal immigrants, how can they claim to have Human Rights to settle in the UK, if there came here illegally.

But that is something to consider for a further article.

Police and 2nd Jobs

Police ability

It is not the having of 2nd jobs that concerns me, it is their ability to do their 1st job. A 2nd job is not contributing to altering statements to fit in with how senior officers wish the contents to be or making false witness statements.

Any officers who are doing this are tarring all officers and making the public to distrust the force as a whole.

Police are there to ensure the law is maintained, if they can not do that in respect of themselves, where does that leave us.

It is my belief that the majority of our Police Officers are doing a difficult and at times dangerous job extremely well and if a 2nd job does not hinder that, then why should anyone object.