Congressional Republicans divided on attacking Trump investigations – The Washington Post

The former president’s closest allies are working to discredit a potential prosecution by raising claims of politicization at the FBI and Justice Department.


How America and especially the Republican Party deal with the possible charges mounting against Trump will decide how justice is viewed in America and the standing of America in the World.

The wrong outcome could seriously affect Law & Order in America for many years to come, justice has to be seen to be the winner.

There is and has been much use of abuse of Power in America and for democracy to survive this abuse has to be countered.


Source: Congressional Republicans divided on attacking Trump investigations – The Washington Post

The DWP left a family so ‘desperate’ the father went on an armed robbery spree

One has to respect Law & Order, so it was wrong of Robinson to act illegally. However, it was also wrong for the DWP to reduce the family income to such a figure that it was impossible for them to live as a family.

Robinson has been convicted and sentenced by the UK Courts for his illegal acts, but the DWP are being allowed to continue as before.

Where is the Equality in Justice, the courts need to convict all or none.

There is no mention of Robinson’s family, do they now have some life security, for they were in financial hardship before Robinson was sentenced and now he is around no loger, until the completion of his sentence, but his family still have to live, where are they and in what state.

Where are family values in the DWP processes or is it ‘out of sight, out of mind’