Special Needs and Legal Entitlement: Light Reading Material

Craig Roberts


My first book review since English literature lessons at school is hereby presented before you.  Fortunately, from my perspective at least, any red pen marks will remain purely implied rather than indelibly scrolled across my scribblings.  Feedback may praise or cast folly over my work but at least this time my words may ultimately help families in their quests rather than just place me on a comparative ladder against my peers.  Freedom from the reigns of education, and guidance of a rather wonderful teacher who went by the name of Mrs Mallett, I am spared from the anguish of repetitively sifting back and forth through the pages to source the perfect quote that highlights my observations.  Hence a review these days is a little faster to write, and not merely because I now have the luxury of penning thoughts via the keyboard instead of biro.

Autism, without warning or invitation…

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Vox Political on Nick Gibb Address to Teacher’s Conference

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Mike over at Vox Political ran this story from the Groan, which reported the kind and courteous welcome Nick Gibb got when he spoke to the Association of Teachers and Lecturers at their conference in Liverpool. Of course, I’m being ironic when I say that it was ‘kind and courteous’. In fact that they jeered him. And I don’t blame them. What Gibb said was pure rubbish.

The Tories are, of course, determined to turn 17,000 primary schools in England into academies. Gibb made the usual attempt to try to justify this massive privatisation to the Tory party’s corporate backers by saying that it would lead to an improvement in quality. He told his audience of educational professionals that if they spoke to the headmasters, who had become heads of the academy chains, they would hear that academy schools were flourishing. Because they’re professionally led.

This is, of course…

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