Marking the Political Parties

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LDA England’s Citizen Jury met on 2nd April in London

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On 2nd April LDA England measured how well each political party will stick up for the rights of people with learning disabilities.

We wrote to all 5 main political parties in England and all parties sent along appropriate representatives – all except one, The Conservative Party. The Conservatives ignored both the formal invitation and numerous requests to respond by both phone and email.

Below is the letter we sent to the Prime Minister:

Dear Prime Minister

Re: Citizen Jury 2nd April 2015

Learning Disability Alliance England (LDA) is a membership organisation lobbying all political parties on behalf of the one million people with learning disabilities in England. LDA represents over 500 different charities and organisations directly, or through the two main umbrella groups for people with learning disabilities: the Association for Real Change (ARC) and the Housing & Support Alliance (H&SA).

Before the UK General Election, LDA is raising awareness of the millions of people who can vote - but who often don't: people with learning disabilities, their families, their friends, care workers and other supporters.

At LDA's parliamentary launch on February 24th we announced the results of our 'Quality Checking Government' survey. 2,000 people completed the survey, more than 75% being disabled people or family members. Further details of the survey and the LDA Manifesto can found in the LDA newspaper enclosed.

The LDA don't just want to encourage people to vote, they want people to vote wisely - based on which political parties are most likely to stand up for their rights.

For this reason we are writing to you, as the leader of one of the 5 main political parties in England, to invite you to send a suitable representative to speak at the LDA's Citizen Jury event on the 2nd April 2015, at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities (Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk). The Jury will be made up of a panel of 7 people with learning disabilities and 5 family members. Each representative will have 15 minutes to make a presentation to the panel explaining why they should vote for their party and then 15 minutes for questions. At the end of each presentation the panel will vote and the results of the Citizen Jury will be announced at the end of the day, and shared with the LDA membership.

We already have confirmed representation from the Labour and Green parties and very much hope that you will send a representative to join them at this event.

For more information about the event and to confirm your attendance and book your slot, please contact Sarah Maguire or call 020 7261 4103 or 07810 378 346.

Yours sincerely

Professor the Baroness Hollins

Gary Bourlet, People First England

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Do they care?

Original post from Learning Disability Alliance England

‘………….This is an Open Letter, written on behalf of Learning Disability Alliance England, and signed by just a few of the leading self-advocates, families and advocacy organisations who are part of LDA England. Please share this letter with journalists, the media or by using social media.


27th March 2015

We are writing to express our disappointment and dismay at the failure of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats to represent themselves at LDA England’s Citizen Jury event on 2nd April.

LDA England is the representative body for people with learning disabilities. It unites the representative bodies for people with learning disabilities, families and over 500 different charities, advocacy bodies and community organisations – the very organisations Government consults on policy. It speaks on behalf of millions of people and voters.

On 10th March 2015 Professor the Baroness Hollins and Gary Bourlet of People First England wrote on our behalf to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the leaders of the other main political parties in England.

The Labour Party, the Green Party and UKIP immediately found suitable representatives; for example the Labour Party representative is Kate Green MP, their disability spokesperson. However, as yet, we have still had no adequate response from the Conservative Party or the Liberal Democrats.

Both the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats claim that they supportMencap’s Hear My Voice campaign – and that they take seriously the rights of people with learning disabilities.

However, their actions in this instance speak louder than words. In ignoring LDA England’s request it would seem both parties are unwilling to engage with the voices and votes of millions of people, families and professionals.


Vicki Raphael, National Valuing Families Forum

Kerry Martin, National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities.

Jayne Leeson, Changing Our Lives

Katie Clarke, Bringing Us Together

Oi Mei Li, National Family Carer Network

Cathy Wintersgill, Connect in the North

Rosemary Trustam, Community Living

Mark O’Farrell, Preston Learning Disability Forum

Steven Rose, Choice Support

Lucy Hurst Brown, Brandon Trust

Jo Clare, Three C’s Support

Sally Warren, Paradigm

Alicia Wood, Housing and Support Alliance

Simon Cramp

Steve Maguire

Dave Barker

Simon Duffy, The Centre for Welfare Reform

Pathways Associates

Sarah Maguire, Choice Support

Kim Foo, Heritage Care

Aldingbourne Trust

Campaign for a Fair Society

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