Study Shows That LGBT Pupils Are More Likely To Be Bullied If They Are Disabled

In all areas of Society there should be zero tolerance of bullying, this is especially so in a closed environment, such as a school, where every member of staff needs to receive training on bullying and gender sexuality, children need and should be listened to.

Same Difference

Pupils who are disabled or have learning difficulties are significantly more likely to experience homophobic bullying than their mainstream classmates, according to a charity which has produced a guide for teachers on tackling the problem.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance cites data showing that 55 per cent of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) children are likely to be bullied at school about their sexuality or gender. Among LGBT pupils with learning difficulties or disabilities, however, that figure rises to 66 per cent.

The alliance also conducted its own research, speaking to 33 LGBT teenagers with disabilities or special needs. “How are we supposed to tell [teachers about incidents of bullying], if teachers don’t understand LGBT or disability?” one pupil said.

Another spoke of feeling marginalised, particularly during PSHE lessons: “People think disabled people are asexual as it is, so they don’t talk to you about any relationships, let alone about being or…

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Gay marriage, Communism, Nazism; Bishop of Shrewsbury says there is a link

Gay Marriage link

Before the Bishop of Shrewsbury makes comments relating to Communism and Nazism, he should ensure his own house is in order.

What have we had over the past few years, active abuse against children by priests and nuns and the church ignoring it. Priests actively involved in terrorism (Northern Ireland). Priests coveting another mans wife, surely against 1 of the TEN Commandments.

Does the Catholic Church attract gays and lesbians as priests and nuns?

How can any official in the Roman Catholic Church make any reference to marriage, when they themselves do not marry, except to their religion.

All officials of the RC Church should be following all the principles of Christianity and not pick and choose when it suits them.

But over the years there have been changes within the Church Sin over the years as said by the Church.

In effect, does it really matter who gets married, after all, is it not just a paper exercise? Surely it is the bond and love between to individuals that matters more.

Man with too much money

Man not happy with his daughters choice of partner

Typical example of a man who has too much money and lives his life through his daughter. Surely, you have children so they can live their own life and not live their life through their parents.

Also, if such a man could be found to marry his daughter, what proof that she was no longer a lesbian could be found.

If I was his daughter I would find a man to marry, tell my father I was no longer a lesbian, marry the man and when he had obtained the money I would leave him and then go back to the person I truly loved. This I hoped would teach my father a lesson.