British Army veteran facing deportation says he ‘can’t sleep at night’ because of how the Home Office has treated him –

Trevor Rene was born in 1969 in Dominica, automatically becoming a British subject citizen because the Caribbean island was a British colony until 1978.

His grandfather had settled in the UK in 1948 – as part of the Windrush generation – and in 2008 he came over to visit family on a tourist visa. He’d been allowed to serve in the British Army for six years, then he fell in love and married Diane, an NHS clerk.

But in 2014 the Reserves were forced to let him go because his paperwork wasn’t in order. A year later he was locked up in a detention centre. He was released but has spent the last four years unable to work – and now his spousal visa has been rejected.

After he shared his story with i, the 49-year-old, who lives in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, wrote a first-person account of his ordeal.

There are no two ways about it – the Home Office is ruining my life and breaching both mine and my wife’s human rights.

We married last year – after being together for nine years – yet they refuse to allow me indefinite leave to remain. They say she doesn’t earn enough to sponsor me, yet I have provided the pay slips showing that she does.

Source: British Army veteran facing deportation says he ‘can’t sleep at night’ because of how the Home Office has treated him –

Let’s talk dementia – Early onset dementia in people with a learning disability – Pauline Watts | Viv Bennett

Although it is well documented that earlier onset dementia for people who have a learning disability is a higher percentage than national average, for everyone, a combination of genetics and lifestyle

Source: Let’s talk dementia – Early onset dementia in people with a learning disability – Pauline Watts | Viv Bennett

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My American mother’s reaction to me dating an Indian

It is your life to live and if you are happy and content, should you care for those who do not agree. Best Wishes for a long and continued loving relationship.

Mothers who would have them?


The first date was magical. We never even considered if there should be a second date or not. I instead just laid in bed and replayed the sweet memories over and over again in my mind, waiting until he texted again, which wasn’t long. My mother agreed to meet him the very next date. He bought her flowers and bought my baby chocolates that my child dug into instantly despite the late hour. My mom acted very casual at first, but the moment he didn’t immediately agree to something she said, her mood became a bit tense. We all felt it. Over the months I realized she decided in her mind at that moment that he was being disrespectful by expressing an alternate opinion to hers and she blamed it on his bad upbringing as an Indian. I will admit, most of my previous boyfriends would have instantly backed off…

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Interracial Dating

From the heart an aspect of true love.


When I think about the dreams I had when I was growing up, I never considered that my soul mate might be from a country half-way across the world growing up in a strange city knowing little of my culture. I instead latched onto the dream of a blue eyed, brown haired prince that would rescue me one day from my boring life and give me all the things I had dreamed of. This was naïve of course and I learned as life changed that money does not equal happiness, and good looking does not equal a good soul.

When I met my sons father he was perfect. He was the perfect American citizen, perfect devote Catholic. Perfect son. He respected no one however, including myself and cheated with countless girls leading to me being a single mom. I was crushed. How could I have got the perfect man, and yet…

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Violence and Gun Violence – When Will it Stop?

Well said, thank you for posting

Talin Orfali Ghazarian

In recent news, where the unfortunate happened at an Oregon College in US, where gunman Chris Harper took the lives of 9 people, shooting and killing them when after the suspect was also killed. So many senseless and inhumane acts of violence, and gun violence. When is it going to stop? Does the unimaginable have to happen, so that we can see change, take preventative safety and security measures? So many shootings and killings have happened in the last little while.

Columbine, Sandy Hook, African American Church in Charleston S.C, Aurora Colo Movie theatre, TV news Reporter Alison Parker and her partner Adam ward and Alison who was interviewing Vicki Gardner in August, 2015 who survived at Lake Moneta, Malls, Shopping Plaza’s, on the streets, and anywhere else. You are really not safe anywhere in this world anymore.

Not only in US, but around the world. I can’t even imagine…

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This workout hijab just made athletic wear more inclusive

Original post from Mashable UK

‘…………..BY DAVID YI

Muslim women like this one photographed, have traditionally worn hijabs no matter the climate. IMAGE: AP PHOTO/ALEXANDER ZEMLIANICHENKO/ASSOCIATED PRESS

The athleisure space has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with women now opting for comfortable apparel items that have both style and function.

One demographic they’ve largely ignored: the Muslim market. Athletic companies avoid traditional headscarves, or hijabs, which are used for religious purposes and choices of modesty.

But when people exercise with headscarves, they can become soaked with sweat, just like the rest of our workout clothes. Besides perspiration, scarves need to withstand the elements, such as rain or heat.

Enter Veil Garments, the first line of performance-geared hijabs attempting to fill that void.




“I was thinking that there was so much incorporated technology with performance clothing. Why hasn’t anyone done this for the hijab,” says the brand’s founder Ahmad Ghanem.

“These women need it more than any of the athletes who have clothing for them readily available. They’re the ones who are wearing these rain or shine, in heat or under rainy conditions.”



After a year and a half of researching various fabrics and manufacturers, the 22-year old from Cleveland, Ohio launched his brand on Kickstarter with a goal of reaching $5,000. Within three days, he’s raised almost twice as much as his initial goal.

The hijab replaces traditional fabrics like silks, chiffons and cottons and opts for nylon, which readily wicks away sweat and is almost fully waterproof.

“It’s a great fabric and is quicker to dry,” he says. “It’s great for a work out and very, very comfortable.”

Ghanem hopes the brand goes international, to comfort women in his parents’ native Palestine where desert temperatures can rise well past 100 degrees. “Hopefully this will help them out in an impactful way.”

Not only is this an opportunity for social change, Ghanem sees this as a real business.

“There are a billion Muslims around the world,” he says. “And the population is only getting bigger. There’s real potential for big sales. I don’t know why no other sports brand has done this before.”

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