Sir Norman Bettison, Time to GO

Bettison your time is up.

Bettison it is too late to say sorry for the remarks you made after the inquiry findings. You had 23 years to formulate your views and comments. We all know you are now trying to save your skin.

It is not for me to decide how your conduct 23 years ago should be dealt with, but I believe your recent conduct leaves a lot to be desired.

As a Chief Constable, you, not only have a duty to your force, but also a duty to the people. The Inquiry held the view that the fans were not to blame and that some police officers had deliberately changed their statements. For, as I am aware, the Inquiry did not state that Sir Norman Bettison had done any of this. Therefore if you were not apparently guilty of this, you did not need to make a statement to try to clear your name and certainly not one that went against the Inquiry findings and still blamed the Liverpool fans.

This reaction shows a typical arrogance of some in the force and should not be tolerated and for this and your conduct you should go.

People have to have confidence in a Chief Constable, in that he has the manner and a respectful outlook to carry out his duties.  By your recent remarks in re-besmirching the fans any respectability you may have had is no longer there.

So for you  for your total lack of judgment in this matter, you are no longer FIT FOR PURPOSE as a Chief Constable and should for once do the decent thing and resign without any due delay.