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Birmingham City Council are a disgrace and are a Labour run council in name only, not in principle. How can anyone Labour voter vote again for this supposed Labour run council.


bham workersBCC employees

Birmingham City Council (BCC) – a Labour-run council in name only – has a record of abominable treatment of its low-paid workers.

Recently the council leader resigned after a series of SKWAWKBOX exclusives revealed the fully-authorised deal he had done with the Unite union, under the auspices of Acas, on behalf of refuse collectors who had been threatened with a huge pay-cut. The council’s response to the revelation that they had reneged on a formal deal was, shamefully, to issue unlawful redundancy notices to well over a hundred ‘leading hand’ workers vital to the safe operation of refuse lorries.

Then, when judges dismissed their legal argument, the council wrote a threatening letter to the workers saying that if it succeeds in overturning the resulting injunction, the time spent in court would be deducted from their redundancy notice period.

A new scandal

The latest scandal to hit the…

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Living Wage Week 2017


Source: Living Wage Week | Living Wage Foundation

Grab your popcorn. This showdown between Philip Hammond and John McDonnell is everything. from The Canary on 8th September 2017

Source: Grab your popcorn. This showdown between Philip Hammond and John McDonnell is everything. | The Canary

A leading social care group has warned that any predicted increases in NHS pay must be matched by better funding for the independent care sector to avoid a

Source: Better funding for social care needed now to avoid staffing crisis | Care Industry News

Staff at outlets in Crayford, London (pictured) and Cambridge will walk out in a row over conditions and the use of zero-hour contracts. Unions are demanding a £10-an-hour minimum wage.

Source: UK McDonald’s staff to make history in first ever strike | Daily Mail Online

I agree that social care and related health should be administered by one just one authority, but should it be health or social services or should a completely new authority be formed.

As to whether independent social care providers are profiteering from the system I am not too sure for to have quality care does cost.

If Andy Burnham is stating that these social care providers should be run by either social services or health rather than independently, this I would seriously contest. The reason being than generally the most expensive providers are run by these authorities as the lowest paid would generally be paid no less than the Living Wage as opposed to the National Living Wage, their pensions would generally be better as these may still be based on final salaries as to contribution as is the newly created work portable pensions which are being rolled out to all employees who are currently not in a pensionable employment.

The management structures will generally be more expensive to run than in a private provider, but this would depend on the extent of the profit being extracted by the owners from their care company. But with the current state of social services and health finances due to Government austerity cuts the scope for excessive profits are being restrictive.

With regards to zero hours contracts and I agree that they should not used in practice, Local Authorities do use these for some of their workforce, but I am not sure about health.

What should be occurring is zero contracts should be outlawed, everyone should be paid at least the Living wage, which would make the National Living wage redundant. In addition retain the independent providers, but insist on a effective quality control system, which should be independently monitored outwith the care provider, be they independent, Local Authority or health.

There are currently local independent HealthWatch organisation in all localities who do, at present, monitor Care home, GP surgeries, Pharmacies, Dentists and Opticians. Their remit should be extended to day services and all other care providers and their powers should be strengthened, for at present they can not insist to look at records kept by the respective organisations, unless the organisations offer them to the Enter and View representatives. Also they can only state recommendations, but these should be extended to be more than voluntary for the care providers to follow them.

Then the HealthWatch visits would be more on a par to the CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspections.

Such a thoughtful person who will not pay her cleaners a Living Wage, however, they may eventually receive a good pension.

The London Living wage is £9.40 per hour, but the advert does not state the hours to be worked. To earn £16755 per annum they would need to work less than 7 hours per day.

Again Osborne decided to side step the ‘Living Wage’ comment raised ny Martin Lewis in that it should not have been called the National Living Wage, as it is, as previously called, just the ‘Minimum Wage’. This was Osbornes attempt to confuse people into believing it was the Living Wage’. In fact many persons have already dropped mentioning ‘national’ and just call it living wage. This then allows certain employers to circumvent this topic when questioned.



‘It’s a little naughty’

Source: Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis Accuses George Osborne On TV Of ‘Stealing’ The Living Wage


Source: Council approves plan to shed more than 50 social care posts | Community Care

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Saturday he would stop big companies from distributing dividends unless they paid their workers the living wage as part of his proposals to promote fairer working conditions.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn warns big business over low pay, wage gap | Reuters

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