Autism: You’re Making Me Sick!


“I hope that there is no one in the waiting room who smells of smoke this time,” I said to my son as we walked towards the building.

Is it too much to ask? Really? I mean, the sign on the door says that it is a low scent building, and asks people not to wear perfume, or strong scented products. This makes sense. Lots of people have struggles with such smells. But what about smoke?

And then two people walked in, and I almost threw up right there. They must have just tossed their cigarettes as they walked into the building, and it was so bad! Much worse than perfume, in my opinion.

I pulled out my handkerchief, and covered my nose. Will they think I am being rude? I wondered – but it really was making me feel sick. Yes, I struggle with dizziness and nausea already –…

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