‘We all want to live the lives we choose’

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Jameisha talks about the impact of a hidden impairment and how attitudes affect her daily life.

As a young person living with Lupus and a few other hidden impairments, I have had my fair share of challenges confronting attitudes surrounding my conditions. These experiences often come from well-meaning people, but they are a marker of how we need to change as a society to be more understanding and inclusive.

I have become very self-conscious about how people see me as a young person with an invisible impairment. So many thoughts go through my mind. What’s everyone thinking when I sit in the priority seating area? Are people judging me for getting the lift instead of the stairs? Are people staring at me for using the disabled parking space at the supermarket. It got to the point where I wouldn’t take help in fear that I would be judged. Ultimately, the…

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Invisible Disabilities: The Facts and Figures [Infographic] | DisabledGo News and Blog

Yesterday (3rd December) was the UN’s ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’. It is important to remember that many disabilities aren’t obvious at a

Source: Invisible Disabilities: The Facts and Figures [Infographic] | DisabledGo News and Blog