Debacle of Trump’s coronavirus disinfectant comments could be tipping point | US news | The Guardian

The US president plans to ‘pare back’ his daily coronavirus briefings after falsely claiming his suggestion to ingest cleaning products had been ‘sarcastic’

Source: Debacle of Trump’s coronavirus disinfectant comments could be tipping point | US news | The Guardian

Video: Sep 2019 – Javid/Johnson promise “no dept will be cut next year”. Today they demand ‘eye-popping’ cut | The SKWAWKBOX

Johnson seen crowing as promise made. Today he and his hatchet-man have written to all government departments demanding rushed plan for huge cut Last September, Boris Johnson was seen crowing and g…

Source: Video: Sep 2019 – Javid/Johnson promise “no dept will be cut next year”. Today they demand ‘eye-popping’ cut | The SKWAWKBOX

‘It was RIGGED for Remain!’ Brexiteer makes BRILLIANT point to silence complaints


Also we are told we should respect Democracy, so there was a Referendum in 2016 where the turnout was above 70% way above the general 60% or even lower percentages and these other elections are respected and the result not queried.

The electors were lied to, Yes but by both sides. If one side lied more than the other does this make the lying by the lower party any more believable than the majority party. In fact, the Electorate are lied to at all elections by all Parties. In fact the electorate are lied to by Politicians every day.

The result was a win for leave , yes, by a small amount, but some General Elections have been won by even smaller amounts and they were not queried and a rerun requested.

As it was a leave win and MPs say they are there for their electors, why is there a majority of MPs on the side of remain. Is it that they really do not respect the wishes of their electorate, but follow their own opinions, even when this is the opposite of that of their electors, is that respecting Democracy.

If we do not leave the EU then Democracy within the UK is Dead.

Yes, it may be the wrong decision, but so may be the election of particular Parties in a General Election, but we do not have the losing side demanding a rerun.

If we remain in the EU this just proves that some, may be all, MPS are in it for themselves and they do not care or respect the views of the electorate.


Brexiteer Tim Montgomerie V Remainer Amrou Al-Kadhi

During BBC’s Politics Live BrexiteerTim Montgomerie claimed if the referendum hadbeen rigged it would have been in favour of Remain, not Leave.  He said the massive spending by the government on the Remain campaign supported this.

Politics Live panel guest Remainer Amrou Al-Kadhi brought attention to the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has been reluctant to support a second referendum or a Remain campaign.

Mr Kadhi called on the Labour leader to rally his party because more MP’s are more Remain than leave.  BBC presenter Jo Coburn asked the political commentator Mr Montgomerie how he felt on the claims that the 2016 referendum was moot because people were lied to.

Mr Montgomerie responded:

  • “I think if we cancelled elections or referenda in which politicians hadn’t told the whole truth, I’m not sure we would have any government or referendum outcome ever…

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Teens With ADHD and Lying: Why It’s Common and How to Respond : Understood

  • Many teens lie, and some do it frequently.
  • Teens with ADHD may have different patterns of lying than other teens.
  • Teens with ADHD generally don’t lie to be defiant, but rather to cope with their challenges.

Most parents of teens have dealt with the issue of lying at some point. Telling lies or leaving out the truth is a common teen behavior. Kids at this age have a lot more going on in their lives—sometimes good and sometimes bad—that they may want to keep to themselves.

But when teens with ADHD (also known as ADD) frequently tell lies, there are sometimes other factors to consider—and to watch out for.

Not all kids with ADHD have issues with frequent lying. In fact, some are compulsively honest, which can create a different kind of problem. For many kids, however, lying is a behavior that starts when they’re young and that can become even more problematic as they travel through their teens years.

Here’s what to know about teens with ADHD and the problem of frequent lying, and how to help.


Source: Teens With ADHD and Lying: Why It’s Common and How to Respond : Understood

Jeremy Hunt was left “squirming” on Channel 4 News on Tuesday after being confronted about his claims that 500 doctors had already signed up to the Government’s contentious new contract.

How can you tell Jeremy Hunt is lying? Easy, he opens his mouth.


GW: Channel 4’s Cathy Newman making a name for herself whilst the Daily Mail reports that Jeremy Hunt’s career is probably finished as he apparently said “the strike killed his career.”

How many words can you rhyme with Jeremy Hunt? Protesters sing witty song about Health Secretary’s failings during junior doctor’s all out strike

‘Jeremy Hunt, snidey and blunt,’ they begin, ‘Jeremy Hunt, hear him mutter and grunt
‘When he comes under fire well his aides take the brunt, oh Jeremy, Jeremy Hunt,’

While not not greatest piece of music ever written the simple song certainly does get full marks for its rhyming ability.

They continue: ‘Jeremy Hunt, not worth a punt, Jeremy Hunt will confound not confront. Well he likes what he does but he does what he shunt, oh Jeremy, Jeremy Hunt.

‘Jeremy Hunt, Jeremy Hunt, they say every litter of pigs has a…

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Embarrassment as David Cameron caught lying about his favourite place for holidaying

He loves everywhere, but he is a politican who opens his mouth so he lies.

Pride's Purge

David Cameron has sent local newspapers in Lincolnshire a “personal” letter saying the county is his favourite place to holiday and one of the “jewels in Britain’s crown”:


Only problem is, Cameron also sent a similarly-worded letter to a local newspaper in York saying exactly the same thing about Yorkshire:


And local newspapers in Cornwall also got exactly the same “personal” letter:


And Northumberland:


And Norfolk. Or perhaps he meant Devon.

But at least one local newspaper in Yorkshire got wise to Cameron’s attempted PR stunt.

Typical Eton arrogance, thinks he can pull the wool over Yorkshire people’s eyes …

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