Poor People Can’t Cook Says Lee Anderson MP – The poor side of life

Lee Anderson Tory MP for Ashfield claimed that households in Britain can make nutritious meals on a budget of about 30p a day. He made these crass remarks during the queens speech debate in parliam…


So true and well said.

In every generalisation there is a ring of truth, but also untruth, as everyone is different so no one person is the same as another,

Within life there are so many factors which need to be taken into account, but no one, especially in a so called, developed, civilised society should be made to live below the ‘poverty line’ and then be criticised for doing so.

Unfortunately MPs of any party fail to understand, some more than others that peoples lives are different.

Where possible people should be allowed to make choices so the use of ‘mandatory’ should not be something to use and be seen as a good action as it is restricting the freedoms many fought to achieve. We are supposedly not living under a dictatorship, but the likes of Lee Anderson Tory MP appears to believe it is right to do so and sees no wrong in putting people in mandatory situations.


Source: Poor People Can’t Cook Says Lee Anderson MP – The poor side of life

Ministers put off Covid decisions on restrictions and mandatory masks for two weeks | The Independent

Holding back on restrictions comes as some experts and the Labour Party have called for measures to be introduced


So, this Government is considering on the implementation of Plan B including the reintroduction of mandatory face covers, reintroduction of mandatory social distancing and possible working from home.

This is while many , scientists, the Labour Party and many others who are saying Plan B have already been introduced. Who is correct, who knows, but this Government has been proved wrong in many instances over the last 2 years, in effect, only right once, that being the vaccine programme and even that is beginning to wane.

So, this Government has been guilty of many instances of dithering and this could well be another. For any dithering causes much pain and suffering to the population of England and leading to many deaths which should not have occurred. This current dither could well mean the same.

Should dither be abandoned, many will say yes and I do agree, for no deaths should ever be contemplated. and dither to any degree will cause deaths.

This is complete abandonment of certain parts of the English communities, communities who are extremely vulnerable in many respects, but certainly to catching COVID.

The hindsight’s, which this Government should have learnt from all the instances over the 2 years appears to have not been learnt, is this by choice or not? Neither being ideal and the former should never be so.

How will this Government be brought to account for there past and continued dithering for heads should roll and some should have rolled much earlier.

COVID, is still well with us, but the actions of many in England appear to show that they believe it has gone and there are still too many who still believe it has never been here.

I feel face coverings and social distancing should never have been withdrawn and maintained to be mandatory, but I would go even further, I would fine anyone who has no good reason not to comply and also hold the establishments who are allowing the non-compliance financially responsible, so they should also be fined and if not then complying be forced to close.


You may so, what about Human Rights and I would say what about Human Rights. For to put some restrictions in place will mean the  that some Human Rights will be affected, but, then to not do will also affect some Human Rights, here the protection of others and especially the vulnerable has to be the priority and not the rights of those not complying.

Source: Ministers put off Covid decisions on restrictions and mandatory masks for two weeks | The Independent