Tesco; Every Little Helps- Now Coffee Shops

Harris + Hoole

When you shop at an establishment, do you ask who the owners are or who the shareholders are? No you do not, you shop there as you may like the shop, it has what you want and hopefully at a price you are prepared to pay.

Many of our High Street and some non- High Street shops are owned by multinational organisations and I assume many, if not all, are doing as much as they can to manage and reduce, where possible, their liability to tax. Do not we all, or am I assuming all these people complaining of tax avoidance have not got at least one ISA.

Tax avoidance will always be with us, it is one of the actions of the Governments of the day to minimise the opportunities for all, companies and individuals, to be able to avoid paying tax.

In an ideal world tax avoidance would not occur, but where is this ideal world? I am not saying it is right to avoid paying tax, as this deprives the country of income needed to fund the running of the country and its services. All Governments should do all they can to minimise this practice. However, close one loophole and the tax avoidance experts, Chartered Accountants, employed by these companies will do all they can to find another. You could say it is providing employment, if only for the Chartered Accountants.

You have to give it to Tesco, they appear to know about marketing, as they say’ Every Little Helps‘ even money from coffee shops.  What will they try next, or is there something to try?

They appear to be very successful in what they do, what about ‘Tesco Government’, could they be any worse. They could start by sponsoring their own MP’s, at least you would know what they stand for, just look at their shops.

A good sale or not

A shop is there to make a sale

When sales or more correctly,clearance sales were originally introduced, it was for the reason of clearing out a shops old stock to make room for the new. They could have just thrown out the old stock , which of course would not be profitable. Even with 50% or what ever percentage, the shop is still making a profit. It is a pity that there is not a law, which compels shops to state the price they paid for the item, to compare their mark up to the price they are selling it to the public.

Now sales are just an excuse to get you into the store, with the hope you will buy items that are not in the sale.

In past years it has been known for certain stores to buy in seconds, that is, goods that can not be classed as perfect, due to some small flaw in the goods,  just for the sale. These seconds, however, still have to be fit for purpose, in the same way as the perfect goods.

If you like shopping and do not mind crowds, then go to the sales, but not every thing you buy will be a bargain.

Remember, it is not a bargain, if you did not want the item, or it is of no use to you.  There are some people that just get so carried away in a sale, that they will just buy anything, whether it is of use to them or not.