I assess if you are fit for work. I hate having to score your life this way : Guardian.

How it is on the other side of the desk, no one being a claimant or an assessor should be put in that situation. For goodness sake the Government and the DWP should come to the sharp end and see for themselves what they are doing to people or is it that they do not care.

“The Report Looked Like It Was Just Cut And Paste”

This is another example of a system that is not fit for purpose, it does not listen, understand and is disrespectful to those persons who in an enlighten Society it should be there to help.

Unfortunately at its best it is an hindrance, but more than likely is a means to bring more suffering and risk to persons who are already in a state of despair, thus creating a situation where the only direction is downward bring more pain and suffering and even worse death.

It is in fact bureaucratic murder, which in any decent Society would be a crime against humanity and a persons human rights.

Same Difference

John’s world was torn apart on a Monday morning three weeks ago. First came a text message that read: “We will ring you within 2-3 hours to discuss the outcome of your work capability assessment.” Then the phone went. A “decision maker” at the Department for Work and Pensions told John he’d been judged fit for work – despite his extreme pain, despite all his doctors had said. One of the benefits he needed to live on – employment and support allowance – would stop immediately.

You may have seen the new film I, Daniel Blake; John is living it. Just like Ken Loach’s character, he’s in his late 50s. He too is in no condition to hold down a full-time job, yet has been told by his own government that he must find work. His story tells you that the nightmare depicted by Loach and the…

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DWP sends woman’s confidential WCA report to privacy campaigner – Black Triangle Campaign

A disabled benefit claimant is set to lodge a complaint with the information commissioner after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) sent him highly confidential medical details belonging to another benefit claimant.

The man was sent the report, written by an assessor working for the US outsourcing giant Maximus, even though he had made it clear that he refuses on principle to share his own medical information with any private company.

Source: DWP sends woman’s confidential WCA report to privacy campaigner – Black Triangle Campaign

Maximus company ‘lied’ about user-involvement in inspection contracts | DisabledGo News and Blog

A company controlled by the disgraced US outsourcing giant Maximus apparently lied when it promised that user-led organisations would help it deliver a vital

Source: Maximus company ‘lied’ about user-involvement in inspection contracts | DisabledGo News and Blog

Secular Talk: Judge Has Journalist Arrested for Using Freedom of Information Act

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

It seems that freedom of the press is under attack all around the world. Erdogan, the wannabe Ottoman Sultan of Turkey, has made himself notorious for jailing anyone, journalist or not, who dares criticise him. John Kampfner, in his book, Freedom for Sale, describes the clampdown on press and media freedom across the world, in Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Dubai and Russia. And now America. In this piece from Secular Talk, Kyle Kulinski comments on a Vice Report about the arrest of a journalist in the US state of Georgia, Mark Thomason, and his lawyer, Russell Stookey, by the chief judge of Pickens County superior Court, Brenda Weaver. Thomason’s the publisher of a small, local newspaper, Fannin Focus. They were arrested on charges of identity fraud and making false statements. Thomason’s real crime was making official requests for public documents on illegally cashed cheques. He and Stookey also…

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Concerns over watchdog’s ‘alarming’ inspection cancellation figures | DisabledGo News and Blog

Disabled campaigners and politicians have raised serious concerns about the social care inspection regime, after last week’s revelations that the number of cancellations and postponements rose by more than 360 per cent in just one year. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has so far refused to say why the number of inspections of adult social care services that were cancelled or rescheduled rose so sharply from April 2015 to April 2016. The figures – revealed by CQC after a freedom of information request by Disability News Service (DNS) – show 25 inspections were cancelled in April 2015, rising to 103 in April 2016, while the number of inspections rescheduled increased from 25 in April 2015 to 130 in April 2016. Despite CQC’s refusal to explain the rise, the Department of Health (DH) was in disarray this week, suggesting at one point that “ultimately the cancellations are a result of funding and fee issues, of which we would not comment”. But when DNS tried to clarify how the fees CQC

Source: Concerns over watchdog’s ‘alarming’ inspection cancellation figures | DisabledGo News and Blog

 Cancelled inspections by care watchdog rise 360 per cent in one year | Vox Political

The number of inspections by the social care regulator that are cancelled or rescheduled every month has risen by more than 360 per cent in just one year, the watchdog’s own figures have revealed. …

Source: Cancelled inspections by care watchdog rise 360 per cent in one year | Vox Political

An Open Letter From An Anonymous Benefit Claimant

As it is.

Same Difference

You might not remember now, but just before Brexit kicked into gear and the Panama Papers landed, Iain Duncan Smith resigned as work and pensions secretary because the most vulnerable were being hit too hard by austerity. Let’s go back to that for a moment.

It’s not true to suggest we’re failing the disabled; we’ve not even tried in the first place. I’m choosing to write this piece from a position of anonymity. Among my peers, I’m considered the success story, with many a glittering accolade on my CV. I have walked and advised at the highest levels, associated with the most prestigious awards, have unique associates, am a regular in media circles, and have roles which come with the a lot of responsibility. I’m often reminded of the Michael J Fox film, The Secret of My Success – by night a high flyer, sitting at the top tables, by day, a mailroom worker who simply masquerades to earn his big break. This…

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‘Serious failings’ in disability assessments, despite payments of £500 million a year | DisabledGo News and Blog

There are still “serious failings” with the disability assessments contracted out by the government, even though it is paying outsourcing giants half a billion pounds a year to carry them out, according to a new report by MPs. The Commons public accounts committee says disabled benefit claimants still do not receive an acceptable service from contractors, more than 10 years after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) first began paying Atos to carry out assessments for the old incapacity benefit. The report on contracted out health and disability assessments says the committee has particular concerns about the way claimants with fluctuating and mental health conditions are assessed. The committee examined contracts with Maximus, Capita and Atos, who between them are responsible for assessing eligibility for personal independence payment (PIP) and employment and support allowance (ESA). The report says that between seven and 20 per cent of assessment reports do not meet the

Source: ‘Serious failings’ in disability assessments, despite payments of £500 million a year | DisabledGo News and Blog