Sanctioned for not being able to sign on on bank holiday Monday. Tears, frustration and rain.

The poor side of life

Today’s demo started rather hurriedly and to be honest I didn’t know if I was coming or going. This feeling was amplified because it was cold, rainy and my daughter was a bit fed up. understandable of course. But she soon settled down into our usual routine and all was well.


We are seeing a lot of new faces due to Stalybridge Jobcentre shutting. They don’t know us and what we are doing, and we don’t know them or their situations either. So we have to start from scratch, which at times isn’t easy.  But it’s a whole lot harder for them.

I started a conversation with a man who had been previously attending Stalybridge Jobcentre for his appointments. The first thing that he said to me was that he couldn’t believe how rude the front desk staff are at  Ashton Jobcentre, and how rude some of the advisors are also…

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Vox Political on Sadiq Khan’s Rebuff to Donald Trump

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Mike over at Vox Political has also written a piece about the rebuff by the new Labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to Donald Trump. Trump would like to ban Muslims from entering America, but has said that there would be exceptions. Including Mr Khan, whom he would be happy to see enter the Land of the Free. Khan has said clearly that he would not go to America if such a ban was in place, not while it discriminates against his friends, his family, and others like him. He attacked Trump’s proposal as divisive, and pointed out that it could alienate moderate Muslims. He also stated that Trump’s idea that Islam was incompatible with western liberal values was wrong.

Mike states that Mr Khan is right, and his ban on Muslims is divisive and dangerous. See Mike’s article at:

Of course, Khan’s right. No self-respecting member of any…

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Missouri Police Officers & Officials Quit After Town Elects First Black Female Mayor

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As the town of Parma, Mo. celebrated its first Black female mayor, several officials decided to step down instead, the Huffington Post reports.

Last Tuesday, Tyrus Byrd was officially sworn in as the city’s next mayor, beating incumbent Randall Ramsey. Over 80 percent of Parma officials resigned following Byrd’s induction, including five of the six police officers, the town clerk, attorney, and supervisor of the water treatment.

Byrd didn’t give attention to the resignations, saying she will look into the actions at another time. What Byrd does want to focus on is the state of the town and working out some of its biggest problems.

Black Mayor
Business as usual. Newly elected mayor will wait to address the loss of police personnel in the city of Parma

— Allison Twaits KFVS (@atwaitskfvs) April 14, 2015

The small town, which has over 700 residents, didn’t seemed phased by the resignations, while others cited ignorance and possible racism for the move. Ramsey stated the officials listed “safety reasons” for their resignation.

“I think it’s pretty dirty they all quit without giving her a chance,” resident Martha Miller told KFVS. “But I don’t think they hurt the town any by quitting, because who needs six police for 740 people.”

Byrd worked as a city clerk before winning the position as mayor.



EXCLUSIVE: Family Of Man & 7 Children Who Died In Carbon Monoxide Accident Questions Landlord Over Stolen Meter

EXCLUSIVE: NJ Teacher Suspended For Allowing 3rd Graders To Write Get-Well Letters To Mumia Abu-Jamal Says We Should Rethink “Leadership”  ……..’


Falling down


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There’s this old priest who got sick of all the people in his parish who kept confessing to adultery.


One Sunday, in the pulpit, he said,”If I hear one more person confess to adultery, I’ll quit!” Well, everyone liked him, so they came up with a code word. Someone who had committed adultery would say they had “fallen.” This seemed to satisfy the old priest and things went well, until the priest died at a ripe old age.

About a week after the new priest arrived, he visited the mayor of the town and seemed very concerned. The priest said, “You have to do something about the sidewalks in town. When people come into the confessional, they keep talking about having fallen.”

The mayor started to laugh, realizing that no one had told the new priest about the code word. Before the mayor could explain, the priest shook an accusing…

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