Cyclists, Are they above the Law?

Cyclists Uphold the law?

This article from The Melanie Phillips column in the Daily Mail is one to which I agree with.

I do not, as some may think, believe that cyclists should not be on the road and that I am against cyclists, I am not.

My belief, is that like all other road users, cyclists should uphold the law and not disregard any that they do not wish to conform to. I myself do not wish to cycle and can not ride a cycle, but I do respect that others do wish to.

Why do some cyclists believe that they do not have to stop at RED traffic lights? I like Melanie have seen cyclist do through red lights at junctions and pedestrian pelican crossings.  Not only are they causing a danger of injury or death to themselves, but to other road users and pedestrians.

Whether they do or not, they give, by these actions, an indication of arrogance and contempt for others.

Some incidents I have noticed some months ago are in a previous post Cyclists and their safety.

What is the answer?

Unlike any other road user in charge of a vehicle, a cyclist is not required to display a number plate, if they did, then it would make reporting the cyclist to the appropriate authorities, normally the police, much easier.  Also a cyclist can proceed to ride on the road without passing a driving test.  This could mean that that there are cyclists in the UK who have no road knowledge at all.

I have just come back from a short holiday in Brugge, Belgium, here you will find that cyclists have been given the right of way.  They can cycle virtually anywhere and all other traffic and pedestrians have to make way for them.  So if you do go to Brugge, be watchful for the cyclists.

So it may be that all the UK cyclists who disregard the UK traffic regulations, think they are in Brugge, Belgium.