CBD Gummies Online Scam Costs Disabled People Millions

Any scam is disgusting and much more needs to be done to safeguard the vulnerable people who are victims of these scams.

The platform on which these scam are on should also be made responsible and compensate the victims. Then these platforms would then be more careful on what they allow on their platforms, the old adage of ‘Buyer be aware’ is not sufficient these days. laws are in urgent need of uopdating.

For it is not just the financial loss which is a factor but also the mental situations which are created and have to be dealt with, so increasing health interrventions.

Same Difference

Online subscription scams, many using bogus celebrity endorsements, are costing victims tens of millions of pounds a year, a BBC Radio 4 File on 4 programme investigation has found.

Some 300,000 people a year are thought to have been tricked into the schemes, many seemingly backed by celebrities such as comedian Russell Brand.

But in reality, the celebrities have never even heard of the products.

Many of the scams lure victims in with fake adverts on Facebook.

File on 4 found more than 800 on the social-networking site.

Facebook says it has now taken down most of the pages – adding that using public figures to scam people out of money is against its policy.

Desperate to ease the fibromyalgia caused by a childhood accident – and feeling let down by doctors who dismissed her widespread pain as a symptom of depression rather than the other way round – Louisa…

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For the Queen to back the BBC over her grandson is not just awkward, it marks a turning point

It is jaw-dropping that she should align with the same BBC that William condemned last month



Who is right and who is wrong, perhaps both are, for this is all down to opinions, Mental Health and how people are preceived to be.

In the Royal Family there are many years of tradition, which the Queen appears to wish to preserve, but it will not always be so, for there is more modern thinking coming through. So will Charles and then William and any others following keep to these traditions, well we will have to wait and see.

Then there is public opinion and this can be fickle, so support for ‘The family’ can never be guaranteed, just look at the death of Diana.

There is also the assumed antics of Charles during his marriage to Diana, the life and times of Princess Margaret, and then Prince Andrew, plus others. It would appear that the male lineage

We have to believe that both Harry and Meghan could well have mental health issues and these could cloud judgement.

Every family have their problems, but not many are conducted in full view or as full a view as we are allowed to see.

With Meghan there was a great opportunity for ‘The Family’ to come into the 21st Centuary, but is The Family really wishing to do so, for to do so, some degree of privilege and privacy is bound to be affected. They could have shown how diverse they are, because currently they appear to be the model of ‘White Supremacy’, whether they wish to or not.

We have seen in the past how after a passage of time information comes to light which discredits what was said at the time. This happens in many families so will certainly happen in the royal family, for nothing is ever as it seems, and The Family have always been scant with their information.

The Family do believe they are superior to others, that they have a God given right to be where they are, when in fact, it is being in the right place at the right time or even not always right.

But in affect they are just Human beings, just as the rest of us, but have much more money and certainly much more privileges than most of us.

Both sides need to scale back, for if they do not I fear for the consequences.


Source: For the Queen to back the BBC over her grandson is not just awkward, it marks a turning point

Sport loves athletes with mental health issues – if they just shut up and play | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

The grand slams say Naomi Osaka’s decisions about press are ‘injurious’ to tennis. Perhaps they should look closer to home, says Guardian columnist Marina Hyde




This all shows that the powers that be in sport, especially in Tennis do not care about people in sport, but are only there for their own interests and those of the media.

If these persons in power do not change then there could well be no participants in sport for tournaments to take place and they will only have themselves to blame.

Money and power are the root of all evil and will spoil the enjoyment of all concerned, the sport participants and the spectators of sports.

This will be the next area of abuse to be inspected, for we have already seen how participants have been treated by some trainers and managers in gymnastics

Money has taken over most sports and lead to great abuses of power or assumed power, the proposed Super league of top football clubs in Europe is another prime example



Source: Sport loves athletes with mental health issues – if they just shut up and play | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

Second Wheelchair Basketballer Considers Leg Amputation After Rule Change : Same Difference

This is disgraceful and shows the IPC are out of touch with disability, which makes them unsuitable to govern any form of disability sport.

It implies that a disability has to be seen to qualify as a disability, which is completely wrong and discounts many forms of unseen disability, including mental health.

Again some disabled people are being discriminated against and by a, so called, disability organisation.

The IPC needs to change or leave the ‘field of play’.

Same Difference

It seems this is a big story that should be shared and covered widely. This is the second such story we’ve covered in less than four weeks. We note that Oscar Knight is awaiting the outcome of the first case, George Bates.

A wheelchair basketball player deemed ineligible to play after a rule change says he is considering having his legs amputated.

GB Academy player Oscar Knight, 17, from Plymouth, suffers from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

He said new participation measures did not recognise his “poorly understood” condition and have made him “not the right kind of disabled” to compete.

The International Paralympics Committee (IPC) has been approached for comment.

In January, the committee told wheelchair basketball’s governing body, the IWBF, it needed to change its classification regulations in order to comply with the new code.

Under the IPC’s criteria, pain or hypermobility of joints are not eligible impairments…

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Encopresis: Definition, causes, symptoms, and treatments : Medical News Today

Encopresis is leaking of stool in children after toilet training. There are many potential causes, including emotional stress and underlying conditions.

Source: Encopresis: Definition, causes, symptoms, and treatments : Medical News Today

One in seven Sheffield patients’ mental health problems “unrecognised by GP” | The Star

One in seven patients in Sheffield feel their mental health problems are going unrecognised by their GP, new figures suggest.

Source: One in seven Sheffield patients’ mental health problems “unrecognised by GP” | The Star

Child mental health was in crisis before Covid-19. We can’t go back to ‘normal’ | Society | The Guardian

Services were already creaking pre-coronavirus, and vulnerable children will be even more at risk when the lockdown is lifted

Source: Child mental health was in crisis before Covid-19. We can’t go back to ‘normal’ | Society | The Guardian

Family of Errol Graham seek legal action against the DWP

’ A DWP spokesman said: ‘Our sympathies are with Mr Graham’s family. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.’

This is B—s, for do the DWP and the Government really care, for if they do then this institutional murder would have been stopped years ago.

This is Government policy, for eventually they wish for all benefit claimants to die and they are doing all they can to expedite the process.