Trump preaches violence against Iran, US opponents

Trump is trying to muddy the water and is playing to his base, but does he understand he is playing with fire, does he or does he not and either way does he even care.

Now he is doing anything to change the US population focus away from his impending impeachment and making out that America can not live without him as President, while, he is one of the main causes that America is the way it is, as he is going out of his way to provoke Iran and others within the Middle East, but why.

This is easy to explain, for what better way to change the focus, then create a war with Iran and others within the Middle East.

Does he believe that America will win a conflict or again does he even care and then again he could always bomb Iran and get rid of it for ever.

Is this really the actions of someone who is sane, for it is clear he has serious mental problems on top of all his other health conditions.

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This 14 March 2016 video from the USA says about itself:

All the Times Trump Has Called for Violence at His Rallies

After he canceled a rally at a Chicago university Friday night due to safety concerns, Donald Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon “I certainly don’t incite violence.”

Trump, however, has a history of calling for violent acts against those who protest at his events that goes back until at least August of last year.

By Barry Grey in the USA:

Trump exploits Iran war crisis to incite violence against political opponents

15 January 2020

On Monday, Trump retweeted a photoshopped image of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a hijab and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer in a turban, superimposed on an Iranian flag with the caption “the corrupted Dems trying their best to come to the Ayatollah’s rescue.”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham gave a prepared…

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Seven years after Sandy Hook, the politics of guns has changed | TheHill

On a Friday morning in December 2012, a gunman burst through the doors of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., committing one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history that left 20

Source: Seven years after Sandy Hook, the politics of guns has changed | TheHill

Universal Credit: Mentally ill man asked how often he changes his underwear

What is wrong with the DWP or more correctly what is wrong with the DWP Benefit assessors, for they appear to go out of their way to humiliate certain claimants.

A qualified doctor certified that a 35-year-old benefit claimant was unfit for work due to their mental health issues, but a DWP assessor found the opposite and also asked extremely humiliating questions.

How can this be deemed to be right?

This form of assessing needs to be stopped immediately.

It is in fact a form of abuse to a vulnerable person, which is against the Care Act 2014 or is the DWP excluding from such legislation?

Govt Newspeak

Universal Credit: Mentally Ill Man Asked How Often He Changes His Underwear
“They Asked Me How Many Times A Week I Changed My Underwear.”


A 35-year-old benefit claimant claims he was asked how often he changes his underwear during a humiliating face-to-face ‘fit for work’ assessment. unnamed individual is said to suffer from mental health problems which affect his ability to hold down a job.

He was told to attend a ‘Work Capability Assessment’ as part of a new claim for Universal Credit, despite being told by a doctor that he was unfit for work because of his poor mental state.

Speaking to Lincolnshire Live, he said that he had worked as a chef ever since leaving school, but the long hours and resulting stress meant he was unable to continue working. “I was working full time and had been for a long while”, he said.

“I was working ridiculous hours…

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People are mocking Trump for his bizarre false claim that windmill noise causes cancer – VT

Ever since Scottish officials tried to build a “really ugly wind farm” by his Aberdeen golf course in 2006, Donald Trump has been an outspoken critic of wind power. He has also been a lifelong climate change denier, despite 97% of climate scientists agreeing that climate change is real and humans are causing it. “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive,” he tweeted in 2012.

In response to alarming reports about the consequences if we don’t take action on climate change, Trump has mocked renewable sources of energy. At a rally in Ohio last month, he predicted power failures if the wind stops blowing, quipping, “When the wind doesn’t blow, just turn off the television darling, please.” That’s a humorous scenario, but not accurate, as grid operators draw electricity from solar panels, natural gas turbines and hydroelectric dams during gaps of wind.


Source: People are mocking Trump for his bizarre false claim that windmill noise causes cancer – VT

Benefit changes are driving demand for NHS mental health services

Unfortunately vulnerable person who have care and nursing needs are certainly being hit by benefit changes causing “substantial care deficit resulting from the impact of growing social and economic hardship”.

But on top of that the Service Providers who undertake to provide care workers to administer the care required to these vulnerable people are short of the Care Workers to perform this care. Workers are unwilling to come into the Care Industry in the numbers required due to the abysmal pay they will receive, especially when taking into account the responsibilities they have to take on in their duties of care.

Most of these Care providers are funded by either Local Authorities directly or the local authorities fund the persons in need of care so they can instruct a provider to provide staff or they employ their own carers by receiving Direct Payments from Local authorities or if funded by health they will be funded by Personal Health Budgets.

While health have been receiving some increase in payments from the Government, but in no way of sufficient proportions, this is not so for Local Authorities who have been subjected to cuts based on austerity measures implemented by the Government of at least a cut of 60% and even more.

So while there is a health crisis, there is also a Social Care crisis of even greater proportions, which could, if the austerity measures are not reversed see a dismantling of Social Care by providers handing bach Council contract due to these providers having deficiency of staff to fulfil these contracts. Many Service Providers are seriously considering if they can even remain in the industry.

Urgently the Government need to take this on board and seriously undertake to fully fund all aspects of Social Care, for if they fail to do so the decimation of Social Care will have a direct impact on health services, making a the crisis in health even more of a crisis, resulting not only a complete breakdown of Soc ial Care, but also of the health service.

If you think it is bad now just you wait and see.

It is because of the above that a petition has been created and I therefore wish you to consider supporting and promoting in any areas at your disposal the Petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage

Flash, (Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield), a group of family carers of relatives with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism in Sheffield are concerned at the state of Social Care, not only in Sheffield, but throughout the UK.

We all know that there is a major crisis in Social Care not just in Sheffield, but all over the UK. This is in a large part due to the lack of persons willing to come into the Care Industry, of which the low pay is a prime factor.

Parliament are aware and have formed a Cross Party Committee to look at funding, recruitment and pay for Care Workers in the Care Industry.

The Government currently have a recruitment campaign for the Care Industry ‘Every Day is Different’ .

However, there is no mention of pay.

Please therefore, could you consider the following

#pay #employed #wage #funding #government #serviceproviders #living

Could you look at signing and promoting the Petition – ‘Pay all employed carers the Living Wage, created by FLASh (Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield).

Petition link

Please sign this Petition, however, until you then click the signature verification link in the resulting email your signature will not be valid and will therefore not count re supporting the Petition cause.

More information!Aq2MsYduiazglWxA60JAY_2cpvN8

We need this Tory Government to end Austerity Cuts to Local Authorities and then increase the Grants to these Authorities so they can fund Care Service Providers to be able to pay their care workers at least the Living Wage.

Please also see the HFT report ‘Sector Pulse Check’,!Aq2MsYduiazglXuM7Duz6HOYXvsv

If the Petition attains 10,000 signatures, the Government will respond and if 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Please support and share with your work colleagues, family & friends, Social Media, MP and Local Councillors.

For any further information Chris can be contacted on

Thank you

Chris Sterry
Vice-chair of FLASh

Govt Newspeak

A report claims benefit changes driving demand for NHS mental health services, the report warns of “widespread concerns about benefits cuts and the impact of universal credit” on mental health services.

A landmark report has warned that benefit changes have resulted in a “substantial care deficit resulting from the impact of growing social and economic hardship”, whilst also warning that frontline mental health services are experiencing sustained pressure due to cruel Government policies.

The report from NHS Providers examines the impact of welfare reform on a range of services, including NHS mental health care and homelessness prevention services. In particular, the report identifies “widespread concerns about benefits cuts and the impact of universal credit. It also suggests that loneliness, homelessness and financial hardship are adding to pressures on NHS mental health services”.

It warns that “demand for services is outstripping supply”, while concluding that planned funding increases fall “far short of…

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New report: NHS staff shortages put long-term vision for primary and community care at risk : The Health Foundation

A critical moment: NHS staffing, trends, retention and attrition

Our third annual NHS workforce report, published today, highlights that staff numbers are failing to keep pace with demand. There is ongoing deterioration in critical areas such as general practice, community care, nursing and mental health.


Source: New report: NHS staff shortages put long-term vision for primary and community care at risk : The Health Foundation

Healthwatch England reveals top health and care priorities for 2019 | Care Industry News

To mark the start of 2019, Healthwatch England has published their annual network priorities list – setting out the key health and care topics their local teams will be working on over the year ahead.

Over the last year Healthwatch engaged with over 400,000 people about their experiences of care.

Drawing on the wealth of qualitative data they collect, and through additional activities such as high-street surveys and townhall events, each local Healthwatch works with their community to set out a number of priorities for their area.

Healthwatch England has analysed 139 of these local plans and compiled a national list of the top issues.

The top five priorities for 2019 are:
• Primary care (including access to GPs) – 64
• Children and young people – 57
• Mental health – 50
• Services working better together – 49
• Adult social care, including residential care homes or care at home – 41

The projects undertaken by Healthwatch will build on the day-to-day activities of the network visiting hospital, GPs and care homes etc. and engaging with local people at events and in public spaces to gather their views.

At a national level they will look to use the combined findings to provide insight for decision makers across the NHS, social care sector and Whitehall about the sorts of improvements people want to see.

To do this they need the support of local people. They need more willing individuals to join their 5,000 volunteers and help smash last year’s recording breaking efforts – which saw an increase the number of experiences collected by an impressive 19%.

They also need more people to come forward and share their experiences and ideas , and help to reach their goal of hearing from more than one million people a year.

Focus on primary care

With the vast majority of people’s experiences of the NHS coming through their GP, it is not surprising to see it top this year’s list. And whilst problems getting an appointment is a common issue, it’s by no means the only thing people feedback about.

Online booking systems for example. Previous research by Healthwatch has shown that this the direction they want primary care to go in, but they want it to go further. They want to be able to book appointments with a variety of primary care professionals, from practice nurses to pharmacists, not just the GP.


Source: Healthwatch England reveals top health and care priorities for 2019 | Care Industry News

SEND children are being “traumatised” by not getting the help they need in schools

Watching the parliament TV broadcasts of the  SEN Inquiry has been an interesting affair, but yesterday’s brought tears of outrage to my eyes. More on that in a moment.

It was a roundtable event again, with school heads, teachers and SENCos giving their views to the Education select committee, led by Robert Halfon MP. As ever, it covered more than I have time for here, so I’m just picking up on a few areas.

At the start, MPs asked the teachers what benefits the new system had brought. One teacher said how it had put pupils more at the centre of the process where she was in Hampshire, something that also helps parents. Another spoke of increased co-production with parents (don’t you love those buzz words that we know could actually mean almost anything?)

But greater parental involvement didn’t please one of the witnesses, Jon Boyes, the Principal, of Herne Bay High School in Kent. Mr Boyes was not particularly impressed with greater empowerment of parents to help their children. As he put it, “85% of applications for EHCPs now come from parents, which is a fundamentally ridiculous change from where it was two or three years ago”.

He blamed the access to information (golly maybe even from us!) that means parents are more informed about the process and described that as a “double edged sword”. Some parents, he said, feel more in control, while others feel they’re banging their head against a brick wall.” Though he acknowledged that the parents who “know what they’re doing” (in applying for EHCPs) have more success than those who don’t, he didn’t look especially pleased about it.

But that’s not the thing that especially upset me, strangely enough. MP Emma Hardy, sat beside him, did look a little murderous I thought, but that may just have been my wishful thinking.

On the other hand, Penny Earl, Resource Provision Manager, Stoke Park Infant School, highlighting the pressure of performance tables, said that the 15% of children with SEN get “sidelined” by heads trying to please Ofsted. And that, she said, makes parents litigious to ensure their children get the help they need. Pretty much explaining to My Boyes exactly why parents feed the need to apply for EHCPs…


Source: SEND children are being “traumatised” by not getting the help they need in schools

The decimation of the welfare state

A truly worrying situation and one that could be happening within the UK. The DWP situation with Benefit claims and while the appeal process is reversing many of the wrongful dismissed cases, will this always be so. Not if we implement the American system as we appear to be doing.

It is very worrying and this should be noticed by the DWP, but will it be, I fear not.

Govt Newspeak

It’s sickening that the British welfare state is being gradually demolished by successive governments, to be eventually replaced with private healthcare insurance [1] and what’s even more galling is: they [some members of the UK govt] went to the USA to find out how to decimate our welfare state and NHS, encouraged by American corporate funders. Mo Stewart has written extensively about this in her book Cash not Care.

Amber Rudd has the absolute nerve to say Universal Credit has not always been compassionate whilst her dept have overseen the demolition of the welfare state causing misery not seen seen Victorian times [2] and I have added hundreds of  DWP atrocities like the one of Alan Chrisman [below] which have contributed to many suicides [3] 

Since 2010

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