Neville Lawrence says Met police surrendered to son’s killers | Stephen Lawrence | The Guardian

Father speaks out on 30th anniversary of murder as new research shows continuing stop and search inequality


Well, the simple answer is yes, the Met police did surrender to the killers of his, son Stephen Lawrence and they completely let down Stephen, his father Neville Lawrence and his mother Doreen Lawrence and the rest of the family.

But, it was not just the met police who let them down but also the CPS, in fact the whole justice system of the UK.

Were any individual officers of the Met guilty, well maybe, but the real guilt is on the UK Justice system.

This happened, yes, 30 years ago, not today or yesterday, but 30 years ago and could well, to some extent happen again tomorrow, for even though much time has elapsed the system of today, while, maybe improved, has not improved sufficiently, for there is still a long way to go.

This is required from a much improved system, so much more improved working practices, and so very much more of individual and corporate attitudes.

For in this it was not just an inefficient and noneffective system, but a great deal of racism, much of which is still alive today.

Why do I say racism, well if this had been the other way round and a group of black lads had killed a white boy, ‘no stone would have been left unturned’, as that would have been seen at that time as being more important than the killing of Stephen Lawrence.

Since then all police forces have been slimed down in the interests of saving money through austerity cuts, so money was and too some extent is more important than law and order and justice. We see this in many other areas the NHS, social care, education, public health and many, many others.

I am so glad I was born in the UK, but that does not mean I agree with everything that happens in the UK, far from it, but there are ways and means to object and perhaps there should be many more ways, especially to counter government, for in reality we only have a General Election and then, mainly only every 5 years. They produce their mandate, but do they really produce them and believe they will abide by them, for they rarely do if ever. If they don’t we effectively have to wait 5 more years to officially raise our objections and then the process starts again. What is required is real immediate accountability for the government should be there for every one of us and certainly not for themselves and a certain few, but it appears it is the latter which is true no matter what the colour of the government is.

In my 74 years of life, all in the UK and really just in Sheffield, I have not been aware of any really listening government and doubt I ever will.

But back to Stephen, the attitudes need to change and so does the system, but it is so much deeper than the Met police, The Police in general, but the systems in all aspects of the UK.

The systems are so inflexible and stay no matter how ineffectually or inefficient they are, systems should all be flexible, more accountable.

A way could be, not just for government, large organisations, but any organisation to involve others outside of the organisations, their customers instead of a better description, those who will have to rely on the organisation, so a larger consensus of views are obtained and this involvement should be from the very beginning and to the full conclusion and beyond, in other words Co-production.

So to bring this back to the Lawrence family, the Met Police can’t and won’t engage change on their own, so the Met Police, and many other organisations need to engage in true co-production and ensure change for the better for everyone occurs.


Source: Neville Lawrence says Met police surrendered to son’s killers | Stephen Lawrence | The Guardian

Met Police chief says its “crazy” he can’t sack “toxic” officers

Sir Mark Rowley was responding to figures that show 150 officers are currently under investigation over allegations of sexual assault and racism.


This is and needs to be extremely worrying and drastic actions need to be taken to change this not only for the safety of everyone but for the reputation of not only the Met police, but for every police force throughout the UK.

We were all for years brought up to trust and believe in the Police and for many of the UK population our Police could not do any wrong.

I was on Jury Service many years ago and I heard someone say why should the Police lie, well now we know that they do, hopefully only in a minority of occasions, but how are we to know.

Over the years it has been shown to be that it is not only the Police who endeavour to do cover ups, but in many other professions even in Parliament and the Government, but then who believes any politican.

But there has to be safeguards in any profession and they have to be seen to be effective, for to not leads to anarchy and very soon to the complete breakdown of Law and Order, with no trust anywhere.

We are supposed to be a democracy with the belief all are equal, but money and assumed power, talks and leads to forms of supremacy which are not good at all.

All aspects of the UK need to be accountable and it be easy to enact accountability to all.

Trust needs to be earned and so does respect, for in many instances what is seen as respect is, in reality, fear.

Human Rights also need to be respected.


Source: Met Police chief says its “crazy” he can’t sack “toxic” officers

 How did this professor of philosophy end up a naked, shackled victim of police brutality? Cambridge graduate tells how her clothes were cut off by three officers after intervening in a stop-and-search and declining to give her own name | Daily Mail Online

Dr Konstancja Duff, then 24, intervened in a police stop and search in East London in May 2013 by trying to hand the detainee a card showing him his rights.


Met Police again, just who are controlling this force, as it appears their management are not, for they appear to do as they please. Cressida Dick appears to have no recognised authority over the Met Police, or the persons below her, for many in the force appear to believe they are above the law and safeguarded by ‘looking after their own’ where they feel no one dare challenge them.

Misogamy appears to rule in many areas of the force and perhaps in many other forces, but it needs to be stopped and the Met needs to have persons in charge who will do so, instead of looking the other way.

The treatment of the Cambridge graduate Dr Konstancja Duff was totally unacceptable and the officers concerned dealt with and maybe some in more senior positions. The police in the UK were at one time respected, but these continuing unacceptable behaviours brings the whole profession into disrepute, not only the MET police force.

The Human Rights of Dr Duff were totally disregarded.


Source: Cambridge graduate recalls clothes being cut off by officers after intervening in a stop and search | Daily Mail Online

Mother-of-one, 20, attacked by crowd in Delhi, India after being gang raped and tortured [Video] | Daily Mail Online

WARNING DISTRESSING CONTENT: Police arrested 11 people after a 20-year-old mother-of-one was gang raped and dragged through a jeering crowd that attacked her on Wednesday in Delhi, India.


In India misogamy appears to part of their culture which is not good news for women in India. While the Indian authorities say they are doing what they can to uphold the rights of women it does not appear to be so in many parts of the Indian population and this is in many ways reflected in the Indian Law and order system to some extent.

Until the rights of women are really defended and respected in India then women will continue to be abused.

Only India can do this, but they are not alone for many parts of the World do not respect women as they should, as this can be seen, especially in Afghanistan by the ruling Taliban and some other Arabic countries including Saudi Arabia.

However, in the West all is not as it should be in some instances as can be seen with the Met police in London


Source: Mother-of-one, 20, attacked by crowd in Delhi, India after being gang raped and tortured [Video] | Daily Mail Online

Police boss sparks fury for saying Sarah Everard should ‘never have submitted’ to arrest by Wayne Couzens

Nicola Sturgeon and campaigners have condemned the remarks as ‘appalling’ and ‘horrifically offensive’




The Police do have a lot to learn, but they are not alone, for it appears so do Police and Crime commissioners, that is if they are like the one for North Yorkshire, one Philip Allott, the Conservative police and crime commissioner for North Yorkshire. As he blamed Sarah Everard, for putting herself in the position from which she was brutally murdered, for you should really trust the police and not fear and distrust them.

But, in this day and age trusting the police is not there, for they are racial profiling Black youths, creating even more distrust and anger in the ‘Black community’.

Really, can one refuse to be arrested, especially where the officer has other motives. For is not resisting arrest an  offence itself.

What Police officer is going to wait while you check them out and calling for help, who is going to help a person who appears to be being arrested, for they too could also be arrested.

Philip Allott is far from ‘fit for purpose, and should resign immediately.

The police are there for our own safety, well they should be, but in this day and urge, how can we all be sure?

True, the focus over the last few years has been mainly on the Met, but there have been others especially in South Yorkshire with the policing of Hillsborough in 1989 and also the Miners strike in 1972.

But there have been many incidents in many other forces.

Gone, many years ago has the public conception that you can trust the police. Many occupations have there ‘bad apples’ but it is how you deal with them, if you even do deal with them. The Policy is a community and there is a very strong element of sticking together and supporting each other, but when this leads to bad areas of policing the sticking together has to be stopped. Some police officers have tried to speak out and have suffered for doing so, as it should have been them who were supported, instead of those to whom the complaints or concerns were being made about.

Safeguarding in some respects has been lost in some Police forces and it desperately needs to return, otherwise respect for the policy will never return and them you have the situation in America where trust in the police is not there in many communities, just deep fear and mistrust, which is borne out in the actions of virtually all American Police officers, where some are acting as criminals instead of applying Law and Order and safeguarding the public, for there it appears they have a policy of shoot and ask questions later and in many instances the questions are not asked, do we really wish to follow an American example.


Source: Police boss sparks fury for saying Sarah Everard should ‘never have submitted’ to arrest by Wayne Couzens

Sarah Everard: Women Police Officers Are ‘Vilified’ For Reporting Misconduct Of Male Colleagues, Ex-Senior Cop Says | HuffPost UK

Former Met chief superintendent condemns “sexist” service that sees men “close ranks” and potentially abandon women while on duty.


Yes, the Met commissioner Cressida Dick should go and should have gone long ago for there have been many incidents occurring under her tenure one being, Jean  Charles De Menezes,, they say ‘lessons will be learnt’ but are they ever. In many instances the answer is no as for lessons to be learnt there as to be a concerted effort and in the Met is that concerted effort there, I fear not under Cressida Dick.

She is always too quick to come to the defense of the Met, as many in the Met are also. But it is not just Cressida who needs to go for many in the Met need to go also for the supporting officers under Cressida have not been supporting in good quality policing, only in supporting fellow officers, of which they were excellent.

But Police need to be there firstly for the public and if they are not should they be there.

It is not just how women are thought of both in and outwith the Police forces, but there are also serious concerns regarding Racism, membership of secret Societies and many more.

But is it just the Met, I fear not and this is an opportunity to have an in-depth investigation of not just the Met but every police force, but who would do it for are we trusting that the police can really police themselves. It needs to be done by a cross section of the public and also in the open.

There was a time when virtually everyone respected the Police, but now and for many years that is not so for that respect as changed to fear and mistrust.

Source: Sarah Everard: Women Police Officers Are ‘Vilified’ For Reporting Misconduct Of Male Colleagues, Ex-Senior Cop Says | HuffPost UK

As a black police officer, I know the Met is still institutionally racist | Metropolitan police | The Guardian

An environment of white privilege affects BAME officers and the communities we police, writes an anonymous Met police officer

Source: As a black police officer, I know the Met is still institutionally racist | Metropolitan police | The Guardian

Exclusive: Supreme Court ruling opens way for legal action against Michael Gove and Liz Truss for racial discrimination and victimisation

Westminster Confidential

liz truss Liz Truss former Lord Chancellor Pic credit:BBC


Michael Gove and Liz Truss, two former Lord Chancellors,  the former lord chief justice, Lord Thomas, six High Court judges and  heads of the tribunal services are facing lthe prospect of legal action for victimisation and racial discrimination by three fellow black and Asian  judges and a black former tribunal member following a ground breaking ruling by the Supreme Court. An article appears in this week’s Tribune magazine.

The virtually unreported Supreme Court judgement last week, which involved interpreting an EU equality treatment directive, is seen by campaigners as removing immunity claimed by the Ministry of Justice, the Metropolitan Police, magistrates and tribunal bodies, barristers, solicitors, doctors and dentists disciplinary bodies, from the Equality Act when handling misconduct inquiries.

It will also apply to disciplinary hearings involving sexual and gender discrimination and disabled people.

The original case was brought…

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Disability benefit cuts, the Met Police – and the terror threat

Sentinel News

  • Official training course highlights terror threat from man with mental illness angry at benefit cuts
  • Designed to enable frontline staff to prevent people becoming terrorists
  • Training relates to Channel programme, which has seen hundreds of children referred to it

By Chaminda Jayanetti

A bizarre online anti-terror training course from the College of Policing and the Metropolitan Police warns of the terror threat posed by someone who blames the British government and “the greed of the bankers” for losing his disability benefit.

The training module covers the Channel programme, part of the government’s controversial anti-extremism strategy called Prevent.

The course – called “Channel General Awareness” – has been created by the National Centre for Applied Learning Technologies, a joint initiative of the College of Policing and the Metropolitan Police that delivers online training.

“Vulnerable to radicalisation”

One of the aims of the course is to enable participants to “identify factors that…

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