Team Biden’s mood changes dramatically as vote counts shift | TheHill

Joe Biden’s campaign breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday morning, as the Democratic nominee, in a dramatic turnabout, was able to overtake President Trump in key battleground states that could

Source: Team Biden’s mood changes dramatically as vote counts shift | TheHill

Gerrymandering has voters incensed. How fed-up constituents are fighting back. : NBC News

In November 2016, Katie Fahey posted on Facebook that she wanted to “take on gerrymandering in Michigan.”

Tired of the divisiveness in politics and frustrated with state district maps that she felt were preserving incumbents and not accountable enough to voters, Fahey, an independent, said she knew people were hungry for change after a presidential contest dominated by outsiders.

“If you want to help, let me know,” she wrote, adding a smiley face.

Thousands did. Nearly two years later, Fahey is the founder and executive director of a more than 5,000-person volunteer organization, Voters Not Politicians, that spent months gathering signatures to get a redistricting initiative on the ballot in November that would appoint an independent citizen commission to draw Michigan’s voting maps. This week, they won a major court battle after the state Supreme Court shot down a challenge to the initiative.

Voters trying to overhaul the redistricting process in other states that critics say have been gerrymandered are taking a similar tack. Colorado, Missouri and Utah will all have initiatives on the ballot that would, in varying degrees, remove lawmakers from the redistricting process. Organizers in at least four other states have made moves to mount similar changes, too.


Source: Gerrymandering has voters incensed. How fed-up constituents are fighting back. : NBC News

Jimmy Dore: Pentagon-Backed Rebels Fight CIA-Backed Rebels in Syria

America never learn, but do believe they are the sole masters of the universe and what they do must be right. Trump said he was different, but as we see he is just the same.

Oil is the paymaster and oil has to be obeyed.

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Here’s another brilliant little video from the Jimmy Dore Show, which casts further light on the US’ role in spreading the carnage and chaos in Syria. In this clip, the comedian, with his co-hosts Steffi Zamora and Ron Placone, talk about a story which appeared in March, 2016, in the Los Angeles Times. The Pentagon and the CIA are backing different rebel factions in Syria. The Pentagon is backing one bunch as part of their campaign against ISIS, while the CIA is arming another group in order, the paper claimed, to bring Assad to the negotiating table. As Dore points out, this isn’t what the CIA and its government paymasters want. They want to oust Assad altogether. He reminds his viewers how the United States was approached by Saudi Arabia and Qatar several years ago. The two Arab nations offered to pay if America invaded Syria and overthrew Assad…

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