DWP Now Allows Claimants To Audio Record PIP Assessments On Their Mobile Phones | Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work. A newly updated version of the PIP Assessment Guide suggests that the DWP have abandoned the struggle to prevent claimants openly or secretly audio recording …


This is very welcomed and not before time and should improve the assessment process.

However, as stated there could still be problems, especially where the assessor is not fully compliant with the guidance and here the claimant should not be penalised and it should be the assessor who should back  down and if necessary get further guidance from their supervisor or manager. For an assessor could be aware of the guidance, but be unwilling to allow recordings to be made, so by failing to adhere to the rights of the claimant is disadvantaged.

Also, I see no reason why, now that audio recordings can be made that video recordings are also not allowed. For that would be of greater degree beneficial for the claimants in that not all problems can be discovered by audio recordings.

To not allow implies there is something wrong either with the assessor or the assessment process, which with the degree of appeals being made and the success rate proves that there are. To not allow is an abuse of power by either the DWP or the assessor or both and makes the whole process to be unequal and thereby against the human Rights of the claimants.

The DWP, the Assessors and the assessment process should be fully transparent for all concerned, otherwise it could be deemed to be ‘unfit for purpose’.


Source: DWP Now Allows Claimants To Audio Record PIP Assessments On Their Mobile Phones | Same Difference

My sexual assault case was dropped when I refused to give police my phone | Anonymous | Opinion | The Guardian

A few years ago I was violently sexually assaulted by a “friend” on a night out. It was a sustained and sadistic attack that in no way began with consent. I made the incredibly difficult decision to report it to the police because I needed to take power back. I wanted to look him in the eyes in court and watch him feel a fraction of the helplessness and humiliation that I felt that night. I wanted to tell him I had the power now, with the full weight of the law behind me. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as I expected.


Source: My sexual assault case was dropped when I refused to give police my phone | Anonymous | Opinion | The Guardian

Trump Wants to Publish List Immigrant Crimes, Just Like Nazis Did to Jews

These are indeed very worrying times for there is crime and job losses in all sections of each community and no one section should be vilified more than the others.

Racists are also terrorists, because they wish to bring down the current order for their own ends and that is against democracy.

Trump came to power as one section of the American community felt disillusioned with how they believed they have and are being treated and Trump jumped on this to say what they wished to hear and given them an illusion that he can bring back what they feel they have lost.

But this loss will also have been in all sections of the community, who are also disillusioned.

For Trump to go anywhere near to bring back the assumed losses the current progression in technology will need to be reversed as automation is one big factor, especially on job losses. But in doing so in manufacturing this will increase production costs, which will result in the items being produced to be more expensive, while the rest of the world will be progressing using the new and future technology. American goods will therefore be more expensive to the wider world and the goods will need to be only for the home market.

In the short term this may appear to produce some short term gains, but in the long term it will create an even greater loss, because the industries will be stagnating.

Trump, therefore is using a short term policy or policies to create more wealth for himself and others like him, while they are also creating more wealth outside America.

This is because their interests are global, but Trumps policies within America are not.

This will eventually bring down America, just as terrorism is wishing to do, so can not Trump and his like be also terrorists, so should they themselves not be banned from America.

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Here’s another step towards real Fascism by the Trump administration. In this clip from Democracy Now! anchor Amy Goodson and her co-host talk to Andrea Pitzer about yet another policy of Trump’s, which is very close to the Nazi vilification of the Jews. Pitzer is the author of One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps. She and the Democracy Now! team discuss Trump’s proposal to publish official lists of crimes committed in sanctuary cities – those towns where the officials are unwilling to comply with Trump’s deportations of illegal immigrants. They point out that this is exactly what the Nazis did in the pages of their ‘newspapers’ Der Sturmer and Das Neues Volk with the Jews. Der Sturmer had a column called ‘Letterbox’, in which its readers were encouraged to send it stories about crimes committed by Jews. The Nazi life-style magazine, Das Neues Volk, which…

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Wrinkly ‘rip-off’ Telly investigation exposes Age UK ‘flogging goods and services to pensioners at DOUBLE high-street prices’ : Sun. – DWPExamination.

Special investigation reveals charity charges high rates for products such as mobile phones and car insurance. BRITAIN’S biggest pensioner charity is selling goods and services to the elderly for a…

Source: Wrinkly ‘rip-off’ Telly investigation exposes Age UK ‘flogging goods and services to pensioners at DOUBLE high-street prices’ : Sun. – DWPExamination.

Drivers’ deadly phone epidemic as they text, chat and even take photos at 70mph – Mirror Online

Today we are calling for stiffer penalties for drivers who use their mobile phones behind the wheel

Source: Drivers’ deadly phone epidemic as they text, chat and even take photos at 70mph – Mirror Online

Excuse Culture; Demise of Society

Certainly in the UK and possibly elsewhere in the World, when ever something does not go according to plan or someone or something does something, deemed wrong, there are always plenty of people and or establishments eager to invent an excuse for why it happened. in other words an ‘Excuse Culture‘.

Say it is a person or persons who have committed a crime, where ever possible it will be  attributed to their background, in that they came from a broken home, single parent family, their culture, lack of money, etc.

Or if it is an organisation, where faults occur, it is funding problems, staff moral, insufficient staff, too much work, etc.

But is it not just down to the attitude of the persons and organisations concerned. When a person is employed they should when they have started the job been given, at least, sufficient training to do the job and any resources they need.  Other than that, it is there ability to do the job.  This should be their commitment to do the job to the best of their ability, to strive to do it right first time and to be effective and efficient in their performance. Rates of pay, working conditions, unless not in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations and attitudes of others, should have little or no relation as to how they perform.  Pay would have been known when applying, work colleagues, you are working with them, not trying to make lasting friendships and working conditions have to be right for the job.  Why site pay as a reason for not doing a job properly, it can not be that for more money, you will put in more effort. Or you do not get on with your colleagues, as I have said you are at work to work, not make friends.

Where a crime as been committed, why should background, language, culture, finance, etc be an excuse.  When resident in a country it should be each persons duty to obtain and understand the knowledge of what is expected from them, by reason of that countries culture and the Rules of Law and Order of that country. Ignorance is also no excuse. Humans are supposed to be an intelligent life form, where they also have the ability to reason.  Laws are there to be complied with and not matter of any excuse can be made for non-compliance.  If you feel they are wrong, then become involved in a legitimate way to influence their change, by lobbying those who can change them or become one of those people you can change them.

Non-compliance with Society and Law and Order only leads to the breakdown of rules and rights.

I believe in ‘Treat others in a way you would expect them to treat you’.

But today there is much said of Human Rights.  Some rights are good, like ‘the right to life’, everyone should be able to live their life, without fear from any other person. But no one person should have rights, which in turn mean the rights of others are denied. The possible exception being where a criminal act has occurred. By the act of committing a criminal act, a person or persons are acting against Society and the Rules of Law and Order and some form of punishment is a requirement.  Where this punished is the restriction of their Freedom, this should in turn  mean also a restriction in some of their Human Rights.  While still retaining the right to life, any others should be curtailed until such time as the punishment as been served.

As you will see, from above, I believe the right to life is sacrosanct. I do not believe in any form of Corporal Punishment, why is it right to cause another person physical harm, as a way to punish them for causing physical harm to others.  Many say this is one of the reasons why the youth of today have any little or no respect for others.  This may be so, but say in the upbringing of children, how can you be showing them how to behave in a good manner, if, when they do a wrong doing, you cause them physical harm as a punishment.  You say you are showing them how to behave, but this is just showing them, if something happens which you feel is not right, then it is in order to harm the person responsible.  If it is right for the adult, the child will assume it is right for them.

I believe the change in many of today’s youths behaviour did stem from the late 60’s, but while the removal of Corporal Punishment as  a means of a deterrent may have been the cause, more likely it was that it was not replaced by an equivalent measure. Others say it is a lack of respect and while this may be so, to say there was respect in the 60’s is wrong. For here you are mistaking what you believe was respect, but in many cases it was fear.

Also in the 60’s came liberalisation, the freedom to indulge in life in ways not readily available in previous generations. With contraception, in the form of The Pill, there was more sexual freedom and with it this freedom was more openly expressed. When this generation advanced into parent hood, they also gave their own children more freedom to express themselves and this was then multiplied through successive generations.

Technology was also advancing at a more increasing pace. Previously when a so called luxury item was purchased, such as a TV set, black and white only picture in the 50’s and early 60’s, they were expensive and the could not be afforded by the general public. It was not until mid to late 60’s that colour television broadcasts started, this then led to an expansion of the TV market and TV set prices started to come down, leading to a surge in the buying of colour TVs by the general population and many household could have their own colour TV.

Now it is common for most households to have more than one TV. But it was not only confined to TV’s. With the rapid growth in Outer Space exploration, use of telephones and computers and many more, the range of technology equipment available to the mass population would not have been dreamed possible in the 50’s and 60’s, except in the publications showing projections into the future. Not even the publishers of these publications could have envisaged how soon most of these fictional forecasts would become available in reality.

These days the technological advancements could never have been envisaged, as it would appear, that as soon as some modern equipment has been manufactured, marketed and then purchased by the consumer, than it is then vitually immediately out of date and the updated item is due to be released for purchase. Previously when you purchased items you expected to be using them for many years to come, but as many people wish to always have the latest version of any technological equipment, that when they have purchased the latest one, they are already planning on when to purchase the updated version.

This unfortunately is creating a’ throw away culture’ and while many can be and are recycled, many people feel if something breaks, it does not matter, as then they can just purchase the newer model.

This is, to some extent acceptable, providing you can afford to continue purchasing these updated items. But not everyone can, but some of these people who can not afford to do it, still wish to have them. This leads, in some instances of people resorting to crime to obtain the items. Then, when caught come the excuses, usually from their legal team defending them. Usually stating 2 they have had a deprived background, lacking parental guidance, from poor areas, from a large family, only one parent, etc.  These are excusing that while they may be correct, are not relevant as the cause of that person or persons actions.

Most people today know the difference between right and wrong and as intelligent being,s should be able to apply this to what is allowed, when taking into account the culture of the Society and the Laws of the country in which they reside.

They should have no excuses, except that they do not care about anyone or anything other than themselves and they should be punished accordingly.

Unfortunately, even in the Legal Profession there are people who have become accustomed into believing these utterances of excuses and this may lead to a lesser sentence being given. This in turn provides signals that it is acceptable to use these excuses and that the ability to use intelligent thought is not considered.

Eventually, if allowed to go unchecked, this could extend to the demise of certain parts of Society.

The UK is not alone in this, as it is evident in other countries in one way or another. In these countries, it may be the excuse culture or the culture of the country itself. If any area is allowed to go unchecked for a number of years, it in it’s self will be allowed to become the norm. The current situation in India, could be a case in question. Where it would appear that no respect for the rights of females have been considered in the progression of culture. This has led to certain of the Indian male population to feel they have the right to do what they wish to females that are not part of their own family. They, of course, have come to a wrong conclusion, as I am sure that this is not what the culture of India intended.

I know an extreme example, but who knows what will happen if our own excuse culture is allowed to continue, unchecked. Time needs to be taken NOW, so no longer is the excuse of a persons background to be a justifiable defense in the Law of the UK.