Thousands Of Terminally ill Are Denied Benefits

Yet another large area of problems with the welfare benefits system and the processes concerned, based on Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment Benefits.

As stated in the article the 6 months rule incorporated in the Welfare Reform Act 1990 was not based on any medical input and even if it had been clinical knowledge has advance by ‘leaps and bounds’.

Clinicians should be solely responsible, in these situation not some DWP offical with no clinical knowledge and therefore has no creditability to make any form of clinical decisions.

I have said before and will do again the the DWP processes should be ‘person-centred’ and not ‘system-centred’.

This, of course, assumes that the DWP and its officals are willing to ensure fair representation for all benefit claiments, which, currently is hard to believe., for it appear that they assume no one is eligible and even when there is much documentation to prove they are this is discounted. One would assume that DWP officials prime consideration is to refuse all benefit applications, based on the results of their practice to follow inhuman conditions.

Are DWP officals really devoid of any feelings and just react as automatons, surely not!!

Thousands of disabled people to face inappropriate benefits reassessment this year

What is this reassessment all about for persons with these conditions are not going to improve. So the reassessment will produce the same results or will show that the conditions have progressed. Surely a reassessment is there to monitor possible improvements, but this is not going to occur, so what savings are there going to be. It will be even more costs to be spent without any cost savings.

Or is the real reasons for these reassessments to cause more anxiety and stress to create an environment to progress the condition more quickly, if that is possible, so the end results will be early premature death, then and only then will there be cost savings.

A form of Government euthanasia or also known as assisted suicide. Suicide is not illegal, but assisted suicide is, unless this is undertaken by the medical profession and now, possibly, the Government itself.

Benefit tales

Thousands of disabled people who suffer from progressively worsening conditions will face reassessment for their benefits this year, new figures show.

Campaigners and MPs are now demanding changes to stop those with such conditions being repeatedly reassessed to claim personal independence payments (PIP).

Between April and October, 3,500 people suffering progressive conditions rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease were reassessed for PIP, according to a written parliamentary question from Labour MP Madeleine Moon.

SNP MP Carol Monaghan said she was dealing with four cases in her constituency of people who suffer from MS being reassessed for PIP, despite their condition only getting progressively worse.

“MS is a progressive condition, they’re never going to be any better than they are at the moment, so they should never be asked to go for a re-assessment,” she told the Press Association.

“Some of these people are still able…

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Vox Political: Stephen Crabb, IDS’ Replacement, Believes People with Progressive Degenerative Diseases Able to Work

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Mike over at Vox Political has written about how the latest sputtering from the new head of the DWP have effectively ended satire. Stephen Crabb, apparently an expert on such diseases, has declared that sufferers of brain tumours and progressive degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone are able to work. And so, presumably, they should not get any PIP or ESA, but the normal jobseeker’s allowance, until they are eventually sanctioned for not trying hard enough to get a job.

Mike states that this is beyond satire, because he commented in an earlier post about Crabb’s bizarre views on homosexuality. Crabb believed that homosexuality could be cured, and supported CARE, a Christian organisation that claimed it could cure gay people. In fact, gay cures don’t work. There have been a series of scandals in American involving these organisations, as well as concerns in the UK apart the potential harm…

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Quadriplegics Fit For Work Says Stephen Crabb

Stephen Crabb as he starts in his new position as proved he is not fit for purpose. However, this did not stop his predecessor.

Same Difference

Following on from this post yesterday, respected blogger Joe Halewood says at SPEye Joe:

The new Secretary of State for Work & Pensions Stephen Crabb says people with Quadriplegia, Brain Haemorrhage, Brain Tumours, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinsons Disease and scores of other conditions are ‘able to work!’

He said so on his own Facebook page (see here) as he believes those placed in the Employment and Support Allowance Work Related Activities Group, or ESA WRAG are all fit and able for work!

He goes on to say:

Stephen Crabb believes that a quadriplegic does not have any additional costs each week than the able bodied person seeking work even though (a) the benefit they receive is called Employment AND SUPPORT Allowance, and (b) if they are fit for work they are unable to claim ESA and would receive Job Seekers Allowance.

And adds that since his article yesterday morning, he has been sent…

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Air France Refuses To Take Disability Campaigner Gordon Aikman On Paris Honeymoon Because Wheelchair Is Too Big

Same Difference

A prominent disability campaigner flying out to Paris for his honeymoon was told by Air France he could not take his electric wheelchair on board because it was “too big”.

Gordon Aikman, who suffers with Motor Neurone Disease, was forced to cancel his flight and rebook with another airline at the last minute or else risk missing out on celebrating the special holiday with husband Joe Pike.

The activist, who is paralysed and has raised more than £400,000 for MND research through his charity Gordon’s Fightback , prompted a Twitter storm when he shared his ordeal on social media.

The 30-year-old from Edinburgh tried to get in touch with Air France for days, only to be told on Friday, two days before he was due to fly today, he could not take his wheelchair on board.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, he said he was “disgusted” with the way he…

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