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The solicitor general has agreed to appeal the allegedly “unduly lenient” sentences handed down to three people jailed for offences connected with the murder of a disabled man who was imprisoned and tortured to death. But the solicitor general, the Tory MP Robert Buckland, has refused to appeal against the sentence handed to James Wheatley, the man who murdered 24-year-old Lee Irving. His decisions have caused further confusion about the law on sentencing disability hate crimes, and its application by the criminal justice system. Wheatley, 29, from Kenton Bar, Newcastle, repeatedly kicked, punched and stamped on Irving in attacks that took place over nine days, leaving him with multiple broken bones and other injuries. After he died, his body was taken on a pushchair through a housing estate and dumped on a patch of grass near the A1. Wheatley was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to life in prison, and will have to serve at least 23 years. But if the murder had been dealt with by

Source: Solicitor general appeals sentences on ‘disability hate crime’ murder | DisabledGo News and Blog

Man tortured to death

Male killed sadistically

Strange how people are not responsible for their own actions. The blame is placed on violent films and games, drink or drugs, their upbringing and their lifestyle. It is as though the people committing these acts have no brain.

What they fail to see is acts of this nature have always been committed way before films, games, drink, drugs and any modern lifestyles. In those days what did the the people blame or did they take responsibility for their actions.

What is evident today is the total lack of respect people have for each other and we call ourselves a Christian Society.. It is fact that for some reason, some people are just intolerant of others, have been and always will be.