Trump’s NBC tweet proves he still doesn’t get how this whole government thing works –

Whether it’s health care, taxes, peace in the Middle East and much more, Trump still can’t put two and two together

Source: Trump’s NBC tweet proves he still doesn’t get how this whole government thing works –

Norway, an Exemplar of NATO Burden-Sharing | Foreign Affairs

Norway now stands out as one of the United States’ most reliable allies. It can provide Washington with much needed naval deterrence against Russia and be a model of proper burden sharing.

Source: Norway, an Exemplar of NATO Burden-Sharing | Foreign Affairs

Europe hunkers down for Hurricane Donald – POLITICO

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. After a year scarred by referendums that hurled defiance at Brussels, climaxing in Britain’s June vote to quit the bloc, the European Union is bracing for more storms in 2017, starting with the landfall of “Hurricane Donald” from across the Atlantic.

The U.S. president-elect was the elephant in the room at the EU’s last summit of 2016. EU leaders rushed to extend their sanctions against Russia for six months over its destabilization of Ukraine, mindful that the incoming U.S. president has expressed solidarity with President Vladimir Putin and that his designated secretary of state has voiced opposition to sanctions.

Source: Europe hunkers down for Hurricane Donald – POLITICO

More Military Tension between NATO and Russia; Pat Mills Right in ABC Warriors

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Mike today put up a very chilling report about the escalation of military tensions between NATO and Russia. Russia has deployed Iskander missiles in its westernmost province of Kaliningrad. Formerly Koenigsberg, this is small Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania, was formerly part of Pommerania under the old Reich. The missiles are capable of carrying nuclear weapons, and are presumed capable of reaching Berlin, or the various Baltic states.

Russia is believed to be deploying these missiles in response to NATO manoeuvres in eastern Europe, and the stationing of four more NATO battalions in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These were in response to Russia sending troops into Ukraine.

Mike states that he recalls either Gorbachev or possibly Yeltsin receiving a promise from NATO that it would not expand into the Russian’s back garden. He is correct. That promise was given. And broken. NATO’s borders are now right up to…

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What would a Trump presidency mean for the rest of the world?

It would be wrong to hope that either domestic or international checks and balances will constrain Trump abroad. Geopolitically, the result would be unpredictable – at best.

Source: What would a Trump presidency mean for the rest of the world?

Hear #Corbyn4All accuse Attlee & Bevin of starting Cold War #CorbynFacts #WeAreHisMedia

Corbyn at his most passionate on a subject on which he has strong feelings.

A pity he could not have been so about the EU Referendum and promote Remain in the same passion. Who is to say if Labour was for Leave, would his passion be so like his passion about peace and against NATO.

Corbyn supports what he wishes to, irrespective on what is collective Labour policy.

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

You think I am joking?

Listen to the start of this video:

Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevin, Labour Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary, respectively in 1948, were the driving force behind the establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

NATO was set up to counter the perceived menace of the Red Army that was occupying most of Eastern Europe, unlike the armed forces of the United States of America which were going home by 1948.

No one was forced to join NATO, unlike the Warsaw Pact set up by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the National Health Service, was no opponent of NATO.  He said, “No one who is not a pacifist or a partisan of the Kremlin would argue that military strength is not needed.”

Bevan also had no truck with oligarchs.  He would like Attlee and Bevin, international Socialists all three, be…

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Trump’s ‘Extreme Vetting’ Test for Immigrants, His Position on NATO and Russia and his Campaign Head’s $13m Scandal in Ukraine

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Amy Goodman speaks to Matt Taibbi, award-winning journalist with Rolling Stone magazine, Phyllis Bennis, author of Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror and Linda Sarsour, director of the first Muslim online organizing platform, MPower Change. They join Amy Goodman to talk about a  number of issues including Donald Trump’s vow to institute “extreme vetting” of visa applicants, his position on NATO and Russia, and his campaign head’s $13 million scandal in Ukraine. (Democracy Now!)

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Counterpunch on NATO’s Preparations for War with Russia

Well, if Trump gets in war is inevitable, but possibly also if it is Clinton, so we are all doomed.

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Okay, I’ve already blogged about one Counterpunch article today, by Garikai Chengu tracing the history of British imperial domination in Iraq. This is another article from the same magazine that needs to be read. It’s about the NATO conference yesterday and today, and the continuing build up of NATO forces along the borders with Russia. NATO troops, including British squaddies, are being sent to reinforce Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, against possible Russian aggression.

The 1980s Cold War

This was on the BBC news yesterday, which reported that there were fears about a possible Russian threat following Russian attempts to fly military aircraft over Estonian airspace. This is all extremely frightening, as it is all too much like the Cold War those of us, who are now middle aged, grew up under in the 1980s. It was a time when Thatcher and Reagan were ranting about the Soviet Union being…

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