Culture secretary will raise issue of hate crime with newspaper editors : Guardian.

Certainly something needs to be done, for there should be zero tolerance on all forms of Hate Crime. The media can play their part to diminish this and to try to change peoples attitudes. However, the Government also has a role to play and they themselves should show in their comments, actions and legislature that Hate Crime will not be tolerated. A first would be to set out their views on record on how non-UK residents will be treated post Brexit and not leave it to the racists to decide.

More Culture Mis- Match Problems

It is not new that the media and Government distort the truth and lie to its population as this as be so since civilisation began.

What is new are the different sources that news can be issued, but then again it only needs the wrong news to be published for the news to be distorted.

So to be frank no one can trust any source unless they themselves were there and saw all the event.

Whether it be left, centre or right or any other combinations those who want to publish information will do so to benefit themsleves and their cause. In effect, in many cases any pubication will have some grain of truth, but whether this grain is substancial or not is anybodies guess.

With immigrants there will be good and bad, as there is in any human area or situation. Some of this may be intensional or from ignorance or misunderstandings, so in order for people to interreact for the good of us all, there needs to be tolerance, understanding and the willingness to be part of the community on all sides. We all have a part to play the immigrants, the indigenous population, the governmental powers and the media and the success rate will depend on the degree of all this co-operation. In all cases the truth should be told by all sides.


DER Comment: It was only through a nurses blog that we found out the refugees in Germany were refusing to be examined by female staff, they were being violent and abusive when told they had to pay for prescriptions, they threatened to leave their children if they weren’t given free food, clothes and nappies for them, and they were spitting on staff because they had to wait in queues. None of our pro EU media will ever tell us anything negative about these so called refugees, they cant live with the truth and they haven’t got the courage of Farage to tell the truth despite the constant unjustified backlash of all the haters.

DER Comment:Classic crybullies. Like most minorities who are managing to wag the dog in theior respective countries. ie they bully others who disagree and claim the victim when they are caught out. Hmmmmmmm. Good description…

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