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Social care faces an annual funding gap of £2.3bn by 2021 – by which time nearly a million people in the UK will be living with dementia. With no way to slow or stop the diseases that cause dementia, it is set to be the 21st century’s biggest killer.

While the NHS can’t offer people with dementia the same options as for other long-term conditions – because there is no cure or effective medical treatment – people with dementia must rely on the cash-starved and crumbling social care system. The social care and dementia crises go hand in hand.

Solving the care crisis goes beyond throwing money at the situation. Funding is desperately needed, of course, but we can’t simply pour more cash into a fundamentally flawed system. After decades of squeezed budgets and successive governments failing to put a long-term plan in place, we have a limited social care offering that too often leaves people with dementia footing the bill.

In the battle to meet rapidly rising demand with ever-shrinking resources, care providers must be as efficient and effective as possible. So why does investment in dementia research heavily focus on a cure for future generations, while less than 5% of funding goes to researching the best care possible for all those affected today?

The need for a cure for dementia is as pressing as ever, but we also need care research to develop practical solutions that can benefit people with the condition and their carers. Improving knowledge and practices among health and social care professionals, as well as the quality and inclusivity of the wider system, is just as important as developing medical treatments.


Source: Dementia research must study care as well as cure : The Guardian


It’s good that these stories are coming to light at the same time as Parliament is publishing reports about the effect of PIP on disabled claimants.


Source: Woman with rare disease lost crucial disability payments ‘because she has a degree’ : Vox Political

This is purely down to the current Tory Government, it is there actions on austerity which is causing this underfunding. Currently we are only hearing how the underfunding is affecting situations within the NHS. However, it is not only just the NHS which is seriously underfunded, the other is Social Care, both Children’s and Adult. In fact they may be more seriously underfunded than the NHS, but the NHS has always been looked out before Social Care.

They used to be dealt with by 2 different ministers, but that is now not the case, the Hunt, needs to take action now and overrule the Treasury as both the NHS and Social Care need a substantial increase in funding. To say the UK cannot afford it is not acceptable, the UK has to afford it, otherwise there is no point in the UK existing.

This is not a crime but it should be.

Govt Newspeak

Brian Havard, 52, was in a queue of 20 ambulances while in agonising pain outside a Norwich hospital — before collapsing at his house after he was sent home by doctors

Brian’s partner Gwendoline could not believe it when he told her he had been discharged

Dad Brian Havard died after he was left waiting in the back of an ambulance for almost five hours. Brian, 52, was in the 17th ambulance in a queue of 20 when he arrived at hospital. Despite being in crippling pain he was discharged from a chaotic A&E department and sent home with painkillers. But shortly after arriving at his front door he collapsed.

Brian then endured another two-hour wait for an ambulance and died at a roadside on the way back to the same hospital. His grief-stricken partner Gwendoline Day blames the “superfit” cleaner’s death on blunders by Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and East of England ambulance…

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Leading dentists have called for health officials take back some of the responsibilities currently provided by outsourcing firm Capita.

Capita was commissioned to run NHS England’s Primary Care Support England service, which provides support services to NHS GP practices, pharmacies, dentists and opticians.

But the British Dental Association (BDA) said that hundreds of dentists have not been able to perform NHS work because of delays with the service.

It said NHS dentists have had to wait – in some cases for up to a year – to get their National Performer Number required to provide NHS services.


Source: NHS should take back some services from Capita, say dentists –


What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? For Donald Savastano, a 51-year-old carpenter who won $1m in the New York lottery a few weeks ago, it was to go to the doctor. Savastano had been feeling ill for ages but, as he didn’t have health insurance, he hadn’t been able to afford a doctor’s appointment. Following his win, however, he could splurge on luxuries such as healthcare! So, Savastano went for a checkup. It turned out he had stage four cancer and he died shortly after.

Even if you don’t have any medical issues, healthcare can be a constant source of worry. I am middle-class and healthy, but, as a freelancer, I can barely afford health insurance in the US. I spend $480 (£345) a month on one of the cheapest healthcare options available. There is a $7,350 (£5,825) deductible, which means that I must pay all my medical expenses until I have spent that amount. If I actually had any health problems, my premiums would be much higher. I do not exaggerate when I say I miss the NHS every day.

Despite the sick state of their health system, many Americans seem to labour under the delusion think that privatised medicine is inherently superior to publicly funded health care. For years, the NHS has been used by conservative Americans as a cautionary tale of “socialised” medicine. When Obama was attempting to widen access to healthcare via the Affordable Care Act (colloquially known as Obamacare) in 2009, rightwing US groups spent millions of dollars on ads that painted Brits as “trapped” by an evil NHS.

Today, with Trump in the White House, rightwing Americans are seizing upon the


Source: I miss the NHS every day – Trump is wrong to demonise British healthcare | Arwa Mahdawi : The Guardian


Trump needs to take into account that we in the UK do not take kindly to people outwith the UK telling us what to do, hence Brexit.

Trump knows nothing, especially with regards to our NHS.

He should concentrate on the US and not only listen to the ‘Fake News’ from Fox and other sources and spring into action on Twitter in any areas where he is not aware of the facts, as this only leads to criticism of possible stupidity.

A truly ‘ great genius’ listens to all the facts and then makes a judgement or ask for more information.

Before being critical about the NHS he should really study the US health system, which, with his moves to alter or abolish Medicare, which is insurance based and if you do not have the insurance where are your health requirements catered for.

The UK is Government funded from taxation and possibly other sources and not on the ability to pay by direct charging or insurance.


GW:  Here @Watch Under the Willows we have just had a Déjà vu moment.  Trump’s intervention in the #NHSCrisis issue is  similar to when O’Bummer came over and told us all to vote to remain in EUSSR.  The British won’t take kindly to this Trump Tactic.

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A list of payment records shows that chemist Boots sent the frighteningly high bill to the NHS in 2016 for a patient in Barnet, north London.

As much as £650 was also paid for tubs of coconut oil that can be priced at a mere £1.

Claire Parker, the chief officer for quality at Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG, claimed that even if the oil had been charged at £30, the NHS would have still found itself “exploited”.

She explained: “Even if these mixtures cost £30 that would be overcharging.


Source: SICK JOKE: Boots charges NHS £1,579 for tube of £2 cream – AND THERE’S WORSE : Express


Seasonal flu indicators high but stabilising in the UK

Influenza activity in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland appeared to be stabilising during the third week of 2018, according to the PHE’s latest Weekly National Influenza Report [1,2].

In week 3 of 2018, GP consultation rates increased slightly to 54.1 per 100,00 population, (compared with 53.1 the previous week); there were 230 new acute respiratory outbreaks reported (compared with 216 in the previous week); and the rate of influenza-confirmed hospitalisations (based on sentinel surveillance across 22 NHS Trusts in England) was 0.48 per 100,000 population (compared with 0.56 per 100,000 in the previous week). A slideset of charts and tables, illustrating these data trends, is published alongside the weekly report, on the PHE Weekly National Flu Reports webpage [3]

PHE published provisional data from the third monthly collection of influenza vaccine


*Source: HPR volume 12 issue 3: news and infection reports (26-27 January) – GOV.UK


*Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.


*Additional funding, aimed to help the NHS get on a financially sustainable footing, has instead been spent on coping with existing pressures.

image of chart and Stethoscope

“The NHS has received extra funding, but this has mostly been used to cope with current pressures and has not provided the stable platform intended from which to transform services. Repeated short-term funding-boosts could turn into the new normal, when the public purse may be better served by a long-term funding set

*Source: Sustainability and transformation in the NHS – National Audit Office (NAO)

*Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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