After the Secret Flights to Deport Windrush Migrants, No-One Is Safe in Tory Britain

We all need to look at ourselves and judge who of us is racist as we all have a right of live. Just because someone, for whatever reason may be different is no reason to be abusive to each other.

There should be zero tolerance on racist attitudes so that we can all live in peace with each other.

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Mike in his articles attacking May and her truly foul decision to destroy the evidence needed for the Windrush migrants to show their right to live in our wonderful country also mentioned that poem by Martin Niemoller. Niemoller was one of the scandalously few Christians in Nazi Germany to oppose the regime. You know the poem. It’s become something of a cliché – It opens with the various groups the Nazis came for, with the refrain ‘I did not speak out, because I was not’ whichever group was being attacked. It ends with the line that when they finally came for him, there was no-one to stand up for him. This was the reality in Nazi Germany. The Nazis attacked group after group, not just Jews, but also Gypsies, Socialists, Communists, trade unionists, the disabled, and other political and religious dissidents. And it had an effect. The Catholic Centre Party…

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Nick Clegg calls the ”EU Transition Deal” ”Humiliating”

As spoken by the Humiliated.


“Most grown ups across the EU know the the EU would be stronger with Britain in it” – Yep, i think you’re absolutely right, however, that’s their business, we are leaving, they had their chance to reform but chose not to, in a very childish and petulant way.

“I think it is the most undignified act of humiliation that I can remember in my lifetime.” – Really Cleggy, you don’t remember jumping into bed with the devil to get into a coalition government, you don’t remember being humiliated out of your position as leader of the LibDum’s due to losing seats at the GE, you don’t remember lying to students for your place at the table and most humiliating of all, you don’t remember losing your seat at Sheffield Hallam.…To be honest, i don’t see how you can write any memoirs as you really don’t have…

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#Corbyn & The Return of Alf Garnett Or If You Don’t Want a Bulgarian For a Neighbour Vote #Labour?

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

Corbynism is not the future, it is the future refusing to be born

1964, 11 years before the EU referendum of 1975, the West Midlands constituency of Smethwick was the most colour-conscious place in the country, and the scene of a Tory campaign that successfully exploited anti-immigrant sentiment.  The infamous slogan that propelled a Tory into the House of Commons was, “If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour.”

Peter Griffiths, the successful Tory candidate refused to disown the slogan, “I would not condemn any man who said that,” he told the Times during his election campaign.  “I regard it as a manifestation of popular feeling.”  All sounds rather depressingly familiar, does it not?  One need not strain one’s imagination to hear Farage today saying exactly what Griffiths said to the Times in 1964.  One never, in one’s wildest dreams, expected to hear a Labour leader use the…

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Books on the Criminal Psychology of Tony Blair

Blair was never a moderate and he certainly is not now, he was only interested in himself and his surge for power and he has not changed. Whether he was like this from the start, I can not say, but that is where he came to.

As for Trump, he is there from the start and no one knows what he will do next, perhaps, even himself.

We have been and still are in very worrying times.

Yon made reference to Dr David Kelly taking his own life, but did he, for we only have the word and reports from the establishment and they can and do alter facts and reports as they see fit. This is seen from the evidence produced by Blair re the weapons of mass destruction, they are all lies, lies and more lies, or is it Fake News as Trump states all the time. His news is fake and what he refers to as fake is correct news.

The world is a complete mess and I have not even mentioned Putin for he is a completely separate chapter.

If the prisons were full of corrupt leaders then there would be no room for the ordinary criminal.

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Looking through the politics section of one of the secondhand bookshops in Cheltenham the other day, I also found two books arguing that Tony Blair was malign and psychologically unfit for office. One was by the Old Labour MP, Leo Abse, the other by the founder of the SDP and now Lib Dem, Dr David Owen. Abse’s book, the Politics of Perversion, used psychoanalytic theory to argue that Blair had the ruthless psychology of a clinical pervert. Owen’s book, the Hubris of Power, argued that Bush and Blair had spent so long in power, that they had become arrogant, believing they could get away with anything, no matter how unjust or despicable.

I only casually flicked through them, but just looking at Blair’s single-minded promotion of the Iraq Invasion, which in turn involved peddling lies, deceit and the persecution of dissenting officials – to the point where one…

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Sheffields Reputation Tarnished or Not?

Sheffield Half Marathon or not?

Was the Sheffield Half Marathon 2014 a disaster?

This follows on from a long list of events that have not gone according to plan in Sheffield. It has to be said that most of these have some, if not all, involvement from Sheffield City Council, however this would not appear to be so on this occasion. The last major sporting event that did not go according to plan was the World Student games  in 1991 for which the population of Sheffield is still paying for. This is even though some of the facilities from then have now gone, Don Valley Stadium for one.

But SCC have many others, while not sporting, to their name, ‘Sevenstone‘ being the latest, but this also includes the overhead walkway from Sheffield rail station to Castle Market, Mono Rail along The Moor to the Town Hall on to Castle Market to Sheffield Rail Station, creation of subways only for most to be filled in and many others. Even ‘Supertram‘ had to be sold to Stagecoach Sheffield to increase revenues from increasing usage.

But on this occasion some other organisation organised this, was it Sheffield Half Marathon, who appear to have had an address c/o HS Sports Ltd.

Water Direct have been mentioned as the company supposed to be supplying the water, did they not bother or was it ever ordered.

We have the ‘Tour de France’ ‘Stage 2’ within the next months, lets hope this latest event from an organisational view point is not a taste of yet to come.

We have the ‘Tour de France’ ‘Stage 2’ within the next months, lets hope this latest event from an organisational view point is not a taste of yet to come.

We also have the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, but some may say this is another disaster, while others will not.

But was the event a disaster, from an organisational view point, you could say yes. But to show the resolve of the people of Sheffield and those participants who did undertake the half marathon, it was not. Without hesitation the people of Sheffield came and supported those who decided to participate anyway and these Sheffield people provided the water for those participants to drink.

But was the event a disaster, from an organisational view point, you could say yes. But to show the resolve of the people of Sheffield and those participants who did undertake the half marathon, it was not. Without hesitation the people of Sheffield came and supported those who decided to participate anyway and these Sheffield people provided the water for those participants to drink.

This shows the true spirit of the Sheffield population.

Organisers say No Refunds

Margret Lilley, Chairperson of Sheffield Marathon Ltd, the organisers, says

“The rules say there are no refunds and, as people will appreciate, the infrastructure we had to put in place we still have to pay for.”

Direct Water are now reported to have stated that they were not paid to supply the water. This implies the organisers have not ordered the water or settled the invoice for the water. Should this be the case, is water not part of the infrastructure,. They appear to have not fulfilled the later part of statement, but are prepared to fulfill the former. If you have not paid for the water, then you should provide refunds. The organisers appear to want their cake and eat it. If only as a gesture of Good Will Sheffield Marathon Ltd should refund the entrants their entry fees.

If Sheffield Marathon Ltd have the gall to run the event again next year, will anyone be willing to enter.


Another raid on Pensioners

PM supporting care fees cap

The PM is supporting this care fee strategy, the DPM wants to means test pensioners benefits and then we are told to save for our retirement, so restricting our spending while working.

If we do not save, we will not be caught by either the care fee strategy or the means testing, but will have had full use of our earned income.

The choice is yours.

Nick Clegg wants to restrict benefits to pensioners

Clegg means-test plan sparks anger among OAPs – Business – The Star.

Nick Clegg should start at home and support withdrawing all the perks enjoyed by his cronies i. e. his fellow MP’s. But this would hit him and his friends.

You are told to save for your old age, but those that do get penalised, while those that do not get extra benefits.  Those that work pay income tax and save when they can. On retirement any savings and pensions are then taken into account for income tax purposes.  So in retirement you suffer double taxation.

He says rich pensioners should not get benefits, but what is a rich pensioner.  If he says pensioners should be means tested to receive benefits, remember that the State Pension is a benefit. Will this be means tested as well, perhaps not by him, but set means testing in motion and who knows where it may end.

New Exams for UK students

New UK exams

I welcome the new exam systems and I feel it should have been implemented immediately.  Why do schools need time to get ready for the new exams.  I assume there will be no changes to the ciriculam.  The fault lies with the schools, as for years they have been teaching only the parts of the ciriculam they feel will appear in the exams.  Exams are only one part of schooling, all be it a major part, also included is making the pupils ready to continue their life outside school, which will be for the main part of their life.

For examinations to be worth while they need to have the support of the business community.  This will only occur if the business leaders feel the pupils achieving success in these exams are educated to a level which is needed to succeed in business.

Nick Clegg and the whole Lib Dems need to acquire some back bones. Like it or not they are part of the current government and should therefoe be doing all they can to help govern the country and not still be playing party politics.  They are all for PR elections, which would enevertibly create coalation governments.  They have already got what they wanted.