Nicky Morgan receives scathing resignation letter from teacher accusing Tories of ‘obliterating’ education system

The Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, needs educating.


Tori Stori ”Absolutely Nicky” – Part 3
“Zoë Brown, who writes teaching blog The Girl on the Piccadilly Line, accused the Conservative Party of having “destroyed the education system”, arguing that reforms over the last six years had focused on tests not genuine learning.

She said budget cuts also meant schools have had to cut back on support staff, while a forced increase in pension contributions had left teachers worse off and suffering from low morale.”

GR Comment: Nicky Morgan has managed to make Michael Gove look like an accomplished minister.

That’s some achievement!

GR Comment:

GW: How the hell did Morgan think she would be any good as leader of the ToriCons if she is this bad in her present post and if she doesn’t even listen to the advice of MPs? Morgan is getting the message from all quarters that she is a hopeless Education Secretary.

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Vox Political on Nick Gibb Address to Teacher’s Conference

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Mike over at Vox Political ran this story from the Groan, which reported the kind and courteous welcome Nick Gibb got when he spoke to the Association of Teachers and Lecturers at their conference in Liverpool. Of course, I’m being ironic when I say that it was ‘kind and courteous’. In fact that they jeered him. And I don’t blame them. What Gibb said was pure rubbish.

The Tories are, of course, determined to turn 17,000 primary schools in England into academies. Gibb made the usual attempt to try to justify this massive privatisation to the Tory party’s corporate backers by saying that it would lead to an improvement in quality. He told his audience of educational professionals that if they spoke to the headmasters, who had become heads of the academy chains, they would hear that academy schools were flourishing. Because they’re professionally led.

This is, of course…

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Nicky Morgan mocked in song as she’s laughed at by teachers at NASUWT conference | Vox Political

This is brilliant. Not only are people picking up on the fact that, if Thicky Nicky’s eyes are mirrors of her soul, then it must be vacant – but the people who’ve realised it are …

Source: Nicky Morgan mocked in song as she’s laughed at by teachers at NASUWT conference | Vox Political