Thursdays demonstration. Driven to a nervous breakdown and a 70 year old lady devastated.

The poor side of life

As soon as I arrived outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre I was stopped by a lovely gentleman. He said to me that he had been waiting for me to arrive because he had been told that we would be there. He just wanted to tell me his story and to thank us. Here is his story. It’s not unusual by any means, but alot of people just dont see the reality of it all. You wouldn’t believe how many people still ask me what a sanction is. I suppose its the old addage, if it doesnt affet me then Im not bothered.

He didnt give me his name, that’s often the case. As Ive said before claimants want to protect their anonimity, and I respect their wishes. Not to do so would be very rude.

He had worked all his adult life, hardly had any time off sick and was…

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