Unpopular liar Donald Trump received Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House today for the ceremonial sitting in the chairs thing, as well as a press conference that included a serious question from a reporter. That reporter was German, so don’t worry, our White House press corps is still docile. Through a translator, the reporter fired off this series of facts with a direct question at the end of it.

Madame chancellor, given the experience of the gdr, you are always saying you are confident walls can fall. Also, how dangerous do you think the isolationist policy is of the president of the United States with the import tariffs he has planned and the fact he doesn’t deal with the EU in a very respectful way? Mr. President, don’t you think this is going to weaken the European Union? Why are you so scared of diversity in the news? In the media that you speak so often of fake news and things cannot be proven, for example, the fact you you’ve been wiretapped by Mr. Obama?

Usually, when Trump is dealing with someone speaking a different language, he doesn’t have to answer them since they are migrant workers at Mar-a-Lago and are not even allowed to look him in the face, let alone talk around him. Trump, like the genuine dickhead that he is, responded.


Source: German reporter asks Trump serious questions, Trump responds by saying reporter reads ‘fake news’