I had a visit from my benefits assessor – and now I fear the state more than poverty

Power is a very important feeling and skill and needs to be used with discretion and in some instances it may be used without the persons knowledge. For just being employed by certain organisations casts a feeling of power onto others.

I know of people who are just scared of entering the Town Hall, the base of power of people in local government.

So, if a place creates a feeling of power in people, how much more can be assumed coming from people who work there.

What is genuinely forgotton by some who work in these places of power and those who come into contact with people from these place, is that the people there are Servants of the Public, so in fact every people within that community are, effefctively, the employers of the people in these places.

How many of you have come across some council officiers, as an example, who state to you that they work for the council in such as a maaner that it is uttered as a threat of ‘do not mess with me, because I have the Council behind me’. This is a massive abuse of this assumption of power.

But, in some respects, we may be right to fear, for, and has been proved, especially with DWP assessors that they have, in fact, appeared to blatantly lie on assessment forms.

Should this not be a criminal actions, for it is for claimants making false statements, so then, it should be for Officers filling in these forms.