Blue Badge Fraud Investigation – Operation Bodmin | DisabledGo News and Blog

A Blue Badge is a vital lifeline for many disabled people. Without a Blue Badge many disabled people would be stuck in their homes and would be totally dependent on others for help. This is why DMUK takes Blue Badge fraud very seriously. A person who doesn’t need a Blue Badge occupying a disabled bay unnecessarily is one less space for a genuine holder to use. If a disabled person cannot park at their desired destination they will often just have to go home without completing the task that they needed to do. Blue Badge fraud has risen in the last eight years, and is starting to be taken more seriously by local authorities. The Metropolitan Police has not taken this lightly and is working with local authorities in London and their Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to try to stop not only the misuse of Blue Badges, but also the circulation of stolen, fake and expired Badges. The name OPERATION BODMIN was given to the Metropolitan Police and Harringay Council’s surge on the Green lanes

Source: Blue Badge Fraud Investigation – Operation Bodmin | DisabledGo News and Blog