Ukraine: ‘My Disabled Nephew Has A Home In UK – But Is Stuck In Paris’ | Same Difference

A disabled teenager and his grandparents have been waiting in Paris for more than six weeks while their UK asylum application is processed. They told the BBC they are stuck in limbo, spending thous…


So a UK Government spokes person is saying, “fastest and biggest visa schemes in UK history” following the invasion and that “changes the Home Office has made to streamline the visa system, including simplifying the forms and boosting staff numbers, are working”, but is it true.

It may be the ‘fastest and biggest’, but that doesn’t mean it is fast enough, for when other countries are looked at the UK appears to be the slowest. People are waiting not weeks, but months just for visas and when there are families children’s visas are not being processed together with the adults they are with, meaning delays are occurring and showing incompetence by the Home Office and not for the first time.

Now is this incompetence deliberate or not, well while one act of incompetence is one too many more acts are showing that ‘lessons are not learnt or there is no willingness to learn.

There is no transparency in any of these operations as though there is a ‘cloak of secrecy’ in force and what is the secrecy hiding.

There are no areas at the borders of Ukraine where UK officials are, but there are for other countries, there may be an area but it will, more than likely be run by a Charity with no influence.

We are dealing with peoples lives, but it appears the UK Home Office just doesn’t care.

This is not respecting Human Rights, it is completely ignoring them.


Source: Ukraine: ‘My Disabled Nephew Has A Home In UK – But Is Stuck In Paris’ | Same Difference

Ukrainian student forced to travel from Calais to Paris and back to try for UK visa after fleeing Russia war

Tetiana Osadchuk, 26, and her family are trying to reunite with her father in Reading but she was turned away from the UK border at Calais


Surely, Ukrainian refugees have suffered enough trying to escape the death and destruction being inflicted on Ukraine and its population from the advancing Russian troops which is very much illegal, but then to have inflicted on them UK ‘Red Tape’ bureaucracy is adding more to their suffering.

Either get visa authorisations where the Ukrainian refugees are embarking from to the UK or allow entry to the UK and then sort out any required documents. The latter would show empathy to the suffering Ukrainian refugees and provide them with the welcome they deserve. These are punishments that are should be being given, reserve all the punishments for Putin and his associates.

Putin has no respect for Human Rights, so please show that the |UK does have the respect.


Source: Ukrainian student forced to travel from Calais to Paris and back to try for UK visa after fleeing Russia war

Watch: Paris tests ‘flying taxi’ as future of city transport | Euronews

However, the company says its journey has not all been plain sailing. During a preview on Monday morning before the official tests launched, Paris river police ordered the Bubble to stop its activity.

Co-founder Alain Thebault said regulatory issues from the City of Paris have stymied progress, leading the company to pursue projects in Switzerland and the US rather than solely in France.

“We are waiting for the authorisation to have a commercial line between east and west…but have a look, there is absolutely nobody on the river,” he said, adding that France is becoming “like a museum” where tech innovation is too highly regulated.

Paris has one of the densest urban transport networks in the world, with more than 650 trains running simultaneously at rush hour and 4.7 billion trips made by public transport in the Paris region in 2016, according to figures from Paris transport network Île-de-France Mobilités.

Last Friday Parisians faced travel chaos as a strike against pension reform by all unions of the Paris transport network (RATP) crippled movement around the city, with ten of its 16 metro lines closed.

To combat pollution, Paris tightened regulations in July, banning cars with diesel engines registered between 2001 and 2005 and trucks from 2006 to 2009 within the A86 ring-road area.

The city council plans to continually tighten regulations until 2030, when only electric or hydrogen-fueled cars will be allowed on Greater Paris roads.


Source: Watch: Paris tests ‘flying taxi’ as future of city transport | Euronews

Trump seeking quickest way to quit Paris climate agreement, says report | US news | The Guardian

Donald Trump Paris climate agreement Climate change COP 21: UN climate change conference | Paris Global climate talks Greenhouse gas emissions John Kerry Morocco

Source: Trump seeking quickest way to quit Paris climate agreement, says report | US news | The Guardian

Kim Kardashian West defended by friends after gunpoint robbery in Paris –

Celebrity friends took to social media to offer sympathy for the polarizing reality star, who was robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry in Paris on Sunday night.

Source: Kim Kardashian West defended by friends after gunpoint robbery in Paris –

Vox Political Against Islamophobia and the ISIS Terror Attacks You Don’t Hear About

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Daesh’s Muslim Victims

Mike over at Vox Political has put up a couple of posts keeping the Brussels attacks in perspective. The attacks, as well as those in Paris, were a horrible atrocity committed by fanatics with no conscience or respect for the lives of innocents. But Mike also reminds us that there have also been Muslim victims of Daesh’s terror campaign, that have not received anywhere near the same amount of coverage and outrage. These people too deserve our sympathy, and we should also be outraged and disgusted at their suffering.

Mike has put up a list showing the numbers of people killed by ISIS’ thugs and butchers, not just in Brussels, Paris and San Diego, but also in Yemen, Tunisia, Ankara in Turkey, Afghanistan, Beirut, Libya and Baghdad. The atrocities committed in these places have also killed tens and hundreds of people. And Mike’s article reminds us that…

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Abdesalam and Terrorist Ringleaders – Butchers, Manipulators and Cowards

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The major news story today has been the horrific suicide bombings in Brussels. Apart from the deaths and injuries this has caused, it’s also closed down plane, train, tram and bus communications, leaving thousands of people stranded in the Belgian capital. This has come after the capture at the week of Abdesalam, the ringleader of the Paris bombings last year.

The Young Turks’ anchor, Cenk Uygur, made a particularly acute observation about Abdesalam’s character. When the Paris police raided the terrorist’s headquarters, they found an unused suicide belt. It seems that Abdesalam was also due to blow himself to kingdom come along with the rest of the maniacs. But when it came to the crunch, he decided that he wasn’t quite ready to meet Allah in paradise just yet. No doubt he felt he still had too much good work to do still on Earth killing infidels down here before…

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