Pathological B lair – Part v


Not sure if the this guy and corboyn were in with the I.A.R. as well ?.

Tony Bliar = Big Brother in 1984,Ministry of Truth,Double speak the whole works of 1984.

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Pathological Blair – Part ii


nosurrender2eussr – > B N J O
if Blair had cared – he wouldn’t have tried to sneak all our Dead service personnel back into Britain through the quiet back-door of Royal Wootton Bassett.
that’s why it became “Royal” Wootton Bassett – because of the homecomings they held In Honour of Blair’s Dead.
that’s why I’m convinced the Queen hates Blair’s guts. 🙂

They knew they were going to war a year before they actually went in.  Just waiting for the nod from the Bush Gangsters and to also find an excuse – Any excuse. They planned to invade around five countries in the middle east. Then Bush gave himself and Blair a pardon. //// USA have heavy artillery in Syria yet again building up for something latest reports state .

macj02 – > freeal
yes and we know where the chemical weapons came from …….and it wasn’t…

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Pathological Blair -Part iii


No change of view in our house Tony. The Iraq war removed a controlling dictator for no reason, and allowed the defeated generals and soldiers to fester away building up their resentment, leading to the formation of ISIS. There were no WMD’s and if Sadam had been left in place the world would have been a much safer place. The UK and the USA would also have trillions less in National Debt.
On top of this North Korea would not have felt under so much threat, along with Iran, and the Arab spring might never have happened, leaving Europe in tact as is was in 80’s.
So thanks for nothing Tony Blair.

I can sense that public opinion is shifting towards a more measured analysis – and now almost everybody is sure that this piece of filth should be sitting in jail, not giving his warped and…

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