‘This is a Turkish Republic; go back to your own country’ – Middle East Monitor

Racism rears its ugly head everywhere and not just in the West.

Racism is very bad in America, but appears just as much in Turkey.

While in America racism appears to be against any person who is deemed to be not Caucasian, while in Turkey it appears to be anyone who is assumed to be Arabic.

With the current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he appears to favour more to Russia, than those in the West, but Turkey is part of NATO and wishes to join the EU, surely some major conflicts there.

But, the main opposition to Erdogan appears to be a coalition of six opposition parties, including İyi, and headed by Kemal Kilicdaroglu, where Kemal and his Iyi Party being the lead in the colation and is in effect the main opposition Party. But Kemal with the Iyi still have major racist tendencies and wish to remove all Syrian refugees from Turkey, but wants much better relationships with the West and maybe not Russia and against everything Arabic.

Again politics and relationships showing much confusion, so no matter who wins the election in Turkey there will still be major problems.

Oh, what a world we live in, why can’t we have peace instead of major conflicts, surely peace would be more beneficial for everyone, but Humans appear to not want to live together with each other, what a major shame for peace in this world.


Egyptian Lawyer Suing Netflix for Portraying Cleopatra as Black

Personally, I have no issues with a person’s colour for the colour is only
skin deep and it is the person themselves which is more of an interest to
myself. I look beyond the colour and endeavour to ascertain who the person is,
so then form my reasons for liking, disliking or being indifferent to the
person irrespective of their skin colour.

So, all the fixation on skin colour is abhorrent to me, but it takes all
sorts of people to make a World.

I also fail to understand the human nature to killing other beings for I
believe we are the only species that kills others for pleasure and not just for
resources to live.

Should you believe in the scientific creation of humans as opposed to the religious

then humans originated in Africa and assuming Africa was a hot climate, then it could

be that through the various form of evolution the first humans would have been a form

of dark colour, either a dark brown or black and the forms of lighter shades
and to some form of white were made over centuries due to climatic changes and
the body colours changing accordingly.

Today there are many diverse ranges of colour, with some takes actions to
change their colour for periods of time, persons being white and light skinned,
sunbathing to get a darker tan, then some persons of dark colour taking forms
of chemicals to create and lighter skin colour. Is sunbathing a belief that a
slightly darker skin gives a greater degree of good health perception, while
taking chemicals to obtain a lighter skin colour means a greater degree of
acceptability in assumed Society. Whatever, it is it is very confusing.

So, to relate more to the article, it could well be assumed that, if
Cleopatra was Greek she would have been more of an olive, slightly brown complexion
than being either white or black, but in reality does it make any sense what
colour she was, for Cleopatra as a person should be so much more important.

Is this Egyptian lawyer more concerned about Society reflections than the
actual colour of Cleopatra, as is so also for Netflix, than her real colour and
as I say is it really that so important?

In the World there are many so much more important issues to be concerned
with, the whole existance of Earth being the main one.

Why doesn’t this Egyptian lawyer and also Netflix concentrate more on
climate change, than the colour of Cleopatras skin, surely the existence of
everyone is so much more important.

Is it religion that is the more involved factor than skin colour, for
religion has over, many centuries caused more conflicts than many others. Even
in religion is the a skin colour conflict, for many Christians believe that
Christ was while or more white than any other colour, but if you believe in
Christ he was more likely slightly brown than white. Now is this down to the
Roman influence, who after years of degrading Christians, eventually took
Christianity as their religion hence the birth of Roman Catholicism.

In fact, why was there some many religious conflicts when in Christianity
there preaches a view of tolerance and turning the other cheek, which in many
instances Christians don’t.

We do, all need to learn to live with each other in peaceful existence and
in doing so all our lives will be so much better.

Source: Egyptian Lawyer Suing Netflix for Portraying Cleopatra as Black

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Netflix has caused a bit of controversy this week with its documentary about the legendary queen of Egypt by having her played by a Black actor. This is unhistorical, as the real Cleopatra was Greek, descended from Ptolemy, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Ptolemy had set himself up as pharaoh after Alexander’s death. I’ve also heard the claim today that she also had red hair. There have been a number of posts by bloggers and vloggers across the Net showing that Netflix got it wrong. And now, apparently, an Egyptian lawyer is so angry about it and the threat it presents to Egyptian identity that he’s suing Netflix. He also wants the streaming service banned in Egypt because its content is contrary to Islam, and especially Egyptian Islam.

His argument is that the portrayal of Cleopatra as a woman of colour is Afrocentric, and derives from that ideology’s doctrine…

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Ukraine-Russia war latest: Germany confirms it will send tanks to Kyiv as Kremlin warns of ‘blatant provocation’ | The Independent

Berlin will provide 14 Leopard 2 tanks from military stocks as a first step, a statement from the German government said


Just what planet is Putin and his other comrades on  for he and them invaded an a independent country with a democratically elected Government without any justification, only to attempt to accomplish Putin’s dream and every other persons nightmare of a reformed Russian Empire. He and they provoked all the actions currently being being taken by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine with the support of other enlightened countries to ensure there is eventual peace in Europe.

For to ignore Putin and Russian invasions only leads to Putin believing he and the Russian forces are invincible as we saw with the earlier invasions of Chechnya, Crimea and some areas of Eastern Ukraine.

If Putin suceeds in absorbing Ukraine into Russia, no other country will be safe, even those who are already within NATO.

Putin said he feared a NATO invasion, well where is it, for no NATO forces are within Ukraine and engaged against so called Russian Forces or within Russia itself.

What Putins invasion of Ukraine has started is more countries wishing to be part of NATO, such as Finland and Sweden so putin is effectively a catalyst for NATO expansion.

It is doubtful, if Russia will ever be trusted, for after the Cold War there were signs that some trust was begining to occur, but this invasion of Ukraine, plus the poisonings in other countries and Cyber attacks over the years put down to Putin are now certain that Russia will now be never trusted.

Will there be peace, well we all hope so and now it appears that Germany Leopard 2 Tanks and America Abram tanks could be given to Ukraine together with the already offered UK Challenger 2 Tanks.

Will this lead to eventual peace in Ukraine and Russia’s continued acts of agression to bne curtailed well everyone hopes so.

Source: Ukraine-Russia war latest: Germany confirms it will send tanks to Kyiv as Kremlin warns of ‘blatant provocation’ | The Independent

Ukraine war: Russia ‘ready to negotiate’ claims Vladimir Putin | Euronews

A senior adviser to Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy said Russia “doesn’t want negotiations, but tries to avoid responsibility.”


To obtain a Peace agreement Putin needs to do a full withdrawal from all areas of Ukraine as stated in the Budapest memorandum and also for any remaining Russian wealth to be used to rebuild what he and his Russian forces have destroyed. He also has to surrender himself so that he can be tried for the horrendous War Crimes being conducted in his name by his Russian forces within Ukraine,

As was Germany after WWII, Russia needs to be stripped of its right to hold any forces which could be used to engage in any future aggressive actions and to relinquish all its seats in the UN Security Council.

Nothing less.


Source: Ukraine war: Russia ‘ready to negotiate’ claims Vladimir Putin | Euronews

Macron blasted for saying Moscow needs ‘security guarantees’ to end the Ukraine war | Euronews

His comments on French TV on Saturday have already drawn criticism from some quarters.


It is not Putin and Russia that nrrds guarantees but all the countries that border Russia for no country is safe while Putin is President and who knows who comes after him.

But Ukraine has had guarantees previously and Putin ignored them.

Putin and Macron have to understand that NATO is a defensive alliance and will not attack any country unless a NATO member country has been attacked.

So Russia has no problems with NATO only Putin.

Putin needs to get all his forces out of Ukraine and keep them only in Russia.

Yes, defensive weapons may be deployed to face Russia, but that is because no one trusts Russia or exactly those in power in Russia has history has shown. These weapons would never be used if Russian forces or its weapons were retained in Russia, even better if Russia was completely disarmed as Germany was after WWII, until it learned its lesson.


Source: Macron blasted for saying Moscow needs ‘security guarantees’ to end the Ukraine war | Euronews

Monica Crowley – Why the Swamp Hates Donald Trump

Monica has a right to her opinion and here she eloquently expresses it, she is a true believer.

She is quite correct that the swamp needs to be removed, but is Donald Trump the person to do this, for I believe he his also part of the Swamp.

He may be removing parts of the swamp, but only to replace it with other parts of the swamp.

Within the this YOUTube video she expresses that Donald Trump is imperfect and that he is making mistakes, as we all do.

The problem with Trump is that when he makes mistakes he does not accept that he is making mistakes and therefore is not aware that he should be learning from them.

Making mistakes is something we all do, but the message to learn is that by making mistakes you learn from them and this then mitigates  making these or similar mistakes again and you become a stronger, better person in doing so.

To always assume you are always correct is a fatal flaw as no one is 100% correct, 100% of the time, but Donald Trump truly believes that he is.

You either like or do not like Trump and I am one of the latter. Some of his principles are not in agreement with mine, especially his racist views and his inability to understand the concept of mistakes, in reference to himself, are a major contributory factor.

Whether he is or will be good for America is still to be seen, however, the bigger picture needs to be considered and this is in respect of The World.

I feel in World affairs that individualism is now not a major factor, although this is still a consideration, but now in most aspects there is globalism as whatever is done in one area as consequences for other areas. the two need to be working in conjunction with each other.

In fact with his America First he is acting within the aspects of individualism, the continual interference of America in international areas is not individualism but globalism. Even Trump promised in his campaign to not have American action in areas outwith America and that he would pull American forces out of non-American areas of conflict. This is one of his promises that he has not kept to. Trump could argue that some American forces need to be provided to ensure the safety of America, but the appliance of these forces is, in many areas, counter productive as it only provokes more aggression from the people native to these areas, which, in turn, creates more problems for the seen to be invaders.

Great care and attention needs to be applied before any country inflicts their forces on any other independent country.

Unfortunately it is a human trait that we feel we need to intervene, without considering all the consequences, in many areas of the world and in doing so cause many conflicts that may not have occurred, should they have not intervened.

Why can we not all agree to live in peace, which would be then beneficial to us all.


Is religion defunct in this day and age?

My own views on religions are contained in my post from 2012, Religions, what are they for? and in many ways my thoughts have not changed.

So I do not wish to remove any religions from today’s world, but they all do need to reflect how their supposed original teachings or basic concepts relate to the world as it is now. None should debase the others and their followers need to act accordingly as tolerance and understanding of others points of view should be, always, the way forward.


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The three Abrahamic religions started up way back in the dawn of time – in a time of medieval ignorance.

Judaism has its roots 3000 years ago.

Christianity 2000 years ago.

Islam 1500 years ago.

They originated in nomadic tribes of Arabs in a small area of the Middle East renowned for its many sects and religious fanatics.

They all claim that ‘God’ spoke to their originator when they were alone in a cave, up a mountain or in the wilderness – with no witnesses.

None of the originators wrote anything down.

The writings in the holy books were either accumulated from the prevailing genesis stories or myths or written down generations later from accounts passed down by word of mouth. Yet the adherents claim they are the exact word of God (despite the inconsistencies, obvious social context pertaining to that Arab culture, ambiguities and contradictions).

These holy words have…

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Towards a federal Kurdish state in Syria?

So we go on there has been so much bloodshed, destruction and whole communities put under brutal regimes, so I do hope that this can be resolved peacefully.

The Kurds have, apparently been under the control of a number of forces for many years, be they Turkish, Syrian and now, hopefully, lastly ISIS.

The Kurds need to have a say in how they now go forward, but this should be between the Kurds and Syria and no outside force. If the Kurds ‘want a federal system that would allow regions to rule themselves without central control by the center’. It appears Syria may be agreeable to this and it appears they will be supported by Russia. However, for some reason the US appear to be opposed to this, well that they can be, but they should in no way impose this opinion onto the Kurds and Syrians.

The Western power have far too long imposed their views into areas that should not be theirs to do so, therefore the US needs to back off completely and just concentrate on their own troubles at home.

(BARCELONA, Spain.) Catalonia’s plans to hold a referendum Sunday on breaking away from Spain (all times local): 2:55 p.m. Catalonia’s government spokesman says 337 people have been injured, some seriously, during the police crackdown with only 50% turnout #AceNewsDesk reports

Is this really how we should expect a, to an all intended purpose, civilised democratic country to act to an, on the whole, a peaceful gathering of persons. The governing and legal authorisations did not wish for this referendum to take place, but the elected assembly of Catalonia did.

Who is right and who’s wrong, or are all both right and wrong? Would it have been detrimental to allow this referendum to take place, for with Scotland the UK did allow, a few years ago, for one to take place.

Catalonia, has for some many years been wishing for its independence from Spain and does have some independence as it does have its elected assembly.

Unity creates strength and a break up could have disastrous consequences for all of Spain, even Catalonia, but should not the will of the people not be sought. Now, what will be the resulting outcome of what appears to be a high handed approach from the Spanish authorities. Could this not have the reverse effect and strengthen the independence cause.

Then there is the Basque question, will there be a strong resurrection re their own conflicts about Basque independence, which, in the past has been very violent and terrorist acts have been committed. This could then extend into France who also have their own Basque question of independence.

This is all occurring while the UK Brexit is proceeding, the resurgence of the far right in Germany and who knows where else in Europe.

Could this be the end of European unity, while the disunity within Europe had some bad consequences in the first half of the Twentieth Century.

Could be troubling times within Europe and then there is the Trump effect in America, which in itself could cause major conflicts especially with North Korea.

We say that for the past some 70 years there has been a fair amount of peace, but has there, There was the breakup of Yugoslavia, which created so many conflicts, the Americans and their allies in Vietnam, Israel and the Palestinians, the Middle East with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, also Afghanistan, Russia and Ukraine, the UK with Ireland and Northern Ireland and more. Well, if that is peace, then what is War.

We may soon find out with Trump and North Korea, or will it be a conflict yet to occur.

Let’s hope and pray that for once again we all, or most of us, come through the storm.

Donald Trump vows to ‘totally destroy North Korea’ if it threatens US: ‘Rocket Man is on a suicide mission’ | The Independent

Donald Trump has said the US may may have no choice but to “totally destroy” North Korea. In his first address to the UN General Assembly – and with North Korean diplomats sitting just yards from him – Mr Trump said he will have no option to resort to such actions if Pyongyang does not halt the development of its nuclear weapons programme. In perhaps the most striking piece of sabre-rattling yet, Mr Trump said that unless North Korea backed down, “we will have no choice than to totally destroy North Korea”.

Source: Donald Trump vows to ‘totally destroy North Korea’ if it threatens US: ‘Rocket Man is on a suicide mission’ | The Independent