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Three of six councils involved in the government’s named social worker pilot will not bid to take part in the second phase of the scheme

Source: Councils split over value of named social worker pilot

Health services are struggling to deliver care reviews designed to make sure learning disabled people are not being inappropriately kept in hospital units, a group of MPs has warned. The public accounts committee found just 39% of the estimated 2,500 patients affected had received care and treatment reviews within the six month timescale stipulated by NHS …

Source: People with learning disabilities facing long waits for care reviews | Community Care


Family carers and learning disability providers are often asked to act as an ‘Appropriate Adult’ for a person with a learning disability whom they support, however, many are untrained and have little experience of the criminal justice system themselves.

This free downloadable guide21 explains the role of an ‘Appropriate Adult’ and provides information about the criminal justice system, explaining terms that we have often heard but not fully understood.

Did you know?

Source: FREE DOWNLOAD: People with learning disabilities in the criminal justice system – Resources – Choice Forum

This is the Government all over, they say one thing but by their actions they do the opposite, which do you believe, what they say or their actions. To be effective the actions should follow what is being said, otherwise they are lying.

The government’s Hate Crime Action Plan represents a positive step forward but does not go far enough to tackle hate crime perpetrated against those with a learning disability, the chief executive of a service provider has said.

Source: Government Hate Crime Action Plan does not go far enough to protect people with learning disabilities, says service provider chief | Learning Disability Today

The oral health of those with learning disabilities can sadly often be put at risk because of poor communication and a lack of understanding of their needs.

Source: Dental Care for people with learning difficulties. – Dental Negligence Team

People with learning disabilities are fearful of receiving poor healthcare because of the treatment autistic teen Connor Sparrowhawk received.

Source: Autism Eye – Poor healthcare is ‘scaring’ adults with learning disabilities

A new organisation to promote the rights and voice of people with learning disabilities is set to be launched at the House of Lords.

Source: Autism Eye – Learning disabilities: new voice with Learning Disability England

A report published today provides an overview of the number of people with learning disabilities and/or autism receiving inpatient care in hospital.

Source: Hospital or home? Report sheds light on number of people with learning disabilities receiving inpatient care | Care Industry News

An unacceptable inequality still exists between care for people with physical health issues and those with mental health needs. Nowhere more so is this reflected in the fact life expectancy is much shorter for people with learning disabilities than the rest of the population. Their risk of death overall is greater too.

Source: Stop Treating People With Learning Disabilities as Second Class Citizens | Lord Victor Adebowale

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