Widow denied denied PIP for 18 months considered suicide

The article states, ‘A spokesman for the Government’s Department for Work and Pensions said: “We want disabled people to get the support they are entitled to and reviews are part of the PIP process as we know people’s circumstances can change.

“Decisions are made based on all the evidence we receive at the time.’

Who are they kidding , for no one believes the DWP.

Govt Newspeak

A widow who was wrongly denied disability payments for 18 months considered suicide. “I used to go to bed praying that I wouldn’t wake up.”

A widow who was incorrectly denied 18 months worth of vital disability payments says she considered committing suicide due to the stress of the situation. Alicia Hembury [above], 56, suffers with arthritis, fibromyalgia, degeneration of the spine and PTSD and has claimed disability benefits for the past 12 years.

She acts as a carer for her elderly father who has dementia and heart failure and is unable to work herself. So when she was told she was not eligible for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) payments – which superseded Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – it drove her into a spiral of debt and depression.

She has had to attend three tribunal hearings to claim her benefits and says at one point the situation made her feel so low…

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DWP takes away £1,200 monthly benefits for handing in renewal form late : i News

In recent months, i has been uncovering the impact the Government’s move to universal credit is having on Britons across the country. Many are suffering from long-term disabilities, yet now face cut to welfare payments that are threatening their health, and often their lives.

These include Sarah Brown*, a young mother living in the East Midlands who is entirely reliant on benefits due to being a full time carer for her disabled husband.

However, she has just been informed that almost all her payments – totalling £1,200 – are being cut, because her renewal form was returned a day late. Below, she tells her story.

A few years ago, not long after the birth of our child, an accident left my husband permanently disabled. His healthcare needs are so demanding that I had to leave work to become his full time carer, and now we are now entirely reliant on the benefits system to survive.

Our lives have been devastated by the accident, in which James* was not at fault. He can only leave the house with the aid of a mobility car paid for through a Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is our only means of getting the four to six medical appointments he has to go to per week.

Source: DWP takes away £1,200 monthly benefits for handing in renewal form late : i News

Disabled dad ‘starving and freezing to death’ after benefits axed : Welfare Weekly

A disabled father and military veteran says he has been left “freezing” and “starving to death” after callous DWP officials stopped his vital benefit payments, it has been reported.

Mark Smith, 46, from Hull, suffers from cervical myelopathy which has caused considerable damage to his spine leaving him unable to work.

Mr Smith was diagnosed with the debilitating condition in 2016 and has since had two vertebrae removed from his neck, which he claims means he struggles to walk and is in constant pain.

In spite of his obvious disability, Mr Smith says he has been waiting “years” for Employment and Support Allowance, and also that his Personal Independence Payments (PIP) were axed in November 2018.


Source: Disabled dad ‘starving and freezing to death’ after benefits axed : Welfare Weekly

Sheffield mum left sobbing over disability benefit – The Star

A Sheffield mum who was assessed for a new disability benefit says it was so “horrendous” she suffered a panic attack. Jennifer Dunstan, 38, was left sobbing and shaking after an assessment for new Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

People who used to receive a disability benefit now have to apply for PIP. The Department for Work and Pensions is reviewing every claim – a total of 1.6 million claims nationwide.

Jennifer lives at Arbourthorne and says her neighbourhood will be the second biggest in Sheffield to be affected by changes to benefits. She has urged people to appeal if they are initially refused the new benefit.

She said: “I had a PIP assessment this year and the process was horrendous. I was sent to an assessment centre in Doncaster but part of my disability is high social anxiety affected by bipolar condition. I also have some physical and neurological disabilities caused by fibromyalgia.

“It’s a horrible combination of things which restricts how far I can travel. I did contact them and at first they said I could be sent anywhere within 90 minutes drive. They eventually changed it but I was assessed by a midwife.

“The assessors are medically qualified but she didn’t know anything about neurological or mental health conditions. She described fibromyalgia as a psychological symptomatic condition but it’s a nerve pain disability. She didn’t do any physical assessment but when I received the notes, she described a physical assessment.

“I was described as being really calm when I had two people supporting me walking into the room because I was shaking and sobbing all the way through the interview. I couldn’t keep up with what she was saying and had a panic attack but none of this was referred to in my notes.”

Jennifer asked for her application to be reconsidered. “You can request a mandatory reconsideration although a lot of people don’t realise this.


Source: Sheffield mum left sobbing over disability benefit – The Star

‘Senseless’ disability benefit rule costs the NHS at least £7.7 million a year

Draconian eligibility rules for disability benefits are preventing people suffering with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from accessing the support they desperately need, a leading charity has warned.

People with MS have been losing support since Disability Living Allowance (DLA) was replaced by the Tory-led coalition Government in 2013 with Personal Independence Payments (PIP), the MS Society claims.

The charity argues one of the main reason for this is the introduction of the 20 metre rule, which is used to assess disabled people’s mobility.

Under DLA the measure was 50 metres, but was reduced by more than half in spite of concerns raised by charities and disability rights campaigners that the move would impact upon large numbers of severely sick and disabled people and limit their independence.

According to a report from the MS Society, the change is causing preventable harm to MS patients who have transferred from DLA to PIP.

The charity has also calculated that the NHS is spending more than an additional £1.8 million a year on GP services and £5.9 million a year on A&E services for people with MS who’ve lost support when moved to PIP.


Source: ‘Senseless’ disability benefit rule costs the NHS at least £7.7 million a year

DWP Starts Search For PIP Claimants Entitled To More

This is good news for once and I would suggest that you be proactive and do not reply on the DWP to contact you.

We are all aware, especially taking into all the publicity given with regards to benefit assessments that you have to look after number one. If you feel there is the slightest possibility that you could be eligible for a benefit increase contact you local government DWP office. Alternatively, access a support group in your area. If you are unsure where these are this information could be available from your local authority, GP Surgery, other health areas and many others. If you have internet access then conduct an internet search, as it could well be in your interests to do so.

Disability assessors asked: ‘how long will you have Parkinson’s for?’ – The i newspaper online iNews

Just what planet are these assessors on, even though they may not, initially, understand the conditions people have, they will have had sight of the persons application for PIP and therefore they should have looked up the relevant information before interviewing the claimant.

The assessors, I believe come from different branches of the medical profession and if this is the extent of their knowledge, how can they hope to proceed with their professional career.

Or is it that they could not careless for the claimants they are assessing as long as they get paid for assessing them.

Each of the assessors and their employers should be accountable for the decisions they make and if they make wrong decisions then that part of their received payment should be returned.

Only in this way will correct decisions be made, or is the correct decision, every time, irrespective of what is included in the claimants application, to decline the benefit requests.

This is not a way of saving money as every incorrect assessment costs much more by going through the appeals process, the whole system is ‘not fit for purpose’.

But unfortunately the systems throughout the benefits procedures and also those administered by Local Government Authorities are their to hinder, create stress and be a general provision to create untold harm to the people accessing the various authorities and respective departments.

Are these systems there to create situations where people cannot survive thereby reducing the market as death will be the ultimate conclusion and thereby make the savings that are obviously the prime objective.

Tory Britain!

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Austerity 1: next year, UK ministers required to report progress on reinstating rights of people with disabilities

What is the point of the UN when nations just ignore it.

We have North Korea thumbing their noses at the UN by continuing with their aim to be a nuclear based country.

But is the UK also doing something similar by ignoring the UN report on the situation of disabled people in the UK.

So on the one hand the UK is condemning North Korea for not abiding by UN directives, while at the same time doing the same over disability rights, so to equalise the situation should not sanctions be raised against the UK.

Political Concern

Equal Lives chief executive Mark Harrison said: “In a very short space of time we have gone from having some of the best rights in the world to a crisis situation where people are dying because of the barriers and discrimination caused by austerity.” 

In 2015, a team of United Nations investigators began a two-week visit to the UK as part of an inquiry into allegations of “systematic and grave” violations of disabled people’s human rights.

Stephen Naysmith Social Affairs Correspondent of the Herald has reported that the UN Committee on the Rights of Disabled People has issued a 17 page report on the UK which contained more recommendations for improvement than for any other country in the committee’s 10 year history.

UK rapporteur to the committee Mr Stig Langvad, said the review had been “the most challenging exercise in the history of the Committee”, and criticised the government for…

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At considerable cost to the Tax-payer.

Sensible logic from Poppy, but do Governments do logic let alone sensible.

Poppy's Place

I am so happy.

Saturday was a good news day for me.

After several weeks of waiting, I finally received the two brown envelopes through the letterbox which told me how I’d done with my enforced PIP (Personal Independence Payment) application and my ESA (Employment Support Allowance) reassessment and I was successful for both Benefits.

And, further to that, a very good family friend also received her brown envelope for PIP on Sarurday as well and she’s been successful as too. Virtual High Fives all over our social media pages let me tell you – we were delerious. We both got to sleep properly for the first time in quite a while that night and we can now both breathe freely once more because we know that our finances are guaranteed for at least the next few years at any rate.


But, there is something we both want to…

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