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A new exhibition of pictures by two Deaf photographers will highlight the achievements of a dozen Deaf people, and the barriers they face, and help to tell “the story arc of the Deaf community”.

Among the 12 subjects to be featured are the award-winning actor and writer Jean St Clair, who has performed in the UK and US; Ben Fletcher, the first Deafblind candidate to stand for parliament – for the Green party – who is also a senior manager and developer for the Financial Times; and fashion, lifestyle and travel bloggers Hermon and Heroda Berhane.

Other subjects include actor Sophie Stone, best known for appearing in two episodes of Doctor Who, but a prominent stage and television performer and co-founder of theatre company The DH Ensemble.

Some of the other 12 Deaf people featured are less well-known.

They include postal worker Charlie Faulds, who struggled to find work as a plumber because of communication barriers; Sanchu Iyer, from the Deaf Ethnic Women’s Association; and Sam Calder, a programme manager at The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust.

The photographs have been taken by Levent Marasli, a photographer and teacher of the Deaf at a south London secondary school, and Gü Dopran, chief executive of Signlync, which is developing an app to connect Deaf people with interpretation services.


Source: Exhibition of photographs aims to show ‘story arc of Deaf community’ | DisabledGo News and Blog


Revealing photos on how women’s progression or not as occurred in Libya, Iran and Egypt.

Observer of the Near East

*La représentation de la femme au Moyen Orient à travers des photos dans les années 1950-1970
  • Libya/Libye

libyan women 1960 Vintage 1963…women celebrate right to vote day, credit: Esther Kofod http://www.estherkofod.com

Libyan Girl Scouts 1960Libyan Girl Scouts 1960 Credit:Wikimedia

1960 Libya Before Gaddafi regime Mohamed Nga hosts a party at the Uaddan Hotel, Libya Source: http://www.jehadnga.com/

jewish women libya 1950 Source:The cutting edge news , Libyan Jewish women

  • Egypte, Égypte

égypte université du caire 1959 Egypt Cairo University 1959

egypte femmes egypt

Antigone Costanda Antigone Costanda; The Second Egyptian woman to win Miss World – London In 1954

1964 beach egypt 1964 egypt beach

women egypt 1950 Beach-goers in the 1950s

  • Iraq/Irak

in university baghdad 1970 in university baghdad 1970

iraq old photos Source: Linkedin.com 

saddam school girls 1970 Saddam posing with Iraqi school girls in the 1970s

Baghdad students women 1960 Iraq women 1960

  • Iran

Persian women before islamic revolution Persian women before islamic revolution

women iran before revolution https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:POI_0280_Nevit.jpg

  • iranian women before revolution

Iran fashion 1970 Iran fashion in the 1970s

iran 1970 2012 iran 1970 2012 women

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Native Americans from over 30 years ago

Original article

An extract

‘…….The best photography is that which lets you see past what is being photographed to something else; something beyond the obvious, a feeling, a thought or a way of life so vivid you feel a part of it.

If there was one photographer who became a master at this it was Edward Curtis, born in 1868, who began taking photographs in 1890 and dedicated much of his career to recording traditional American Indian customs.

Curtis is known for expertly documenting the last of America’s tribes from 1906 to 1930 in a mammoth collection called The North American Indian. Such was his expertise that powerful bankers J.P Morgan personally financed his work.

Edward Curtis spent many years profiling tribesmen and women and their way of life in images such as this one of a Cheyenne male from 1908

'Bringing the Sweat lodge Willows', 1900, shows Piegan men on horseback triumphantly riding towards an encampment brandishing willows