U.S. tech companies disappointed with DACA ruling, urge Congress to act | Reuters

Some U.S. tech companies expressed disappointment with a ruling by a federal judge that blocked new applications to a program that protects immigrants who were brought to the United States as children from deportation.

Source: U.S. tech companies disappointed with DACA ruling, urge Congress to act | Reuters

Beauty is relative.

Beauty is in deed relative and who should it concern or not concern.

Beauty is relative to an individual and should be looked at positively as we are all beautiful.

If a negative view is held, why mention it, as this will most likely place a negative view with the individual, which is not beneficial to anyone.


Graphic designers from 18 different countries took this photo of a woman and photo-shopped it so that she represents the “perfect woman” in their respective country. See all the different versions here.

This perfectly shows how beauty standards and ideals vary drastically across countries and cultures. With that, body shaming comments actually have no ground. What is considered beautiful in one country might not be in another and vice versa. So, next time think twice, keep negative comments to yourself. Beauty is relative, in the end we are all beautiful if we only want to.

I’d be curious what the same experiment looked like for men. By now we should have realised that body consciousness isn’t only a women’s issue but men struggle being confronted with beauty ideals as well. I talked a little about that in an article about the “The Perfect Man” underwear commercial.

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