The Celebration of the life of Zoe Angella Sterry

Celebration of the Life of Zoe Sterry

Zoe Angella Sterry

Zoe Angella Sterry was the wife of Chris Sterry, the originator of this Post, and he lost his wife in the early hours of the morning of Saturday 26 September 2020 and her funeral took place on Friday 16 October 2020.

Chris started seeing Zoe in August 1983 and they were married on 4 October 1988, so, in total they had 37 years together, in which 32 years they were married.

Chris did not have any children of his own, but looked after Zoe’s children, David, Katie and Rachel as his own, together with their 3 grandchildren Oliver, Frankie and Luke, not forgetting the latest addition Theo as a Great Grandchild. She also had a younger brother Calvin.

Zoe was a formidable lady, with a big heart and an enormous amount of love. She had a very strong personality and enormous strength of character and would express her opinions to anyone, especially to Sheffield City Council (SCC), whom she had to deal with on behalf of Katie, who had multiple physical disabilities, severe Learning Disabilities, through Cerebral Palsy and also Autism.

Together Zoe and Chris fought with SCC for Katie, which Chris will now do alone.

Zoe and Chris created a very strong partnership and Zoe will be sadly missed by, not only him, but all who came into contact with her.

There is a webcam of the funeral service and the details to access can be seen below and the link will be live for 7 days from the 16 October 2020

NameMrs Zoe Angella Sterry
LocationGrenoside Crematorium, Sheffield – South Chapel
Date & TimeFriday 16/10/2020 12:30
Event Number830579
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Zoe Angella Sterry

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Order of Service

The body of Zoe is now no more, but the memories live on

So does the dealings with SCC for Katie.

At least it will keep Chris busy.

Thank you

Welsh Mother Barbara MacArthur, 93, Talks About Being A Carer After Her Guardian Letter Goes Viral JULY 30, 2020

This is caring in the UK in the 21st century, while it is more akin to the 18th.

It should not be this way and Yes, Coronavirus, is the cause to some degree, but not all.

Social Care has been seriously under-funding for years, well before coronavirus and also, before austerity. Both have done their best to bring Social Care down, but Social Care was under-funded in 2010, due to many previous Governments not taking social care seriously and therefore never funding it sufficiently.

Now, social care, is not only seriously short of funding, but also staff to provide the care.

Many factors are the cause, one being the abysmal rate of pay to carers, which for many is only on or just above the National Living Wage and for those under 25 years, the National Minimum Wage.

Carers in many areas, especially the Government are classed as ‘unskilled, which is completely wrong, if care is being delivered correctly, which it always should be, but not in some instances.

Other factors include ‘conditions of employment, travel expenses, holiday and sick pay to mention a few.

As in the NHS, without non-UK workers, social care would be virtually non-existent, but the new regulations being put forward will make it more difficult for non-UK workers to come to the UK to working the Care Profession.

During the Coronavirus pandemic much has been said abot care workers in relation to care homes, but social care extends to more than care homes, for there is home care, supported living, respite, hospices, etc and all are affected.

This Governments as was the case with previous Governments. appear to be incapable to understand the problem or is it they do not wish to.

To have social care and health care separate is a recipe for disaster as we can all see, therefore all care needs to be under the same organisation and a means of funding needs to be found.

But what we do not need is for social care to be treated as a ‘political football’, to be kicked away when the Government wishes, as Governments have done to many areas that it finances to some degree over the years, the Health Service being just one, but there are many others.

Social Care is seriously in crisis and that is why I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

More information, which contains much of the above can be found at

I do not trust this Government, in fact any Government, but especially this one so Social Care needs YOU, please show your support for Social Care by signing the petition and then sharing.

#care #socialcare #crisis

Same Difference

For more than half a century, Barbara MacArthur, one of the first female police officers in south Wales, has worked countless, long, unpaid hours as a carer.

In the 1960s she began looking after her ailing parents in her small terraced house in Cardiff and now, aged 93 and frail herself, she continues to care for her 66-year-old disabled son, Howard. The pair live on the cramped ground floor of the house because neither can make it up the stairs.

MacArthur has always approached her caring duties with stoicism and good humour – until this week. The coronavirus crisis prompted her to write a heartbreaking letter to the Guardian in which she spelled out her fight for survival, argued that the care system was broken and said she wished she had the time to feel lonely.

Speaking on the doorstep of her home on Thursday, with Howard occasionally putting…

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Developments in Adult Social Care Bulletin: December 2017

Welcome to the December 2017 Developments in Adult Social Care Bulletin. This bulletin contains brief details of news, research reports, guidance, journal articles and government policy relating to adult social care.


Source: Developments in Adult Social Care Bulletin: December 2017

Tory tells families to help parents as much as children – despite councils begging him for care cash : Daily Mirror.

When will the Government and other powers that be realise that care is not just confined to the elderly, even though their care is very important, due to increases in mortality not only for the elderly, but also for persons with disabilities, especially the exceedingly wide spectrum of Learning Disability and Autism.

Care minister David Mowat should come out of the ivory tower of Westminster and find out for himself about the giving of care, for many families already do provide care to their loved ones and only call for local authority help when this reaches a crisis point, in that through their caring roles their own physical and mental health is deteriorating and they need the help to continue to care for their loved ones.

For in the UK today care provided by family members saves the country £1.39 billion in care costs, can they really do more.

Care minister David Mowat does not have a clue and neither do many others in Government and in some respects Parliament.

Man Sentenced To Six Weeks’ Imprisonment For Using Social Media To Harrass Man Because Of Disability

Same Difference

A press release from the CPS:

A 25 year old man who used social media to harass a man because of his disability has been sentenced to six weeks imprisonment.

Saul Nyland, from Whitworth in Rochdale, pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment of the 31 year old victim.

Liverpool Magistrates’ Court heard that between December 2014 and July 2015 the defendant harassed the victim on social media and by phone. The victim has a severe speech impediment and some physical difficulties caused by an accident in childhood. The CPS prosecuted this case as a disability hate crime and his sentence was extended from four weeks to six weeks.

In a personal statement to the Court, the victim said that the abuse was “destroying his life” and affecting his relationship. He said he had stopped going out.

Lionel Cope from Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service said:

“Nyland targeted the victim and…

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Disabled learners lobby MPS over lack of college choice

Original post from Disabled Go News




Young people with learning and physical disabilities and their families gathered outside the Houses of Parliament to demand the right to choose an FE college that best suits their needs.

They brandished banners and wore T-shirts emblazoned with the “Right Not a Fight” slogan of a nationwide campaign being waged by the Association of National Specialist Colleges (Natspec).

It took place on Thursday (June 18) — two days after the University and College Union led a protest at Westminster against FE funding cuts.

The Natspec campaign was launched a year ago, just before the introduction of The Children & Families Act that promised greater choice to suitable colleges.

The special educational needs and disability code of practice also says that “the aspirations for children and young people will be raised through an increased focus on life outcomes, including employment and greater independence”.’

But a Natspec spokesperson said: “There’s a growing void between the act, the code and reality.

“Young people and their families were highlighting issues about the number of hurdles they have to jump to get into to the college they wish to attend — the lack of impartial information, advice and guidance, the endless assessments with people who often have very little understanding of their needs, and delays throughout the system.”

A survey, carried out this year by National Star College for people with physical and learning disabilities, in Cheltenham, found that out of more than 1,600 families questioned, 80 per cent had only been given information on options run by their local authority.

Meanwhile, 30 per cent had been actively stopped or discouraged from finding out about other options and 87 per cent said they had no idea how local authorities were making decisions about their child’s future.

Kathryn Rudd, principal of National Star College and chair of the Association of National Specialist Colleges, said: “Young people don’t believe they should have to fight for months to get into the college that best meets their needs and ambition.”

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Blame, who will accept resonsibility?

Who is to Blame?

A Guide to Cuts in the UK

The problem here is that all the powers that be, are treating the current situation as a game. No one in Government, Local Authorities or the NHS is prepared to take responsibility for their own actions and those of their predecessors. The PM and his Ministers are saying we are all in it together, but are we or more so, are they.

With their large salaries and even larger pensions to look forward to, if the have to tighten their belts a little, they will still have plenty to live off. But what about all the people who are just sustaining a living, if they tighten their belts, then they are below sustainance level. Here I am not talking about people who can work but do not. I am referring to a large percentage of pensioners, who due to age, infirmity etc are reliant on their pension, which is just providing a reasonable living. Also many disabled persons, who have physical disabilities meaning they can not work and then there are learning disabilities, whose understanding is limited in that they have little or no understanding of events happening around them and are solely reliant on others for their existence.

There are many disabled persons in this situation, who are unseen by the public at large. They are not claiming benefits because they want to, but out of necessity. We all see a minority of people with disabilities, like the intelectuals, such as Stephen Hawking or the Para-Olympians, who all go through extreme situations to attain these levels and I applaud them. But there is a large majority of people with disabilities, who will never, through no fault of their own, be able to get anywhere near to attaining these levels. Or, in most cases will not be able to start. Some are existing on state benefits and others are cared for by family members 24/7. These family members do it for the love of their relation, without any financial reward and in most cases, without any recognition from the population surrounding them and from any of the state bodies.

But we are all in it together. If you believe in this, then I feel sorry for you, as you have fallen for the propaganda, from the government bodies and the media.

Starting new school year for disabled child

What a refreshing article and a reminder of the times my wife and I had when our disabled daughter was attending school.

I would also add that when the day comes when our children can no longer attend school, the whole concept of managing change through their adult life need to be considered.

Unlike a child who is not disabled, for many parents with sons or daughters with multiple disabilities and/or learning difficulties, you are still helping them to manage the concept of adult life, throughout their adult life.

Remember the care for a disabled child is for life, not just for their childhood.