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Is this really a surprise, what is surprising is how ATOS and Capita can continue to be awarded Government contracts in the light of all this. Or is it that Quality does not really matter, for do the Government care about how persons with disabilities and others on low pay are allowed to live their lives.

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Atos and Capita have never even met their target once, according to the DWP’s current quality control scheme for Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

Theresa May’s government has released performance data about tests run by Atos and Capita

Thousands of disability benefit tests have been branded “unacceptable” by the government’s own quality control scheme.

Bombshell new figures say neither Atos nor Capita – the outsourcing giants paid more than £500mto assess people for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) – are meeting the target of 97% of assessments conforming to standards.

Latest audits show 6.4% of PIP benefit assessments were deemed “unacceptable” in the three months to October 2017.

The two firms have never met the target once, according to the current method of measuring performance.

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It would appear that DWP PIP are in a different Universe as they are unaware of what is occurring in this one or is their first reaction to lie as they are stating the opposite of what is now, apparently, being proceeded with.

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A personal experience of what sanction targets in the Personal Independence Payments system are doing to claimants and their families.

A quick glance at disability forums online and PIP’s continued harm becomes evident. “Face-to-face” assessments are routinely error-strewn and have received a litany of complaints regarding the conduct of assessors, the tribunal service has made it clear the DWP’s presentation of cases is generally terrible, and claimants transferred from the old Disability Living Allowance are finding their claims downgraded at a relentless pace.

For those unfamiliar, PIP is assessed as follows:

  • An initial claim is made by phone
  • The claimant completes a form detailing how their disability affects them

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This is a disgraceful situation and only goes to prove that the benefit system is not ‘fit for purpose’.

It also goes to show that the ‘so called’ , health professionals are not trained sufficiently to consider all aspects of each individual condition they will come across when they are assessing the various claims being put before them.

For some of these health professionals are asking claimants who have progressive life-long conditions when they expect they will recover, this just shows their ignorance for you do not recover from life-long progressive conditions only get considerably worse.

From the vast numbers of claimants who have had their claims turned down only to be awarded on appeal shows their complete lack of understand what they are doing. Or is it they are not there to correctly assess a claim, but to go to any lengths to turned as many claims as they wish to.

I believe each assessor should be assessed on their ability to assess correctly by using the appeals process as a measure of each individuals assessors ability to assess correctly and then they should be remunerated accordingly.

What is really the situation here is it to grant benefits to persons who are entitled to them or is the first priority to turn down claims. From the publicity and the stated statistics which are published it would appear to be the later.

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‘A DWP spokesperson said: “Decisions for PIP are made following consideration of all the information provided by the claimant, including supporting evidence from their GP or medical specialist.

“PIP assessments are carried out by qualified health professionals who combine their clinical knowledge with an understanding of the fact that not everyone with the same disability is impacted in the same way. Anyone who is unhappy with a decision can appeal, and may submit additional evidence. Most people leaving the Motability scheme are eligible for a one-off payment of up to £2000 to help meet their needs.”’

Who are they trying to convince, they may be qualified health professionals, but in what area of health, is it related to the areas they are now coming into contact with. Their clinical knowledge could be very limited.

The spokesperson states ‘not everyone with the same disability is impacted in the same way’, but the way these supposed qualified health professionals re conducting themselves would appear this is not the case.

More likely they have targets to achieve related to how many claims they turn down, because this is just a costs saving exercise. Or it purports to be, but in reality the quantity of the appeals and the success rate will be proving otherwise.

The decisions made should be right first time and the qualified health professionals should be more experienced in the areas in which they are coming into contact with.

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editorial image
After months of rehabilitation and using a wheelchair, she fought back and, although part of her left leg is still paralysed, she was able to get back to her job – which she has loved for over 20 years – thanks to the mobility car she received from the DWP.

Now, after failing part of the assessment for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit, she faces the prospect of handing back her vital vehicle.

Gwen (42), from Bonnybridge, said: “After having the…

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A protest against legal aid changes in 2013

The fightback against the Conservatives’ legal aid desert begins today

Though there are many…

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Parkinson’s UK says sufferers are seeing the level of support they receive reduced when reassessed for Personal Independence Payments.

BLACK TRIANGLE image Black Triangle

A leading UK charity has condemned the UK Government’s “broken” disability benefit system, claiming the assessment process “is having a devastating impact” on people with disabilities.

Parkinson’s UK says people living with the condition are seeing the level of support they receive downgraded when reassessed for Personal Independence Payments (PIP), which is replacing Disability Living Allowance for disabled adults and those with long-term health conditions.

DLA helped people manage the extra costs associated with having a disability or a long-term health problem and at the highest rates, enabled those people to lease a car.

But the charity says some people with Parkinson’s are struggling to attain the highest levels of support under PIP, resulting in reduced benefits and independence, despite having received the highest support when claiming DLA.

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With the DWP and their co-assassins Atos and Capita continuing to reassess claimants with regressive conditions just promotes how stupid and ignorant these assassinators are in their understanding of health conditions from which no one will recover only get progressively worse.

A reassessment would only be relevant should it be undertaken to assess needs for more support and help and not as it appears to be to reduce the extensive care packages already in existence.

If these death producing organisations are truly looking to reduce the whole financial outlay for welfare benefits, then the only sensible way forward would be to not reassess, unless a more extensive care package is being considered.

As they are not doing, then the only conclusion that can be put forward is that they are attempting to save money by creating conditions for these claimants to die more quickly than their health conditions would suggest.

In other words it is Governmental Assassination.

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The Department for Work and Pensions said it did not recognise Parkinson's UK's figures

Millions of pounds is being wasted on reassessing people with Parkinson’s for benefits even though their condition will never improve, campaigners have warned.

Analysis by Parkinson’s UK suggests it will cost £3 million to reassess everyone with Parkinson’s as they switch over from disability living allowance (DLA) to its replacement personal independence payment (PIP).

Parkinson’s disability allowance reassessments ‘wasting £3m’ – BBC News

The charity says £1.3 million of this will be spent reassessing those who were already judged to have the highest level of need.

The Department for Work and Pensions said it did not recognise the figures and there are a higher proportion of people with Parkinson’s on the highest rate of PIP than there are on DLA.

Phil Reynolds, senior policy and campaigns adviser at Parkinson’s UK, said: “Under PIP, people with Parkinson’s are being forced through a broken assessment process that fails to understand that they…

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This is good news for once and I would suggest that you be proactive and do not reply on the DWP to contact you.

We are all aware, especially taking into all the publicity given with regards to benefit assessments that you have to look after number one. If you feel there is the slightest possibility that you could be eligible for a benefit increase contact you local government DWP office. Alternatively, access a support group in your area. If you are unsure where these are this information could be available from your local authority, GP Surgery, other health areas and many others. If you have internet access then conduct an internet search, as it could well be in your interests to do so.

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 Benefits And Work

Seven months after it lost a personal independence payment (PIP) court case, the DWP has begun searching for claimants who should be getting a higher award. But many claimants, especially those who previously received no award, are likely to miss out.

Safety and supervision
Back in March 2017 the DWP lost a vital upper tribunal case relating to safety and supervision.

Until then, the DWP had argued that a claimant could only score points for being unsafe if harm was likely to occur on more than 50% of the occasions on which they attempted an activity.

A claimant who has epilepsy which causes seizures once or twice a week, for example, may not attempt to cook unsupervised because they know that if they have a seizure they could come to serious harm.

However, the DWP had been refusing to award points to claimants with epilepsy on…

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Thousands of disabled people will receive hundreds of pounds more in benefits each month after the Government was forced to backtrack on controversial reforms. Following a high-level legal ruling in March, ministers have rewritten rules judging Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claimants’ ability to carry out unsupervised daily tasks safely. The Department for Work and Pensions will be going through all existing cases to identify anyone entitled to a higher rate of PIP as a result of the decision, with payments set to be backdated to March. The changes mean around 10,000 people will see their benefits boosted by between £70 and £90 each week by 2023. In particular, people with conditions which affect consciousness – such as epilepsy – are expected to benefit from the move. Activists and charities had previously argued that PIP assessments were unfairly biased against epilepsy sufferers, as while for many attacks are generally “unlikely” – meaning they are able to carry out day-to-

Source: Changes to controversial PIP assessments set to increase benefits for 10,000 disabled people | DisabledGo News and Blog

Complaints about the personal independence payment (PIP) assessment process rose by nearly 900 per cent last year – from 142 to 1,391 – apparently corroborating the results of a year-long Disability News Service investigation. The Department for Work and Pensions figures also show that the number of complaints about PIP assessments that were upheld rose by more than 700 per cent in the same year (from 67 in 2015-16 to 545 in 2016-17). The figures provide probably the strongest evidence yet to support the findings of the investigation carried out by Disability News Service (DNS) into claims of widespread dishonesty at the heart of the PIP assessment process. Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary, Debbie Abrahams, said the “huge increase” showed that the healthcare professionals who carry out the assessments must be held to account. She said the figures were also “an absolute indictment of the Tories’ punitive assessments and the miserable effect they are having on people trying to

Source: PIP investigation: Assessment complaints rise by 880 per cent… in just one year | DisabledGo News and Blog

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