Poland and Lithuania to send German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine | Euronews

During a visit to Lviv in Ukraine, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda met with his Ukrainian and Lithuanian counterparts, where he announced the dispatch of 14 coveted German-made Leopard tanks.


Yes, Ukraine needs all the help it can for Ukraine is not just trying to defend itself from the unnecessary and so illegal invasion of their territory by Russian forces and those others who are mistakenly supporting Putin, but to also stop Putin from invading any other countries he feels he should do.

If, Putin had not been ignored in all his previous actions, then he would not have believed he would be successful in invading Ukraine as he appeared to be. It is always a grave mistake to ignore the likes of Putin and others like him for they believe non-action is a weakness and boosts their belief in being invincible.

So give to Ukraine all it needs and even more, otherwise expect Putin to be in your ‘backyard’ sooner or later.


Source: Poland and Lithuania to send German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine | Euronews

Nigerian student says he faced discrimination while fleeing Ukraine | Euronews

Alexander Somto Orah, a 25-year-old Nigerian student, says he faced discrimination when trying to flee the war in Ukraine.


As if trying to escape from death and destruction was not enough, here the ugly face of racism rears its ugly head. Now should those to whom racism was subjected to just ignore that they are not deemed equal to others trying to escape death and destruction, so much for helping and empathy, as in these instances the saviours to some are not to others, just because of a skin colour, how wrong is that.

They are all equal for they are all human beings, but then the Russian invaders and certainly Putin do not think so, unless they are supporters of the tyrant Putin.

Source: Nigerian student says he faced discrimination while fleeing Ukraine | Euronews

European Parliament ‘will sue’ Ursula von der Leyen if she won’t punish Poland

MEPs could launch legal action if the European Commission refuses to withhold tens of billions of euros from Poland


So MEPs are wanting Poland to be punished for doing what Poland feels is in their own best interests, is this anyway to maintain good relationships. Then again is Poland acting in good faith to her EU partners. This is always going to be the case when you are in partnership. The EU went out of their way to punish Greece some years ago, so this is not the first time the power of the EU is being used against one of her member states.

It is one of the reasons why the UK decided to withdraw from the EU, although by doing so, it appears the EU were and are determined to punish the UK. Unfortunately in these days of globalisation, it is virtually impossible for one country to go alone, unless they have the resources to do so and these days that is not so for many countries, except perhaps America, China and maybe a few others.

So who is right and who is wrong, well perhaps all are wrong and right on how you view the situations.

No one person yet alone one country wishes to suffer, so why can’t we all give a little without some wanting all their own way, surely this is how good relationships are made. But what is good for one may not be for another, for these days life is so complicated and in some instances leads to major problems, even leads to violent conflicts and may result in wars.

This is not in the best interests of anyone, but, deep down the human race is very selfish and extremely violent, not good traits to have and will lead to World resources to be depleted. That in turn is very bad for everyone.

Currently being seen in climate change, which will make life unliveable on earth for us all in time. Time which is forever decreasing and soon there will be the point of no return, but world leaders are not listening, as many, if not all are being selfish.

When the time comes EU MEPs will have no power at all, for none of us will, for the earths resources will be extremely depleted and life on earth will be no more so the eventual extinction of the human race is at stake.

So EU MEPS reign in your actions and continue to talk with Poland and both EU MEPs and Poland be prepared to all give a little until full agreements are reached and continue until it is.

Source: European Parliament ‘will sue’ Ursula von der Leyen if she won’t punish Poland

EU will not survive if Poland wins rule-of-law battle with Brussels, European leaders warn

Ursula von der Leyen accused Poland of ‘calling into question the foundations of the European Union’ for challenging the primacy of EU law




Would that be really bad, for should not countries look after themselves and not be dictated to by other countries and organisations for all Empires come to an end. For the EU is another empire in a different guise.


Source: EU will not survive if Poland wins rule-of-law battle with Brussels, European leaders warn

Explainer: Europe’s coronavirus smartphone contact tracing apps – Reuters

BERLIN (Reuters) – More than 20 countries and territories in Europe have launched or plan smartphone apps that seek to break the chain of coronavirus infection by tracking encounters between people and issuing a warning should one of them test positive.


Source: Explainer: Europe’s coronavirus smartphone contact tracing apps – Reuters

Another awkward handshake: Trump ‘snubbed’ by Poland’s first lady | Euronews

Donald Trump has suffered another embarrassing handshake moment after being ‘snubbed’ by the wife of Poland’s president.

The US president, who was in Warsaw with first lady Melania, was attending a ceremony with Andrzej Duda and his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda. As the group were preparing to leave the stage, Trump shared a handshake with Poland’s president before extending a hand to Kornhauser-Duda. She appears to ignore the gesture, moving instead to embrace Melania and only after turning to shake Trump’s hand.

Source: Another awkward handshake: Trump ‘snubbed’ by Poland’s first lady | Euronews

The American Court Ruling against Holocaust Denial

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In my article on Saturday reviewing the book Genocide: A Critical Bibliographic Review, edited by Israel W. Charny (London: Mansell Publishing 1991) I mentioned that amongst its contents, the chapter on Holocaust Denial has a passage describing how a Neo-Nazi rag in America was successfully sued over the issue of the existence of the Holocaust. The rag stated it never happened, and challenged people to prove that it had. One man did, and when the magazine refused to pay out the sum it had promised to pay, took them to court. The judge ruled in his favour, and stated that it was more than adequately demonstrated that the Shoah was historical fact. Here’s the passage:

Verdict of an American Judge on the Offer to pay $50,000 for Proof that the Nazis Gassed Jews

In the United States, the Institute for Historical Review offered to pay fifty thousand dollars to…

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POLAND: Head of Law and Justice (PiS) party blames Donald Tusk for Britain’s #Leave result, says: Donald Tusk, who conducted negotiations with the British and in fact contributed to them getting nothing’ – Reuters – @AceNewsServices

The EU never thought Brexit could occur, so they gave nothing away, no matter what David Cameron says. It is true, if the negoiated changes had included controls to restrict free movement then the situation may not have occurred. However, any furure changes should be brought back to the people, as I do not trust the EU bureaucrats and also our own Prime Ministers, just take into account what Tony Blair gave away.

“Deliberately Overblown” Brexit Fears Backfire | Zero Hedge

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Source: “Deliberately Overblown” Brexit Fears Backfire | Zero Hedge